Top 12+ Nonprofit Fundraising Platforms to Explore

Running a successful fundraiser is no easy feat! From marketing your nonprofit’s event to managing an ever-changing list of donor data, your organization has its hands full. Rather than overburdening your nonprofit’s team with extra tasks, tap into the power of technology and leverage a robust fundraising platform.

A nonprofit fundraising platform is an essential tool to add to any fundraising toolkit. With a user-friendly platform able to reduce planning, improve your donor experience, and integrate with your existing database, you can streamline the entire fundraising process, giving your organization more time to advance your mission.

Nonprofit fundraising platforms offer nonprofits a number of benefits, including:

  • Increased donations: Develop a user-friendly donation experience, guaranteed to take your fundraising results to the next level.
  • Stronger supporter relationships: Collect donor insights and send targeted messaging to boost your retention rate.
  • Easier event management: Reduce administrative burden with an all-in-one system for ticketing, managing your guest list, and more.

But as the need for fundraising platforms grows in the nonprofit world, so does the number of fundraising platforms available to invest in. There’s a wide variety of fundraising solutions, but not every platform might meet your nonprofit’s needs.

In this article, we’ll explore a few leading fundraising platforms for nonprofits:

  1. OneCause
  2. Fundly
  3. Bonfire
  4. Soapbox Engage
  5. Grassroots Unwired
  6. Donately
  7. Virtuous
  8. Fundraise Up
  9. Donorbox
  10. Give Lively
  11. Bloomerang
  12. 99Pledges
  13. KindKatch

As you read through this list, reflect on your organization’s donor base and goals. Then, determine how each platform could give your nonprofit a leg-up in driving record fundraising success. Let’s jump in!

1. OneCause – Best All-in-One Fundraising Platform

Whether you’re planning an in-person fundraising event, a virtual peer-to-peer campaign, or a hybrid fundraiser, OneCause has you covered. OneCause is a comprehensive fundraising platform with extensive experience in supporting nonprofits of all shapes and sizes to grow their impact, helping over 10,000 nonprofits reach their fundraising goals. With a full suite of easy-to-use digital features, OneCause has been designed by nonprofit experts to make fundraising seamless and flexible.

OneCause understands how important the giving experience is for donors and your organization. To help your mission expand its reach and revenue, OneCause delivers a modern and user-friendly giving experience that allows donors to donate anytime, anywhere, on any device. This all-in-one platform has helped nonprofits raise over $5 billion to support building better tomorrows, one fundraiser at a time! Let them unlock generosity for your cause, too.

Top Features

With OneCause on your side, you can leverage top of the line fundraising features, including:

Event management

The OneCause Fundraising Platform allows you to create and customize fundraising micro-sites, manage online ticket sales and RSVPs, streamline registration and event closing with express check-in and self checkout options, send segmented communications, and more. Plus, OneCause includes real-time analytics so you can easily examine giving, donor engagement, and event results in the moment, and adjust your strategies to drive more revenue for your cause.


OneCause makes any auction, whether live, virtual, or hybrid, an engaging experience through its intuitive Mobile Bidding and Auction Software. Forget the paper bids and confusing spreadsheets and let your donors manage the entire auction experience right from their phones.

During the event, your guests can submit their bids, receive outbid notifications, purchase raffle tickets, and complete an instantaneous checkout process when the auction timer has hit zero. On your organization’s end, OneCause will generate immediate post-event analytics so you can assess whether you hit your fundraising goals.

Online giving

Your nonprofit needs a way to effectively manage the inflow of donations and drive supporter engagement. With the OneCause Online Fundraising Solution, you can develop eye-catching online campaigns with personalized donation forms, bound to spark generosity. Whether you want to easily develop fundraising campaign landing pages or streamline the donation process with 2-click donations, OneCause has got you covered. Plus, OneCause follows international PCI standards for data security, ensuring that all donation transactions occur safely and donors’ personal information is protected.


As people spend more time on their phones than ever before, your organization has a golden opportunity to put your messaging directly in front of your target audience. OneCause Text2Give allows you to set up a keyword, create custom calls-to-action that will motivate donors to give, securely collect donations, and track all donor data in a user-friendly database. Use text-to-give as an independent fundraiser or couple it with your auctions, peer-to-peer fundraisers, or other events to maximize donations.


OneCause has a variety of auction, donation, and event management packages to fit your organization’s needs. With an Essentials, Professional, and Enterprise plan, your nonprofit can select which features are most important to optimize your approach to fundraising. Check out the OneCause Pricing & Packages page for more details.

OneCause is the leading fundraising platform to advance your mission.

2. Fundly – Best Fundraising Platform for Crowdfunding

Fundly is a crowdfunding platform that helps nonprofits share their message and raise donations quickly. Whether your organization wants to collect funds for a certain project or generally fuel its annual fundraising campaign, Fundly has the user-friendly tools you need to engage with supporters at a high-level. In fact, Fundly has helped nonprofits collectively raise over $330 million to power change in their communities.

Top Features

Fundly offers a number of intuitive features to kickstart your organization’s next crowdfunding campaign, including:

  • Customizable fundraising pages: Shine a light on your nonprofit’s story, highlighting the reason for your campaign and the need for donor support. Fundly makes it simple to add your nonprofit’s custom photos and videos to bring your mission to life.
  • Mobile-friendly design: Your crowdfunding campaign page will automatically be optimized for mobile devices, allowing mobile users to conveniently access and complete the donation experience right from their phones.
  • Secure payment processing: When it comes to accepting donations online, your nonprofit needs to be certain that your information—and donors’ private billing and contact information—is secure. Fundly’s payment processing system, Stripe, meets the PCI Service Provider Level 1 requirements, protecting your data from leaks.
  • Social integrations: Fundly understands how important it is to broadcast your campaign, so they also provide social media integrations to take your campaign to Facebook and maximize social impressions.


While Fundly offers the use of their platform for free, they will deduct a 4.9% fee from each donation that you receive. Plus, Fundly’s payment partner, Stripe, will charge a 2.9% + $0.30 fee per donation for credit card processing. This percentage fee may vary depending on where your donors are located. For more information, explore Fundly’s pricing page.

Fundly is a top-notch fundraising platform for crowdfunding. 

3. Bonfire – Best Fundraising Platform for Merchandise

Bonfire is a t-shirt fundraising platform that allows nonprofits and other organizations to design and sell t-shirts to their fans and supporters. Brand visibility is key to amplifying your nonprofit’s mission, and the experts at Bonfire know exactly how to take your marketing strategy to the next level. With Bonfire, your nonprofit can easily develop branded merchandise that will make your donors enthusiastic to give. Then, when they’re wearing your merchandise out in public, your organization will gain even more recognition.

Top Features

Bonfire offers the following features to maximize your t-shirt fundraiser’s success:

  • User friendly t-shirt design tools: With Bonfire, you can instantly become a t-shirt design expert and add your logo, color scheme, and other branded elements to your custom tees. Bonfire allows you to upload your own personalized, ready-made design, or add text and clipart from their clipart library. Not sure where to even start? Bonfire offers 500 free customizable t-shirt design templates to kickstart the design process!
  • eCommerce storefront: With your very own online store, your organization can sell all of its merchandise in one designated hub, accessible to anyone with a computer or mobile device. Add a custom touch to your storefront by adding your branded colors and typography. Plus, Bonfire makes it simple to create a robust About page to tell your nonprofit’s unique story.
  • Peer-to-peer fundraising support: Tap your most loyal supporters to take charge and launch apparel-based fundraisers on your behalf. After they design their own shirts related to your cause, supporters can share their fundraising campaigns with their personal networks. As a result, you’ll be able to acquire new supporters, drive revenue, and increase brand awareness.

Fundraising doesn’t have to be a one-way street. Instead, Bonfire makes the donation experience even more thrilling by giving donors a beautiful tee in return. It’s a win-win situation, helping your nonprofit establish a sustainable revenue stream and making donors feel even more connected to your cause.


Bonfire calculates the price of your t-shirts based on how much it costs to manufacture and print. To estimate the cost of your t-shirt order and how much your organization can make, use Bonfire’s pricing calculator. As a special perk just for nonprofits, Bonfire will reduce your processing fees from 8% to 3.5%.

Bonfire is the best fundraising platform for t-shirt fundraising. 

4. Soapbox Engage – Best Fundraising Platform for Salesforce Users

If you already use Salesforce, then Soapbox Engage is a highly convenient fundraising platform for your organization. Soapbox Engage has a suite of Salesforce apps that provides nonprofits with added donation functionality. For example, the Salesforce Donation app allows your organization to seamlessly accept donations and report them directly to Salesforce, reducing your nonprofit’s administrative burden and streamlining the entire donor management process.

Top Features

Soapbox Engage offers a wide range of services to improve nonprofit’s internal operations, including:

  • Salesforce integration: From fundraising to advocacy, Soapbox Engage has a variety of apps—all integrated with Salesforce—that will ease your staff’s workload and save time. Once donors give, your organization will receive automated reports in Salesforce to assess trends in donor behavior and examine the success of your marketing efforts.
  • Unlimited donation forms: Custom donation forms are more likely to inspire donors to give to your fundraising campaign. With Soapbox Engage, you can design branded forms to meet any need, from your annual fundraising campaign to collecting funds for a building renovation.
  • Secure donation processing: Your nonprofit can choose from a number of trusted payment processors, including iATS Payments and Stripe, to facilitate secure donations. Or, allow donors to give using their own PayPal account. When it comes to giving, it’s all about keeping the process easy and secure.

With its comprehensive tools, Soapbox Engage has helped over 500 nonprofits meet their goals and improve the entire fundraising planning and management process.


Soapbox Engage has two packages, held at a discounted rates for nonprofits, depending on your organization’s needs. Your nonprofit could mix and match apps for $59 per month for each app, or pay $199 per month for unlimited access to all apps. For both plans, your organization will be charged a $500 platform activation fee + 1.9% per transaction. Check out the Soapbox Engage pricing page for more information.

Soapbox Engage is a leading nonprofit fundraising platform for Salesforce users. 

5. Grassroots Unwired – Best Fundraising Platform for Advocacy Groups

Grassroots Unwired is a leading fundraising platform for advocacy groups and nonprofits interested in launching an advocacy campaign. Built by advocacy experts, this fundraising platform is known for its mobile canvassing technology, which replaces clipboard canvassing with a more streamlined solution. Grassroots Unwired helps you develop tailored communications for your target audience, capture e-signatures for petitions, and collect secure donations for your cause.

Top Features

Grassroots Unwired increases the efficiency of advocacy efforts by providing the following services:

  • Offline functionality: If you’re at an in-person protest or demonstration with supporters, you may not have reliable wifi or cell service. However, there will likely be attendees eager to donate on the spot. Grassroots Unwired allows you to securely process credit card payments, even if you’re offline. Their native app locally stores and encrypts credit card information and completes the transaction process as soon as you regain connectivity.
  • Canvassing tools: With Grassroots Unwired, there’s no need to jot down contact and credit card information on a clipboard and bring it back to headquarters for processing. Instead, canvassers can pull out their tablet and record all this information in an intuitive database. Supporters’ email addresses are instantly verified and their responses are safely stored, so you can reach out to them later for help in powering your mission.
  • Mobile integrations: Grassroots Unwired offers a variety of third-party integrations so you can text or email supporters with information related to your campaign immediately after storing their information in your database.

If your organization wants to influence public opinion on a given issue or simply build visibility for your cause, Grassroots Unwired can help you collect, track, store, and leverage supporter data.


To learn more about the cost of this nonprofit fundraising platform, reach out to Grassroots Unwired for a demo.

Grassroots Unwired is the best fundraising platform for pushing your advocacy efforts forward. 

6. Donately – Best Fundraising Platform for Building Donation Pages

Donately is an online donation tool that allows nonprofits, schools, churches, and other organizations to build professional looking donation pages. With their user-friendly design tools, your organization can easily create custom donation forms and landing pages that accurately represent your nonprofit’s mission, values, and presence in its community. As donors navigate to your donation page and give to your cause, you’ll be able to track this information in Donately’s fundraising dashboard that provides real-time data insights.

Top Features

Donately’s robust fundraising platform is designed with your nonprofit’s and donors’ experience in mind. Their software provides the following intuitive features to streamline the donation experience:

  • Custom donation forms: Add your nonprofit’s authentic voice, fonts, color schemes, and other branded elements to make your donation forms true to your organization. Donately makes it simple to develop multi-step forms with suggested donation amounts, the option to sign up for recurring donations, and fill-in prompts for donors’ contact information.
  • Text messaging: Reach supporters where they are with Donately’s comprehensive text messaging features. By leveraging text, you can send donors mobile-friendly links to your donation page, fundraising updates, thank-you messages, and instructions on signing up for peer-to-peer fundraising.
  • A variety of integrations: Keep all of your data in one place by integrating your existing fundraising tools with Donately. It syncs with a number of leading providers, including Salesforce and HubSpot, so you can maintain data hygiene and leverage these insights to power personalized donation appeals.

Using Donately’s features, over 1,200 nonprofits have been able to optimize their fundraising approach and drive revenue like never before.


Donately has a variety of flexible payment packages that can be split up on a monthly or annual basis. Before you dive into investing in this brand new platform, Donately allows nonprofits to try out a free version (that includes a 4% platform fee) with customizable donation forms, donation pages, peer-to-peer fundraising, and more.

Its Starter Package, which costs $19/month or $15/month on an annual basis, includes a discounted platform fee and advanced form customizations. Donately’s Team Package costs $69/month or $49/month on an annual basis and consists of all the Starter tools plus upgrades like one-click integrations and more. Learn more about Donately’s package deals on their pricing page.

Donately is the premier fundraising platform for creating donation pages. 

7. Virtuous – Best Responsive Fundraising Platform

Virtuous is a CRM and fundraising platform designed to help nonprofits build strong donor relationships. This platform prioritizes responsive fundraising, meaning they’ll empower your nonprofit to convert data into human connections, allowing you to boost retention numbers with ease. To achieve this, Virtuous leverages data intelligence to generate personalized donor communications for all supporters, no matter the size of their donation and no matter how large your nonprofit is.

Top Features

Virtuous helps nurture donor relationships with the following comprehensive features:

  • 360 degree donor views: As part of their robust CRM, Virtuous will create donor profiles so you can better understand your supporters’ interests, preferred mode of communication, donation history, demographics, and more. Monitor these profiles in a customizable dashboard to fit your organization’s needs.
  • Automated communications: If you’re managing hundreds or thousands of supporters, it’s impossible to actively keep up with individual communications on your own. To create and sustain one-on-one conversations, use Virtuous’ data intelligence to automatically send personalized emails, text messages, and mail.
  • Online giving tools: Streamline your online donation management with custom donation pages, donation tracking, and email confirmation and receipts. With these solutions, you can improve the donation experience while reducing your organization’s administrative burden.

As soon as donors give to your cause, Virtuous uses modern technology and analysis to store this information and create donation appeals tailored to your supporters’ giving history. This way, you can easily send highly relevant communications and boost donor loyalty.


Virtuous offers several different plans to meet the needs of nonprofits of all sizes. The Starter Plan is ideal for small nonprofits that have under 5,000 contacts, while the Platform Plan is ideal for growing nonprofits that have between 5,000 and 30,000 contacts. The Enterprise Plan is ideal for large nonprofits that have anywhere from 30,000 contacts to millions. Check out the Virtuous pricing page to learn more.

Virtuous is a great fundraising platform to build strong donor relationships.

8. Fundraise Up – Best AI-Based Fundraising Platform

Fundraise Up is a fundraising platform that uses AI and machine learning to get to know your donors and offer insights into how you can strategically improve your donation appeals. With their tools, your organization can personalize your donation requests in a way that will boost revenue and lead to stronger donor relationships. Plus, Fundraise Up can help you enhance your fundraising website with pre-built elements, including sliders, overlays, and buttons, to drive engagement and more conversions.

Top Features

Fundraise Up makes the donation process as seamless as possible with these features:

  • Scalability: On high-volume giving days, like GivingTuesday and December 31st, your nonprofit can confidently handle an influx of traffic. Fundraise Up can process 200 transactions per second, allowing your organizations to successfully receive its donations and making the transaction process smooth on the donors’ part.
  • Fraud protection: Fundraise Up has a variety of security tools, including proxy detection, country flagging, and proprietary AI, to get ahead of fraud before it happens. With its advanced behavior analysis tool, Fundraise Up accurately detects suspicious behavior stemming from website traffic and transactional data patterns.
  • Machine learning: Fundraise Up gets to know your donors in a way that human interactions can’t. With behavioral learnings from millions of donors, Fundraise Up develops suggested donation amounts for each user, prompts one-time donors to sign onto recurring giving, and uses adaptive cost coverage to identify donors that should be prompted to cover their transaction costs.

Fundraise Up leaves no stone unturned with its in-depth data analysis and modern technology approach, allowing your organization to understand donors at a high level.


Fundraise Up offers a Self-Managed and Custom Package. The Self-Managed Package is recommended for nonprofits making less than $500K/year online and allows your nonprofit to grow alongside your fundraising platform. With this package, your nonprofit will be charged 4% per transaction. The Custom Package is recommended for nonprofits making more than $500K/year online and offers a number of discounts. Explore the Fundraise Up pricing page for more information and reach out to the sales team with inquiries.

Fundraise Up is a top fundraising platform that uses machine learning. 

9. Donorbox – Top Fundraising Platform for Fast UX

Donorbox is a fundraising platform that prioritizes efficiency and convenience in the donation experience, on both the administrative and donor side. Through creating streamlined donation forms with Donorbox’s user-friendly tools, donors will have a positive association with your organization and be eager to give again in the future—allowing your nonprofit to collect more donations and power stronger donor relationships. Plus, Donorbox allows nonprofits to create customizable fundraising web pages with donate buttons to quickly direct supporters through the giving experience.

Top Features

Donorbox understands the all-too-common mistake of donor drop-off and actively works against this obstacle so all prospective donors complete the giving experience. To make donating simple for you and your supporters, Donorbox offers these key features:

  • Quick setup: Launching your campaign with Donorbox can be done in four simple steps, taking as little as 15 minutes. You’ll create an account, develop a campaign form, add a payment processor, and go live. Donorbox offers free customer support throughout the process so your organization is prepared to bring in donations as quickly as possible.
  • Fast checkout: Donorbox’s ultra-swift checkout process creates a 4x faster checkout than typical forms. By only asking donors for the most important information to complete the transaction, they’ll be able to get through your donation form in just a few clicks.
  • Multiple payment options: Donorbox knows that payment flexibility can open up your nonprofit to wider audiences, leading to an influx of critical support. As a result, they accept multiple payment methods, including credit and debit cards, Apple Pay, PayPal, and more.

This fundraising platform is designed with user experience in mind and ensures that both you and your supporters can benefit from its streamlined solutions.


Donorbox offers two different packages depending on your organization’s needs. With the Donorbox Standard Package, your organization will receive free-to-set up donation forms, donation-boosting features, customer support, and a number of other tools with no baseline monthly fee or contract. Instead, your nonprofit will be charged a 1.5% platform fee and payment processing fee.

Alternatively, for nonprofits looking for a more expansive fundraising solution, the Donorbox Premium Package gives you everything from the Standard Package plus expert coaching, a premium suite of donation tools, priority tech support, and access to an account ambassador. Book a demo to explore how this solution can improve your nonprofit’s approach to fundraising or take a deeper dive into their pricing page.

Donorbox is a wonderful fundraising platform for user experience.

10. Give Lively – Best Free Fundraising Platform

Give Lively is a free fundraising platform for nonprofits with limited budgets looking to fundraise online. With its expansive tech suite that covers digital fundraising, event fundraising, and peer-based fundraising, Give Lively has helped collectively power $500 million in donations for over 8,000 nonprofits.

If your organization is hosting a virtual fundraiser, you can leverage customizable campaign pages branded to your unique nonprofit, text-to-donate to deepen impact, and more user-friendly tools. Give Lively makes it easy for nonprofits to step into the 21st century and fully adapt to modern fundraising solutions.

Top Features

Give Lively’s digital-first approach to fundraising gives nonprofits access to the following features:

  • Customizable donation widgets: Integrate streamlined donation widgets directly into your nonprofit’s website to increase the speed of the donation process and give users a positive giving experience. Plus, you can fully customize these versions of your donation form so they fit seamlessly into your website design.
  • Team fundraising tools: Fundraising doesn’t have to be an independent activity! Give Lively makes it easy for donors that share the same values to come together and make collective appeals to people in their personal networks. As a result, donors will find a deeper sense of community and be able to raise even more revenue.
  • Live donation display for events: Allow donors to see your fundraising progress in real-time so they know how close you are to hitting your goals. Not only does this help donors see the impact of their contributions, but it could encourage people to push your nonprofit past the fundraising finish line.

Give Lively knows that fundraising tech expenses can quickly add up, so their user-friendly tools are perfect for organizations that want to optimize their fundraising without breaking the bank.


Give Lively is entirely free, so your nonprofit won’t incur any setup fees, platform fees, membership/subscription fees, or annual/monthly fees. Learn more about Give Lively’s philosophy and how they’re able to power their operations at no expense to charitable organizations.

Give Lively is a great fundraising platform for nonprofits on a budget.

11. Bloomerang – Best CRM Fundraising Platform

Bloomerang is a CRM and donor management database with an array of built-in fundraising tools. With its comprehensive data tracking capabilities, your nonprofit will have a dedicated hub that reports on donor giving, including the last time donors gave, their donation amounts, how often they give to your cause, and the number of times your nonprofit has interacted with them.

Bloomerang equips nonprofits to channel data into stewardship opportunities all while reducing your staff’s administrative burden, giving you more time to advance your mission.

Top Features

Blooomerang improves the donor and donor management experience with these key tools:

  • Comprehensive donor profiles: Get to know your donors in-depth with Bloomerang’s donor database that constantly updates to reflect new changes in supporter behavior. This CRM will keep up-to-date records of your donors’ contact information, interests based on your interactions, and involvement in your organization. With this data, you can personalize your outreach and inspire donors to give.
  • Reporting and analytics: Bloomerang runs reports on a variety of topics, including marketing and fundraising campaigns and donor engagement metrics, so you can get a birds-eye view of your fundraising progress and identify opportunities for donor cultivation.
  • Marketing tools: Using Bloomerang’s data-powered approach, you can develop custom emails, letters and mailings, acknowledgements, and surveys to nurture relationships over time and express donor appreciation. This makes it much more likely that donors will want to give to your organization over time, leading to a higher donor retention rate.

The experts behind Bloomerang will support your organization through the entire set up process so your data can smoothly and securely transfer into your new CRM.


Bloomerang creates plans based on the number of donor records you track in your database. Each plan includes unlimited online giving pages and forms, wealth screening, unlimited users, donor engagement scoring, and other key features to facilitate your fundraising approach. Check out the Bloomerang pricing page to explore their different prices by number of records.

Bloomerang is a superb fundraising platform for managing your donor records. 

12. 99Pledges – Best Fundraising Platform for Pledge-Based Events

A-thon style events are growing in popularity, and 99Pledges wants to make hosting these engaging fundraisers as simple as possible for participating organizations. Whether you want to host a walk-a-thon, read-a-thon, or dance-a-thon, 99Pleges will help you and your donors lead successful campaigns.

99Pledges allows organizations to easily develop custom team pages and enables volunteers to create their own pages that can be shared with friends and family members to collect pledges. By rallying your supporters around your cause, you can supercharge your fundraising efforts and make supporting your nonprofit a rewarding experience.

Top Features

99Pledges offers a variety of features to improve the a-thon fundraising experience, including:

  • Pledge donation model: On each participant page, friends and family members of your volunteers can submit a pledge based on how long or how much a certain activity is completed. For example, supporters can collect pledges in a walk-a-thon based on how many laps they walk. These pledges are easy to manage on individualized fundraising campaign pages, allowing you and your supporters to track their fundraising progress.
  • Easy setup for supporters: 99Pledges will complete the entire set up process for your organization for free, automatically creating participating fundraising pages for each fundraising volunteer that signs on. Supporters can then add in personal touches, including their personal fundraising goal and why they’re raising money for your organization.
  • Highly shareable: With social integrations, 99Pledges allows supporters to share their participating fundraising pages easily via Facebook, Twitter, and email. This way, you can increase the visibility of your campaign and bring in more donations.

Once you’ve completed your fundraiser, 99Pledges will send your proceeds to your nonprofit’s bank account the very next day.


99Pledges is a free platform with a $0 startup cost. However, nonprofits will be charged for the standard credit card fee of 2.9% plus $0.30 cents per transaction. Contact the 99Pledges team to learn more.

99Pledges is the ideal fundraising platform for pledge-based events. 

13.  KindKatch – Best Fundraising Platform for Audience Engagement

KindKatch is a fundraising platform designed to make your event management easier and boost donor engagement, leading to more revenue. The experts behind KindKatch know how important storytelling is when it comes to building donor relationships, and they’ve designed their platform with this in mind. With KindKatch, you can curate personalized videos, bound to inspire emotional connection, and share them with ease to all of your supporters. KindKatch empowers nonprofits to send thousands of texts or emails per month and will give you intuitive campaign metrics so you can track the success of your videos and make adjustments as needed.

Top Features

KindKatch offers nonprofits the following features to generate authentic video content and capture audience attention:

  • Content database: Capture moments from your events and programs and store this content in a designated hub. This way, you can easily repurpose content and send it off to motivate donors to give.
  • Mobile app and desktop portal: Sharing your content with supporters shouldn’t be difficult. KindKatch simplifies the process by allowing nonprofits to share videos from the KindKatch mobile app or desktop portal in seconds. Supporters will receive this content directly by email or text messages.
  • Customized landing pages and CTA buttons: To facilitate your event management, KindKatch makes it simple to create personalized landing pages branded to your nonprofit, along with persuasive CTA buttons that will drive donor conversions.

If you’re running a fundraiser with a tight deadline, your nonprofit can leverage KindKatch to send off compelling videos, connect with supporters, and meet your fundraising goals.


KindKatch has multiple packages depending on the features your organization will need. With their Standard Pricing, your organization will spend $99/month and receive perks like 2,500 MMS/SMS texts/month and 10,000 emails/month. Their Pro Pricing takes these benefits to the next level by offering 5,000 MMS/SMS texts/month and 25,000 emails/month in exchange for $249/month. Lastly, the Enterprise plan is ideal for nonprofits that want to send even more communications. To get the Enterprise pricing plan and learn more about these packages, visit the KindKatch pricing page.

KindKatch is an exceptional fundraising platform to engage event audiences.

Wrapping Up

If your nonprofit is ready to amp up its fundraising strategy, you’ll need to work with a leading provider in the nonprofit sector. The right software will fit within your nonprofit’s budget, meet your existing and future needs, and set your organization up for sustainable growth over time. If you’re eager to learn more about nonprofit fundraising platforms and how you can optimize your fundraising approach, explore these additional resources below: