OneCause vs. GiveSmart – What You Need to Know


Whether your nonprofit is weighing alternatives to its current online fundraising and/or mobile bidding solution, or this is your first time working through the process, we know the stakes are high. Your fundraising efforts help drive your mission – and being able to execute successful events is the key to success.

This article aims to take some of the guesswork out of the mobile bidding and online fundraising marketplace by comparing two leading solutions—OneCause and GiveSmart—head-to-head in several categories that are most important to nonprofit organizations like yours.

With the strengths and weaknesses of each clearly outlined, nonprofit leaders can easily make the best decision to help drive donations and host amazing charitable events.

Let’s get started with some comparison essentials:

OneCause vs. GiveSmart History and Stability

History and Stability

When selecting a mobile bidding and online fundraising software, it is important to consider company history. Entrusting your fundraising and donor experience to a technology partner is no small step.

GiveSmart is a product of the recent Community Brands merger of New York-based 501 Auctions, Chicago-based Gesture, and Atlanta-based GiveSmart. As a new mobile fundraising conglomerate, the new GiveSmart continues to work toward combining three different platforms, customer bases, and processes into a single, cohesive experience for its customers.

Too soon to say on the overall success of the merger, but as part of your due diligence, you can check out customers reviews on both Capterra and G2 Crowd.

OneCause has been helping nonprofits raise over $2B since 2009 and recently celebrated their 10th Anniversary as a top fundraising software provider. Over the last decade, it’s helped thousands of nonprofits realize greater fundraising success as a single company, owned and operated by the same consistent leadership.

OneCause owns and develops its proprietary Mobile Bidding, Text2Give, Online Fundraising, Peer-to-Peer and Payments software to offer nonprofits the latest in mobile fundraising technology with proven reliability.

TIP: Look for a company who has a consistent track record, deep event experience, and the proven ability to deliver results for nonprofits of all sizes and event types.

OneCause vs. GiveSmart Easy to Use Software

Easy to Use Software

If you’ve taken the time and money to truly invest in a mobile fundraising software, make sure the onsite and guest experience meet your needs!

GiveSmart and OneCause both have Do-It-Yourself (DIY) and Full-Service Mobile Bidding solutions. GiveSmart relies heavily on onsite staffing to help their customers execute events using their software.

OneCause, as the first to market a decade ago, has established a reputation of simple, easy to use fundraising software. With thousands of events under their belt, OneCause leverages intuitive software interface to make onsite execution easy for your team and attendees. Afterall, your success relies on their satisfaction!

OneCause offers both Do-It-Yourself (DIY) and Full-Service Mobile Bidding packages, tailored to meet nonprofit needs and budget. For Full-Service events, nonprofits are supported by a certified team of onsite event managers.

TIP: An intuitive software is critical to ensuring your event runs smoothly. In order to maximize the success of your fundraiser, look for a software that is simple and easy for your donors, staff, and volunteers.

OneCause vs. GiveSmart Flexible Fundraising

Flexible Fundraising

Every nonprofit is unique – as are their fundraising events, auctions and campaigns. As you select your mobile bidding and online fundraising software, it is important to work with a partner who offers a robust solution – one that meets your needs but has the flexibility to grow with your fundraising over time.

GiveSmart specializes in events and mobile auctions, a point solution focused offering for nonprofits who are looking to focus on the special events arena. However, it’s likely that your fundraising extends far beyond your signature auction or gala.

Nonprofits are in need of a solution that caters to fundraisers of all shapes and sizes, and it’s critical that your mobile fundraising partner supports all of your organization’s unique fundraising campaigns.

OneCause offers a best in class mobile bidding functionality pioneered over 10 years ago. It has also broadened its product suite “beyond the ballroom” solutions, to include other fundraising offerings, such as Text2Give, Online Giving Solutions, Peer-to-Peer Social Fundraising and integrated Payment Processing.

Their products support everything from auctions, galas, ticketing, donation appeals, online giving campaigns, charity runs, walks, and rides, to Ambassador Fundraising.

TIP: Having a product line that is designed to grow with your organization allows your team the freedom and flexibility to engage your donors with innovative approaches year after year.

OneCause vs. GiveSmart Leveraging Social Fundraising

Leveraging Social Fundraising

Let’s talk a bit more about peer-to-peer fundraising. In this new fundraising world of technology and social media, the social network of your donor base is a powerful tool full of untapped potential!

The current GiveSmart product offering does not address the multi-campaign need for nonprofits. With their primary focus being events and mobile auctions, GiveSmart’s mobile bidding-focused product line does not offer a solution dedicated to social fundraising.

OneCause offers best-in-class Peer-to-Peer software and Online Giving Solution to empower supporters to become active fundraisers with mobile engagement tools to raise funds outside of your signature event.

OneCause Peer-to-Peer’s mobile-optimized solution allows nonprofits to execute multiple social fundraising campaigns within the same platform, and includes features like customizable participant pages, social integration, and texting capabilities that drive participation and make fundraising more social, mobile, and fun.

TIP: Make sure your fundraising software is equipped to engage donors year-round – they are crucial to supporting your cause!

OneCause vs. GiveSmart Customer Service and Support

Customer Service & Support

Be sure to evaluate the available customer support and service offerings, and whether they are included in your package. Having good support enables your team to focus on what matters most – raising more funds.

Since the Community Brands acquisition, GiveSmart has tripled the number of events they support overnight. Now, GiveSmart must work to support three separate customer bases. Still too soon to tell how this will effect service offerings.

OneCause offers nonprofits award-winning service and support. Their focus on client success has led to supporting 20,000+ events, scoring a running customer satisfaction (CSAT) average of over 96%.

As a partner, OneCause has proven its ability to scale over time, while maintaining its ability to support the one nonprofit that matters – yours.

In addition to a dedicated, year-round Customer Success Manager and Onsite Event Consultant, OneCause customers are equipped with a number of resources to ensure their success. Live phone, email, and chat (along with extended support hours), are available to customers.

OneCause University offers self-paced learning, assessments, on-demand webinars, and Online Communities for nonprofit collaboration and sharing best practices. They also provide a full library of fundraising resources, plus live and on-demand webinars.

TIP: Ask about what support hours and live event support are available, plus what online tools and resources your team can access to increase your fundraising success.

OneCause vs. GiveSmart CRM Integration

CRM Integration

The easy transfer of fundraising data is an absolute must for nonprofits. Without it, your organization risks either missing out on critical donor data or spending valuable staff time (when you’re already crunched for time) entering it manually. CRM integration is essential.

GiveSmart has been delayed in implementing CRM integration with Raiser’s Edge and Salesforce, the leading CRM solutions for nonprofits on the market.

OneCause offers both Salesforce and Raiser’s Edge integrations. Additionally, OneCause has a robust library of data exports that are compatible with most donor database and CRM solutions.

TIP: Ask for a list of all exports and integrations provided by your auction software before you buy. Having robust CRM integration and data access, at your fingertips, will save your team countless hours and improve overall fundraising!

What does this mean for you?

As you work towards deciding on a new online fundraising solution, maintain focus on the goals of your organization. Spend time evaluating your needs and answering the key questions:

  • Are you looking for expert support and onsite event staff?
  • Do you want to leverage your donor base in new, innovative ways?
  • Are you interested in having a partner that can grow along with your nonprofit?

Having the answers to these questions can help narrow your choices and lead your team to the right platform – and the right results.

OneCause has been a partner to nonprofits of all shapes and sizes for over a decade – a single, stable company who has helped to support over 20,000 events and raise nearly $2B. When your nonprofit partners with OneCause, we put your cause at the center of everything we do.