Tributes & Memorials

Personalized giving campaigns for special occasions or to honor loved ones.

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Create Lasting Legacies

Everyone has a reason for giving. Celebrate life and legacy with personalized giving opportunities for birthdays, tributes, weddings, memorials, and more. Impactful giving is just a click away.

  • Raise awareness with user-friendly fundraising pages that inspire giving.
  • Grow your reach through a social media integration with shareable pages.
  • Customize your campaign to fit your cause, story, and branding.

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Campaign Types

Tributes & Memorials

Tributes & Memorials

Give supporters the option to honor loved ones with fundraising pages that are highly personalized.
Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Campaigns: DIY Supporter Driven

Birthdays & Celebrations

Empower donors to turn their birthdays, or other big events, into an exciting fundraising opportunity!

Awareness Campaigns

Spread the word about your mission, explain why it matters, and show supporters how to get involved.
We created the #SayTheirNameChallenge to empower people to talk about children that have passed away, keep their memory alive and ensure no child is ever forgotten. We were able to pull off the campaign and increase awareness thanks to OneCause.
Faith's Lodge
Brooke Nieson

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