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Top 7 Silent Auction Software for Nonprofits [Reviewed!]

FREE Demo: Find the best tools for your next fundraising auction! Test drive OneCause to see how we can take your auction to the next level!

Nothing excites and engages your most supportive donors like an auction! As a classic fundraising staple, auctions are an extremely effective way to raise money, entertain your donors, and encourage a little friendly competition.

For an auction event that engages multiple levels of your donors and incorporates seamlessly into a larger gala, dinner, or show, consider hosting a silent auction!

By removing the live element from the auction experience, you can engage donors that might feel deterred by the sense of competition. Plus, a silent auction allows you to more easily offer prizes across a wide range of price levels, opening up bidding to a broader range of your donors in attendance.

Since they make excellent additions to fundraising events of all kinds, silent auctions (and mobile bidding events!) reliably deliver major results for nonprofits that conduct them. If nonprofits use the right silent auction tools to plan and manage them, that is!

When it comes to planning, managing, and conducting your silent auction, the software choices can feel overwhelming. That’s why we’ve cut through the clutter to rank and review our top picks for the best silent auction software for nonprofits:

  1. OneCause
  2. Go Charity
  3. Tip Top Auction
  4. SchoolAuction
  5. AuctionMaestro
  6. Wavebid
  7. AuctionZoom

If your nonprofit has chosen to bypass the traditional, old-fashioned charity auction route to try a silent auction, make sure you’re using the most comprehensive and up-to-date software available. Not only will it ease the logistical burdens on your team, but offering easier digital tools is also a surefire way to engage donors and boost bids!

Once you’ve read through these reviews we suggest moving on to our nonprofit fundraising software checklist. Software is an important investment for any nonprofit!

OneCause is a top choice for nonprofit silent auction software.

1. OneCause

Silent Auction Software Overview

As a leader in digital fundraising software, OneCause proudly offers some of the top tools available for nonprofit auctions, silent or otherwise!

Here at OneCause, our innovative mobile bidding and auction software is designed top to bottom to boost donor engagement while making the entire planning and management process as streamlined as possible.

With our mobile bidding solution, your guests can place their bids through their smartphones, reducing the logistical confusion and waste of traditional paper silent auctions. By making it easier to register for your events and bid on your items, OneCause helps you raise more and get your donors more engaged than ever!

The whole suite of auction planning and event management software from OneCause will help your team focus on what’s really important — promoting your event and hosting your guests.

What Makes this Silent Auction Software Great for Nonprofits

Mobile bidding and auction software from OneCause is tailor-made for nonprofit organizations looking to fundraise with any type of auction. This includes live auctions, silent auctions, and even online-only auctions.

We thought of everything when designing our auction software! The OneCause suite covers:

  • Event planning and social promotion tools
  • Item procurement and packaging management
  • Ticketing systems for events and raffles
  • Online and mobile fundraising pages
  • Online payment processing for bids and purchases
  • Donor management tools to track important data

Plus, our event registration platform, social media tools, automated thank-you messages, and text-to-give features make perfect additions to any fundraising software package!

As the most comprehensive silent auction software available, OneCause can dramatically improve the way your nonprofit plans, manages, and hosts auctions of all types. You’ll just need to pick some perfect auction items and then let your bidders do the rest!

Top Feature of this Silent Auction Software

Every feature of our digital silent auction software here at OneCause is designed to be as useful and engaging as possible, but which is our favorite? Our mobile fundraising capabilities.

The comprehensive mobile app makes online silent auction software from OneCause a top pick!As one of the leading mobile bidding platforms, the OneCause mobile auction app is extremely flexible and user-friendly. Registering for events, checking in, and placing bids is quicker and more convenient than ever! This keeps your guests engaged and works to boost bids all around.

Even better, data entry is automatic and comprehensive since all your silent auction activities are centralized in the app. This helps your team learn more from your auction while automating tasks like generating receipts and thank-you messages. The level of features and support in the OneCause suite put it head and shoulders above comparable platforms like Greater Giving.

Explore online silent auction software from OneCause!


Go Charity is a top pick for nonprofit silent auction software and management.

2. Go Charity

Silent Auction Software Overview

As a leading auction service for nonprofit organizations and foundations, Go Charity makes a strong partner if you’re planning a major event like a gala and wish to incorporate a silent auction aspect to the festivities.

With both on- and off-site support, Go Charity’s services and digital tools can help you host your most successful silent auction yet. 

Go Charity offers comprehensive digital support by working with partnered mobile silent auction providers, like OneCause, guiding your team through the entire process and ensuring everything runs smoothly on the big day.

What Makes this Silent Auction Software Great for Nonprofits

Go Charity provides excellent silent auction support for nonprofits in a number of ways, including:

  • Item procurement services and consultation
  • In-person staffing and management support
  • On-site mobile silent auction software management
  • Processing, check-out, and fulfillment support

The biggest reason Go Charity’s services and software support make excellent tools for nonprofit silent auctions? Their close partnerships with the mobile auction providers that streamline every step in the process from beginning to end.

Top Feature of this Silent Auction Software

One of the best features of Go Charity’s silent auction software support services is its procurement consultations and consignments. 

Item consignment services make Go Charity's services a top silent auction software and tool for nonprofits.With a wide selection of items that will attract all your major donors, including luxury experiences, memorabilia, fashion items, and fine wines, Go Charity makes it easy for nonprofits of all sizes to offer the classic silent auction experience.

Its low-risk consignment policies are a plus, too. Pay only for what you sell at your silent auction and return the rest!

Check out silent auction services from Go Charity!


Tip Top Auction is a great silent auction software choice for nonprofits.

3. Tip Top Auction

Silent Auction Software Overview

Oftentimes smaller nonprofits hesitate to host their own silent auctions, thinking that fundraising auctions are only suited to large organizations with nationwide support and plenty of major donors.

With Tip Top Auction, nonprofits can easily conduct their own silent auction at a price more appropriate for smaller scale events.

By offering a lightweight set of essential online silent auction tools, Tip Top makes a great partner for smaller organizations that want to attract and entertain their supporters.

Its silent auction software solutions include every necessary feature to get your silent auction up and running in no time!

What Makes this Silent Auction Software Great for Nonprofits

Many mobile bidding and silent auction services offer their software at a price that’s out of reach for smaller, local-level nonprofits that would nonetheless love to offer their supporters an authentic charity auction experience. To help them, Tip Top Auction provides software and support that includes:

  • Web-based and mobile optimized management platform
  • Secure payment processing features
  • Generator tools for printed materials
  • Ticketing features for guests to register early

Be sure to explore all their features and resources to see how Tip Top Auction might make a good partner for your smaller nonprofit’s next auction event.

Top Feature of this Silent Auction Software

The best feature of the Tip Top Auction silent auction software package is its lightweight design.

Tip Top Auctions straightforward and simple features make it a top silent auction software for nonprofits.Although it offers relatively limited functionality compared to some of the more comprehensive silent auction software suites available, Tip Top Auction is an affordable and flexible option for many organizations that might otherwise never consider hosting an auction.

As a simple, all-in-one package of silent auction software and support, its pricing plan is a straightforward option for organizations with little auction experience.

Explore silent auction software from Tip Top Auction!


SchoolAuction is a leader in silent auction software for educational nonprofits.

4. SchoolAuction

Silent Auction Software Overview

SchoolAuction offers user-friendly silent auction software focused on helping schools, educational organizations, and clubs raise more while engaging their supporters and members in new ways.

Similarly to Tip Top Auction, listed above, SchoolAuction’s silent auction platform is an excellent choice for small to mid-sized nonprofit organizations. 

Its features are more comprehensive but still scale-appropriate for schools that want to host a silent auction but don’t have the time or team to devote to event planning months ahead of time.

What Makes this Silent Auction Software Great for Nonprofits

While most nonprofits operate with fairly tight budgets, schools and educational organizations especially understand what it means to be strapped for resources. That’s why SchoolAuction’s set of silent auction tools are designed to help them organize their event quickly:

  • Web-based management system for mobile use
  • Simple data reporting and donor management
  • Quick item entry process as you build inventory
  • Easy event page hosting through
  • Mobile capabilities for guests to bid on smartphones

Designed to streamline the silent auction elements of your fundraising events, SchoolAuction does a great job of providing effective features without overwhelming small to mid-sized educational nonprofits with tools they might not need.

Top Feature of this Silent Auction Software

Any nonprofit is grateful to its busy donors for finding the time to attend a fundraising event. For schools, fundraising events like silent auctions must be streamlined as much as possible to prevent parents from feeling frustrated or irritated.

That’s why SchoolAuction’s time saving online features are a top pick! 

SchoolAuction offers a top online silent auction software package for schools and smaller organizations.Advance check-in, payment information storage, custom event page hosting, and easy self check out features of the SchoolAuction silent auction software go a long way to reduce wait times. Your donors will appreciate the option to save time whenever possible!

Check out the online silent auction software from SchoolAuction!


AuctionMaestro is a longtime player in silent auction software for nonprofits.

5. AuctionMaestro

Silent Auction Software Overview

As one of the first major silent auction software providers in the nonprofit space, AuctionMaestro continues to be a leader for enterprise-level organizations.

Offering a whole range of customized live, online, and silent auction software solutions, AuctionMaestro can be a great choice for larger nonprofits looking for comprehensive support and integration capabilities.

Although some of its offerings are slightly out-of-date or clunky, AuctionMaestro’s software as a whole remains extremely effective for silent auction events of all sizes. 

What Makes this Silent Auction Software Great for Nonprofits

With a wide range of features and customizable solutions, AuctionMaestro has a long history of helping major nonprofits conduct successful silent auctions. Some of its features include:

  • Full online auction support
  • Mobile optimized pages and tools
  • Simple online payment processing
  • Support for online in-kind donations
  • Event analytics tools
  • Optional text-to-bid service

If AuctionMaestro sounds like a smart partner for your organization’s next auction event, explore their features and services for more information.

Top Feature of this Silent Auction Software

One of the top distinguishing features of AuctionMaestro’s silent auction software and platform is its flexibility.

Your event page, registration tools, and online bidding system are all easily-accessible online and on mobile devices.

AuctionMaestro's flexible tools make it a top silent auction software solution for larger nonprofits.Plus, AuctionMaestro was an early pioneer of third party integrations. Even today, its software remains focused on integrating with the most useful tools for large nonprofits, like Blackbaud. These integrations make it incredibly easy to track data, process payments, recognize trends, and identify your major donors.

Explore all the silent auction software tools from AuctionMaestro!


Wavebid is a great silent auction software for nonprofits and auctioneers.

6. Wavebid

Silent Auction Software Overview

Focused on improving the management tools available to auctioneers, Wavebid offers an effective suite of silent auction software solutions.

Although not focused on nonprofit charity or fundraising auctions specifically, Wavebid’s tools could be an excellent choice for large nonprofits with full-time event planning and management teams. 

Professional-grade management tools and software might be just what your fundraising team needs to take your silent auction results to the next level!

What Makes this Silent Auction Software Great for Nonprofits

Wavebid includes a number of features designed to meet the needs and high standards of professional auctioneers, like:

  • Time-saving automated item cataloging tools
  • Intuitive clerking screen to streamline transactions
  • Marketing tools for social media and email
  • Integrations with top auction-industry data platforms

In the right hands, these top-level tools can translate to incredible results for your next silent auction. Just make sure your team is prepared and equipped to adapt to a professional-grade system first.

Top Feature of this Silent Auction Software

Wavebid includes plenty of highly functional tools for your nonprofit to make the most of its fundraising auctions in the long run.

One of its most useful features, though, is its set of professional-grade accounting tools. 

Wavebid's professional level accounting tools make it a top silent auction software solution!Many silent auction software solutions offer effective data integrations tools, but Wavebid includes heavy-duty reporting, invoicing, and other professional tools. Streamline every aspect of your silent auction with Wavebid’s tools!

Check out Wavebid’s heavy-duty silent auction tools!


AuctionZoom is a top choice for lightweight silent auction software for nonprofits.

7. AuctionZoom

Silent Auction Software Overview

AuctionZoom offers easy-to-use silent auction software and management tools for nonprofits of all sizes.

The software platform is noted for its extremely useful support services, ensuring that any issues your team encounters as you start planning your auction will get resolved quickly.

Although slightly out-of-date compared to some of the top entries on this list, AuctionZoom’s features still pack a punch.

What Makes this Silent Auction Software Great for Nonprofits

AuctionZoom’s features are all unified by their ease of use. Here’s how your nonprofit can use AuctionZoom’s software and tools:

  • Lightweight database software collects your bid information
  • Card swiping hardware can collect payments even offline
  • Registration, management, and checkout systems
  • Printable auction materials templates

As an effective, user-friendly, and relatively customizable suite of silent auction software solutions, AuctionZoom’s platform can be a great tool for any nonprofit!

Top Feature of this Silent Auction Software

The top feature of AuctionZoom is its ‘instant auction” capabilities.

With a straightforward and streamlined interface, you can get your AuctionZoom silent auction set up and organized in no time.

AuctionZoom's straightforward silent auction software and platform get you started quickly.For smaller nonprofits, this ability to very quickly organize a silent auction without spending valuable time and resources on a more comprehensive or complicated platform can make a major difference.

Check out AuctionZoom’s features!

Nonprofit organizations of all shapes and sizes choose to conduct special auction events! Not only are they a perfect way to raise funds, they’re also one of the most engaging types of fundraising events for your guests and donors. Nothing builds excitement and boosts donations like an auction.

Silent auctions are an especially effective fundraising strategy. With the right digital tools, your nonprofit can take its silent auction to the next level by streamlining management, improving donor experience, and tracking more data.

Be sure to continue your research for more fundraising best practices and insights:

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