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The Complete
Buyer’s Guide

To Nonprofit Fundraising Software

Powerful missions need

powerful fundraising software.

An increase in technological advancements has made it possible for nonprofit organizations to do more with online and mobile than ever before.

The world of nonprofit fundraising moves incredibly fast, so it can be tempting to make vendor decisions based on a quick skim of a website or a ‘well this is how we’ve always done it’ mentality. But there are plenty of other critical factors to take into consideration!

With this in mind, we’ve developed a complete buyer’s guide to help nonprofit teams find the best solutions to acquire, engage, and retain donors. Here’s what we’ll walk through:

  • Questions to ask your team
  • Questions to ask your vendor
  • The ultimate fundraising software checklist

Download today and dive into our comprehensive list of the must-asked questions and must-have features and capabilities to lock in a winning solution.

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Complete Buyer’s Guide to Nonprofit Fundraising Software

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