Raffle Basket Ideas: 20 Ideas for Every Event

Raffle baskets are the perfect solution for nonprofits that want to sell a large number of raffle tickets and generate easy revenue for their event.

Whether you auction off baskets in a silent auction or raffle them off Chinese Auction style with tickets, raffle baskets definitely give attendees the biggest bang for their buck.

Also, by working directly with sponsors, donors, and vendors, your team can actually procure raffle baskets for a low overhead, allowing more of the proceeds to go directly to your cause and towards your goals.

One of the hardest things about hosting a charity fundraiser is knowing what kind of raffle items will stand out for attendees and drive raffle ticket sales. A best practice is to research your attendee audience, looking at past raffle sales and auction item interest, to determine what they’ve historically been willing to bid on.

We’ve come up with 20 fool-proof ideas for raffle baskets, regardless of your budget, that are sure to attract attention and help fuel success. Let this guide get your creative juices flowing!

Raffle Basket Ideas: 20 Ideas for Every Event 

  1. Best Raffle Basket Ideas
  2. Popular Raffle Basket Ideas
  3. Unique Raffle Basket Ideas
  4. Cheap Raffle Basket Ideas
  5. Raffle Basket Ideas for Schools

Best Raffle Basket Ideas:

Here are a few of the best raffle basket ideas. Be sure to combine them with a solid auction plan to drive success.

1. Travel Package Basket

Travel packages are a must for any high-end fundraiser, and luckily they’re easily adaptable to raffle baskets. All it takes to create a travel basket format is a:

  • Pair of travel tickets
  • Certificate for accommodations
  • Sightseeing or local attraction tickets
  • Pictures and other physical items to add a promotional touch!

These baskets are also great for promotion and pre-event coverage as they’re sure to bring in the right kind of attendees.

2. Ticket Basket

Another big-ticket raffle basket is the ticket basket. While some fundraisers only donate tickets to a single sporting event, it could be fun to up the ante and combine all your ticket donations together.

This could go a long way in driving bids, especially since you could have some big-name events (aka the Superbowl or US Open) sharing a bid number.

3. Membership Basket

Membership baskets are great for school fundraisers or those geared towards attendees with small children. They are generally easy to bundle, as nonprofits often have a variety of membership items to choose from.

Be sure to include the following popular Membership items in your raffle basket:

  • Museums – local or regional
  • Zoos
  • Bike share programs
  • Meal service plans
  • Gyms, exercise classes or workout programs
  • Art club or art classes

With so many options, this basket is perfect for attendees who don’t want to get bored with their winnings.

4. Staycation Basket

Staycation baskets have moved from the ‘Popular’ list to the Must Have list for a few reasons. First, everyone needs a staycation, making these raffle baskets a hit at school fundraisers, nonprofit events, and really any fundraiser.

You can tailor your staycation raffle basket to the wants of your audience, so no two baskets are alike.

And finally, if you’re working with the right vendors to donate a local hotel room, meal voucher, and event tickets, then it doesn’t have to be too expensive to provide an amazing experience.

Popular Raffle Basket Ideas:

These popular items alongside a good procurement strategy will help your fundraising generate maximum proceeds.

5. Wine Basket

Wine baskets are a mainstay in traditional nonprofit fundraisers because there is so much you can do with them.

Here’s a few popular wine raffle basket ideas to include in your offering:

  • Wine Focused: do red, white and champagne specific wine baskets to cater to all types. Ask major donors if they have wine to donate or know of connections they can ask.
  • Accotrements: add glasses, specialty wine openers, wine stoppers, and wine name tags to add some bling to your basket.
  • Gourmet Items: dress up your basket with cheese or chocolate pairings to cater to the tummy too.

Most people like to drink nice wine, making it the perfect raffle basket for your nonprofit fundraiser.

6. Sports Basket

The sports raffle basket is always a popular one because we all love, or know someone who loves sports.

Here’s how to create the ultimate sports basket sure to attract the ultimate bidding. Include:

  • Sports tickets
  • Signed sports memorabilia
  • Sports gear
  • Posters
  • Bobbleheads
  • Trading cards
  • Sports team programs and more.

Needless to say, this makes sports raffle baskets incredibly popular and a huge draw for raffle attendees no matter what team they root for!

7. Spa Basket

Spa baskets are fun, easy, and appeal to a variety of different bidders.

From fancy bath oils and at-home facial tools to in-person massages and meditation sessions, this is a great raffle item for those in any stage of a relationship.

Plus, because it’s a raffle basket, you can add in the physical items like bath salts and luffas alongside a spa certificate for a truly well-rounded charity basket.

8. Movie Night Basket

Movie nights are always a hit, and movie night raffle baskets at a raffle auction are even more so.

To make the most out of your movie basket, please include:

  • DVDs of popular movies
  • Coupon to Netflix
  • Bottle of wine
  • Make-at-home popcorn
  • Gift certificate for pizza, and
  • A bunch of traditional movie theater candy to round up your raffle basket.

Unique Raffle Basket Ideas:

Getting creative and adding a few unique baskets will take your raffle strategy to new heights!

9. Date Night Basket

Most fundraisers offer some kind of date night raffle basket that involves a romantic night out on the town.

One way to mix this concept up and put a unique spin on the idea is to offer a date night in basket.

To make your Date Night raffle basket a hit, try to include items that help set a romantic mood. Think:

  • Nice bottle of wine or craft liquor
  • Selection of gourmet snacks and cheese
  • Candles
  • Gift certificates for local restaurants
  • Massages
  • Private couples classes or lessons

To really up the ante, include a private cooking class so the winners can make a romantic dinner on their date night in.

10. Craft Liquor Basket

Craft liquor baskets are all the rage. You can your raffle basket offerings step further by turning a simple liquor basket into the ultimate in craft beverages – sure to please all connoisseurs,

How? It’s easy! Provide a selection of different kinds of whiskey, bourbons, vodkas and other boutique spirits and you have the makings of a raffle basket winner! Add craft beverage recipes, glassware, and mixer fixings to round out your high-end selection.

Your team can either procure all your bottles from the same sponsor (such as a liquor store) or ask individual supporters to donate one or two bottles and them combine them into a basket before the event.

11. Pet Lover Basket

If there’s one thing modern society can agree on it’s that we love our pets! So why not capitalize on our shared admiration of our furry friends with a pet focused raffle basket.

A pet basket should include a variety of must-have dog and cat items, including:

  • Pet toys
  • Dog and cat beds
  • Scratch pads
  • Leashes
  • Food and treat samples
  • Dog walking and grooming certificate
  • Donations from local boarding facilities or luxury dog hotels

If you have a local pet store in the area, see if they would be willing to donate the entire raffle basket in exchange for sponsorship!

12. Game Night Basket

Game night raffle baskets are a fun, unique way to provide raffle winners with hours of fun and excitement in a single box.

Ask volunteers, board members, staff or donors to donate a bunch of popular games and you have an easy and incredibly popular raffle basket idea.

Think Twister, Jenga, Monopoly, and Sorry are just a few of the more traditional board games you can add in alongside newer card games. Game night baskets can also be procured relatively easily from sponsors.

Cheap Raffle Basket Ideas:

It’s important to stay economical with raffle baskets to ensure you boost fixed price proceeds.

13. Gift Card Basket

Gift card baskets are a cheap and easy way to give attendees different options within a single raffle basket. This is an easy and effective way to put to use all those gift card donations you’ve compiled!

By working with local restaurants, retailers, and other businesses in your area, you can create a beautiful raffle basket that people will actually want to bid on.

Look through your donated gift cards and assemble items that have wide appeal:

  • Ice cream stores
  • Movie theaters
  • Sports and athletic cards
  • Local restaurants
  • Music, or Music provider cards
  • Electronic stores
  • Travel or entertainment certificates

When asking local businesses for gift cards, remind them of the business that stands to come into their store from the winner: it’s a win/win for all sides!

14. Subscription Basket

Subscription raffle baskets are a great last-minute idea for fundraisers that don’t want to break the bank.

Your procurement team can gather up a slew of subscription certificates for a single basket, or separate them out into separate baskets with supplemental offerings, like movie snacks or a bottle of wine.

On the cheaper side are entertainment streaming services like Hulu or Netflix, which retail for $5 to $15 a month. You can also get a little fancier with wine clubs and meal service kits, which tend to be a bit more expensive.

15. Lottery Ticket Basket

Lottery ticket baskets are a gift that keeps on giving.

Lottery ticket raffle baskets can be as cheap or as expensive as you want (props if your team goes all out on a Powerball ticket!) and, when arranged in an engaging way can look like a fun way to spend a few bucks!

Plus, because the winner of this raffle basket stands to win an undefined amount of money, many fundraiser attendees see bidding on a lottery ticket basket as a sure way to offset their ticket spend.

16. Handy Helper Basket

The best kind of inexpensive raffle basket is the free kind, which makes handy helper baskets such a treat.

All you need is a person from your organization (or outside your organization) to auction off their handyperson services for the day.

Typical items and services included in the handy helper raffle basket include:

  • Running errands
  • Landscaping and yard work
  • Babysitting services
  • Pet sitting or pet walking
  • Carpentry or light construction help
  • Electrical or plumbing work
  • Technology or computer assistance
  • Photography or video services

Raffle Basket Ideas for Schools:

Raffles are perfect for schools and the ideas are endless for school fundraising success.

17. School’s Out for Summer Basket

Most school fundraisers involve parents alongside teachers and administrators.

Whether you’re hosting your school fundraiser in the summer or fall, a summer fun raffle basket it ideal for families with children. They are also fairly easy to assemble.

The following items make a great School’s Out raffle basket:

  • Beach toys
  • Sunscreen
  • Pool floats
  • Umbrellas
  • Beach towels
  • Sunglasses
  • Snorkel gear
  • Craft supplies
  • Kids Camp certificates
  • Bubble supplies
  • Outdoor concert tickets
  • Cooler (you can event turn the cooler into your basket) can all find a place in this loud, kid-focused basket.

18. Outdoor Fun Basket

Another great family-focused raffle basket for school fundraisers is the outdoor fun basket.

This one is perfect for schools with mild climates where kids are outdoors a lot.

Chalk, yard games, bubble machines, craft sets, and even out-of-the-box items like cotton candy makers can all go in to making your outdoor fun basket one of the most sought-after raffle items at your event.

19. School Perks Basket

This is a unique raffle basket item because it varies from school to school based on the rules and regulations.

But every school has unique activities, places or traditions that attendees will die and vie for. School perks baskets can include:

  • Front-and-center parking spot
  • Special seating for school events or graduation
  • Spirit gear
  • Access to a special pick-up lane for parents
  • Lunch with a teacher
  • Principal for the day
  • Pizza parties for the class
  • School mascot guest appearance
  • Art of educational classes taught by teachers

Think of the fun items that make your school and community special and load up that raffle basket!

20. Teacher’s Pet Basket

While this basket is aimed for teachers, students and parents can also bid on the teacher’s pet basket to gift as a thank-you or random act of kindness.

This basket contains everything a teacher needs to create a fun, engaging learning environment for students.

Because many teachers have to purchase school supplies out of their own pockets, this basket will provide them with basics like crayons, markers, and scissors, along with more exciting items like poster board letters, glitter, and the like.

Raffle baskets have become a go-to auction type for many nonprofits. They’re fun, engaging, and provide your attendees with plenty of opportunity to win. If planned correctly and promoted right, raffle baskets can be a driving force behind your revenue numbers.

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