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Corporate Grants Program

Investing in Our Communities

At OneCause, our Why is to build better tomorrows for nonprofits like yours, your supporters, and the impact you create together! To live our Why, we go beyond industry-leading software, services, and support by offering innovative programs to move your mission forward.

Our Corporate Grants Program helps nonprofits leverage technology to raise more life-changing funds and reach more donors. We offer two technology-based grants annually to registered 501c3 organizations, up to $10,000 each, used to underwrite OneCause fundraising software. Because an investment in nonprofits is an investment in our communities.

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Grant Focus Areas

Everyone has a right to a safe and healthy environment. We’re looking for organizations that promote self-care and wellness to help triumph a meaningful life, free from mental illness, hunger, poverty, and social injustices or inequities. Tell us how you help members of your community reach their highest potential – mind, body, and soul.


Does your organization empower populations to thrive and grow in safe environments? Share how you contribute to community strength and pride in culture by embracing and expanding diversity, encouraging mutual support, and preserving important community history.

The planet we call home needs protection now, more than ever, so that its ecosystems and biodiversity can be preserved for future generations. How does your organization help guard the planet and conserve our natural resources that are essential to our global community?


OneCause looks at the following factors when awarding grants:

  • Alignment with cause focus areas
  • Needs based
  • Software use case for fundraising or awareness building
  • Clear focus on how the software will further the mission
  • Adhering to deadline and application completeness
  • Organization’s commitment to fulfilling grantee responsibilities

The OneCause Corporate Grants Program provides nonprofit organizations access to OneCause software products and services to help expand their collective impact. The program includes two (2) donated subscriptions per organization (two full years, worth up to $10,000), service, support, and consulting plus discounts on additional subscriptions, products, and/or services from OneCause.

Currently, the OneCause Corporate Grants Program is a technology-based grant offering.

The grant award does not apply to current OneCause subscriptions or invoices.

Annual eligibility. One grant reward in a lifetime.

December 18, 2023, 11:59 PM PT

February 2024.