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Episode #23

Featuring Victoria Munro

January 20, 2022

Exploration of Personal Identification

Brave, wicked smart, and unapologetic. Victoria Munro recounts one of America’s most prolific female photographers on human rights and personal identity.

Episode #22

Featuring Kim Haugh

January 20, 2022

Turning Bitter into Sweet

Kim Haugh demonstrates how family and community came together in the wake of an untimely passing.

Episode #21

Featuring Missy Heilman,
BIO Girls

January 6, 2022

What it Means to Be Beautiful Inside and Out

6 in 10 adolescent girls battle low self-esteem. It’s a crisis. We need to change the narrative. Missy Heilman is doing just that.

Episode #20

Featuring Aimee Darby,
The Eliza Hope Foundation

December 23, 2021

Recipe for Success: Courage, Inspiration, Community

From motherhood to fierce philanthropist, Aimee Darby describes how her daughter ignited a fire inside her and how a community is forever changed.

Episode #19

Featuring Myra Wilkey,
Mental Health America
of West Central Indiana

December 16, 2021

There’s No Health Without Mental Health

Mental Health America – it’s a mission and a message. Myra Wilkey takes us on a journey from the uncomfortable to the comfortable.

Episode #18

Featuring Alyssa Lego and Amanda Witkowski, Morgan Marie Michael Foundation

December 9, 2021

Effective Altruism and Aspiring to Inspire

Just in time for the Foundation’s 5th anniversary, Alyssa and Amanda talk autism acceptance, embracing neurodiversity, and empowering the next generation of activists and change-makers.

Episode #17

Featuring Joe Berninger,
Cooperative for Education

December 3, 2021

Reading is Fundamental

Joe Berninger shares how Cooperative for Education is freeing Guatemala from 1 in 3 persons being illiterate and changing lives through books.

Episode #16

Featuring Catti Beals,
2nd Chance MS

November 18, 2021

Finding Purpose: Everyone Deserves a Second Chance

How do you find your purpose? Catti Beals explains how a second chance for many in the state of Mississippi has influenced a meaningful life, happiness, and dignity.

Episode #15

Featuring David Linn,
The Generosity Series

November 11, 2021

Gratitude is a Lifestyle, not a Holiday Card

David Linn takes you on a gratitude journey and chats about the generosity series. gratitude curriculum, and what it means to be truly grateful.