Ten Tips for Virtual Event Success

Looking for that perfect tip to turn your good virtual event into a spectacular one?

We gathered best practices from our Fundraising Consultants, who work with non-profits every day to create successful virtual fundraisers.

Here’s 10 of there best tips to help you raise more and reach more, Best part is, they are easy!

1. Get Your Auction Site

At least a week before your virtual event day and notify your supporters. You should also promote Text to Register as an alternate to signing in through the Giving Center.

Pearl Pospiech

2. Raffles, Raffles, Raffles

Raffles, raffles, raffles, including virtual Heads or Tails or Penny Socials.  My clients are having GREAT success with raffles, and I’m encouraging them to do more than I would at an in-person gala. 

Laura Thomson

3. Engage Supporters During Live Appeal

Engaging supporters during live appeal is key.  Consider having a live feed. Assign someone to oversee responding to comments that come in and ask supporters to add a comment with a picture of what they are wearing if it is a themed event.  Ask supporters questions during live feed and ask them to respond in the comments.  Keep them engaged throughout your virtual event!

Missy Kujawa

4. Have An Auctioneer or Emcee.

If you are thinking about hosting a virtual event, I highly recommend having an auctioneer or emcee to host a live appeal or live auction. Pre-recorded videos are great; however, a live ask to support your non-profit is the best way to directly speak to your community and build excitement. 

Chanel Henry

5. Open All Super Silent “Live” Packages at the Same Time

Open all Super Silent “Live” packages at the same time to increase bidding and so that your guests do not have to refresh their devices. 

Nicole Taylor

6. Make Sure Your Bidders Know Your Schedule

Make sure your bidders know your schedule and where to find help.  Post this information in multiple locations and send frequent reminders to make sure they are engaged and ready to participate. Have a support plan or contact for questions on livestream or virtual program.

Maria Fues

7. Make Your Giving Center an All-in-One Experience

Allow your Giving Center to be an all-in-one experience where your supporters can register, donate, place a bid, and find the link to the live streaming. The more platforms your supporters need to log into, the higher the chance they won’t know where to go for what action.

Rebecca Hawkins

8. Take Advantage of Last Minute Bidding Frenzy

Just as you would at an in-person event, take advantage of the last-minute bidding frenzy 15-30 minutes prior to your auction closing to boost engagement. Send out a “last call for bids” text message, sit back and watch your numbers rise!

– Brandon Celetano

9. Close the Silent Auction between 8-10pm

Close the silent auction between 8-10pm. This gives parents time to get kids in bed and able to fully engage in your fundraiser.

Valerie Chandler

10. Communicate, Communicate, Communicate.

Lastly, my tip: Communicate, communicate, communicate. Organizations that engage supporters from launch to post-event drive up proceeds and widen their donor base. Use the visual appeal of social media, create dynamic emails, and utilize targeted text messages to keep supporters coming back for more.

Maria Fues

Virtual Event Checklist

Wrapping Up!

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Guest Author:
Laura Thomson

Laura Thomson
Consulting Manager