“Flip” Your Event into Something Fun: Tips for Taking Heads or Tails Virtual

Heads or Tails is a long-time fundraising event favorite. Anyone can play and it’s a sure-fire revenue generator. Now that many nonprofits are bringing their fundraising online, we’ve got tips to take your Heads or Tails virtual.

What is Heads or Tails?

In Heads or Tails, bidders choose either Heads or Tails (place hands on head or rear). Then an emcee flips a coin.

Choose correctly? Stay in the game for another round.

Choose wrong? Leave the game.

Keep playing until there is one contestant left. The final person left on the floor is the winner!

Many organizations let supporters buy more than one chance to increase engagement, drive revenue and keep playing. We recommend a maximum of three chances to keep it fair for everyone and encourage more people to play as a result.

PRO TIP: Mail out blinking rings, pins, or colorful necklaces to participants – any object that makes it easy to identify Heads or Tails participants (and a visual reminder to others to buy too.)

Why Heads or Tails?

There are so many great reasons to add Heads or Tails to your next virtual event, including:

  • Low-cost participation and high-value fun! Everyone gathers at one time and plays – even non-contestants find themselves cheering on! Since Heads or Tails chances cost little (we recommend $50 or less per chance), all bidders can engage in supporting your cause.
  • Easy! Contestants buy a chance on their phones, or any device. You can open purchasing before event day and even sell right up to game time! The organization simply sets up the Fixed Price package in the Giving Center, buys the swag to hand out, and makes sure the emcee has the coin to flip.
  • The Prize! Let’s face it, we all love prizes! Make sure the prize is appealing to a wide audience, from a unique experience, high-profile entertainment package, or something special for your organization (like that coveted parking spot or special experience).

How Does Heads or Tails Work Virtually?

Heads or Tails can seamlessly transition from an in-person game to a virtual one, with a few modifications. It works best on a service such as Zoom or other platforms, which allow contestants to see each other and the emcee. Top tips include:

  1. Contestants can put hands on head or down out of camera, turning off their video when they lose.
  2. Host can make it more exciting by hiding the participants as they lose, focusing everyone’s attention on the finalists.
  3. Stop purchases at a set time and then sending the Zoom link to anyone who bought a chance.
  4. Record game and show in part or all to the wider audience during a live streaming event. Want to make it even more exciting?
  5. Ask finalists to play the final rounds in front of everyone during a live event (you can livestream Zoom on other platforms).
  6. Use chat or poll features on Zoom or other platforms to ask contestants to type in their Heads or Tails choice.

Since getting swag to everyone might prove challenging, encourage contestants to dress in the event’s theme (from the dressy to couch potato pajamas) or school colors.

If your state allows small groups to gather, you can blend the live and virtual by asking the host to emcee a live Heads or Tails game, sending the winners of each hosted party to the virtual finals.

Next time you’re planning that same old program again, consider increasing the fun and the proceeds with a Heads or Tails game!

Guest Author:
Laura Thomson

Laura Thomson
Consulting Manager