Gala TV: Livestreaming Fundraising for Nonprofits & Schools

Comfort, safety, and inspiration are needed now more than ever in communities around the world. With the amount of uncertainty present as an effect of COVID-19, nonprofits are stepping up to bring their communities together and shift their fundraising virtual.

The thought of virtual events brings one pain point to the forefront: video production and livestreaming.

You may think you don’t have the bandwith on your team, the budget, or the time. But, it doesn’t have to be painful, and it is much easier (and affordable) than you may think! 30 MINUTES is all you need to deliver an inspiring and fun virtual gala or event.

A great way to deliver your message to your donors is a newer version of something highly popular in the the 70s and 80s… a telethon or TV style Gala!

We all have the technical ability to live stream a 3o minute or an hour program that engages existing donors while also acquiring new donors with the exponential reach of the internet.

Put aside the doubts about your video production skills, and get ready to walk through the perks of a “TV gala,” the preparation it takes for a successful virtual event, and even a run-of-show template.

Fundraising doesn’t stop—let’s do this!

When Live Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade [Section Header]

When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade

Let’s face it. For most of you, this isn’t where you thought you would be for this event. You were expecting an in-person event where you could bring all of your supporters into the same room and celebrate your mission.

Life gave you some sour lemons, but we are about to sweeten them up and make the best lemonade.

Whether it’s a quick shift to virtual fundraising or long-term plan for a virtual gala, there are so many pros to going virtual:

  • Increased Reach. Livestreaming your event grants access to all your networks, especially those that may have been geographically limited for the in-person event. Social media is an easy way to spread the word and market your tv gala to a much larger audience, much faster.
  • No Event Space Limits. Breaking out of the ‘ballroom,’ means unlimited people can attend, and there are less overhead costs.
  • Sale of Sponsorship/Advertising. Because virtual fundraising extends your donor reach and visibility, sponsors will still be very interested in the visibility for their brand and business. With the TV format, you could even place additional ad sponsors with 30 second ads. Let’s do the math: More eyeballs = More engagement = More money.
  • Community Engagement. Your mission can bring a community together virtually. Offer inspiration, hope, and comfort in the strange times of COVID-19. Storytelling through video is a great way to do so!

Getting Started - 10 Quick Steps [Section Header]

Getting Started – 10 Quick Steps

The hardest part with something unfamiliar is getting started. I know this, so I put together 10 quick steps for you to check off as you go to ease your worries.

10 Quick Steps to a Virtual Event

Between steps 9 & 10 is event day! The next section covers a tried and true run-of-show for a virtual TV gala.

30 Minute TV Livestream Gala [Section Header]

30 Minute TV Livestream Gala

A virtual run-of-show looks very similar to an in-person event. Just because a camera is involved now doesn’t mean you don’t know what you’re doing!

All you need are two key items:

Make this virtual TV gala template fit what makes sense for your organization, community, and mission. This is just a starting place!

TV Format for a 30 Minute Show

Go ahead and change your resume to “TV Show Producer” because you just planned and produced an all virtual event that engaged and inspired a community. You deserve an Oscar!

People still want to give—they just need nonprofits to get their mission and message to be top of mind during this COVID-19 environment. With the right promotion, the enthusiasm behind a virtual tv gala is sure to be an attraction to donors.

To provide supporters with the opportunity to give, we need to keep fundraising. Let’s show them that their support means more now than ever.

Guest Author: Duncan Schieb Charity Auctioneer, Fundraising Consultant, and Video Producer

Duncan Schieb

Duncan has over 20 years of professional auction and consulting experience covering Australia, United States, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, and Asia. He currently calls around 60-80 charity auctions per year and has raised well over $200 million dollars for charities and nonprofits over the course of his career. You can learn more about Duncan, here.