10 Donation Page Examples That Fuel Fundraising Success

When trying to reach, engage, and convert donors, an optimized donation page is essential. It’s the foundation of your online fundraising strategy and the place donors will go when they feel compelled to give.

But if making their donation is difficult or disjointed, you may lose out on essential revenue for your cause. According to the Giving Experience Study, today’s donors have unique motivators that attract them to nonprofits and influence giving – and 60% reported that they donated to a cause because it was easy to do.

To help you create an easy-to-use donation page that converts, our experts have gathered best practices and 10 donation page examples that are sure to spark fundraising inspiration.

Must-Have Elements for High-Converting Donation Pages

Picture this: a potential donor just heard about your mission through a family member. They visit your site, learn more about your cause, and feel inclined to show their support.

Your online donation page captures this donor at the peak of their interest, providing them an immediate avenue to support your cause. Make it count!

These must-have elements are essential for a high-converting donation page:

  • Branded design: Your brand speaks to your nonprofit’s identity and allows you to effectively introduce yourself to prospective supporters. Infuse visual branding into your messaging to drive added impact. Your color scheme, fonts, logo, imagery, and tone of voice are all important elements of your brand!
  • Impactful visuals: It’s a crowded fundraising world out there. Impactful visuals are your key to standing out. Make your mission shine with examples, such as pictures of your beneficiaries, videos of your nonprofit’s staff in action, or photos from past fundraising campaigns or events you held.
  • Call-to-action: When a supporter lands on your donation page, make sure you clearly define the step you want them to take with a high-contrast call-to-action like “Make a Donation Now to Support Families in Need.”
  • User-friendly experience: For today’s donors, it’s all about convenience and optionality. Providing flexibility during the giving process allows your fundraising to appeal to a wider donor base because donors can support your cause in a way that feels personal to them.
  • Recurring giving option: Give donors the option of supporting your mission all year long with recurring giving! Be sure to provide custom giving amounts based on donors’ desired giving levels and allow them to customize whether the donation is annual, monthly, or weekly.
  • Impact statements: Impact statements that highlight small, targeted donation gifts are powerful tools to motivate donors to give. For example, $75 will feed a family of 4 for a week.
  • Secure payment processor: Having an effective payment processor is integral to the success of your organization and the safety of your supporters. As you look at your current fundraising solution or begin to vet new ones, ensure they’re PCI compliant.

A strong donation page can help your nonprofit acquire new donors, drive more revenue for your online fundraising campaigns, and develop stronger donor relationships that will benefit your nonprofit for years to come. By implementing the best practices above, you’ll be on your way to converting more donors in no time.

10 Donation Page Examples That Inspire Generosity

Remember, you can go beyond a simple annual donation page on your website to create even more impact. Some of the most successful nonprofit organizations use donation pages for:

  • Event fundraising appeals
  • Awareness campaigns
  • Giving days or months
  • End-of-year giving
  • GivingTuesday
  • And more!

Ready for a bit of fundraising inspiration? Let’s dive into our favorite donation page examples.

1. Champaign County Humane Society

Champaign County Humane Society (CCHS) is on a mission to give homeless pets the best chance for adoption into a new and loving family. But sometimes that requires expensive, specialty veterinary care. To assist with the upcoming medical needs of their current residents, CCHS launched a Help Them Heal campaign.

Champaign County Humane Society is a great donation page example because of its compelling imagery and strong calls to action.

Top Features of this Donation Page

  • Impactful imagery: The image of Rocco, who’s recovering from a hind-leg amputation with the help of his new foster family, is a perfect representation of CCHS’s mission. It grabs your attention and tugs at the heartstrings!
  • Matching gift campaign: To double their impact, CCHS launched a matching gift campaign – which is prominently featured throughout their donation page.
  • Powerful storytelling: CCHS brought personalization to their donation page by sharing the stories of Bessie, Bitsy, and Brynn – animals who have either had successful medical procedures thanks to the generous donations of the CCHS supporter base or are still in need of care.

2. Believe Ranch & Rescue

The team at Believe Ranch & Rescue saves horses from abuse and neglect and provides them with medical attention, training, and love. Believe Ranch & Rescue raises funds to provide their horses with the care needed for a chance at a brighter, happier future.

Believe Ranch & Rescue is a great donation page example because of its minimalistic design and use of a fundraising thermometer.

Top Features of this Donation Page

  • Fundraising thermometer: The thermometer showcases Believe Ranch & Rescue’s progress toward its fundraising goal of $50,000 – giving supporters a tangible look at how their financial support can make an impact toward moving the needle forward.
  • Impact statements: A powerful component of this donation page example is the impact statements that feature images of the horses that Believe Ranch & Rescue serves. Donors want to know exactly how their donation will impact the mission, and this is the perfect way to showcase it!
  • Donor & matcher recognition: Once a supporter places their donation, their name (as well as the name of the person matching their gift) is featured as a token of appreciation. Donor recognition and appreciation can go a long way in deepening your relationship with your supporters. The OneCause Fundraising Platform makes this easy and automatic.

3. Connor’s Heroes

Founded in 2006 as a salute to Connor Goodwin, who triumphed after 2-1/2 years of cancer treatment as a preschooler, Connor’s Heroes is named after Connor and in honor of the heroes who supported his family throughout his treatment. Today, Connor’s Heroes is dedicated to helping families in Central Virginia cope with childhood cancer and supporting their community’s researchers who are working to conquer it.

They’re changing the world – one hero at a time – through their Hero Squad.

As one of the top donation page examples, Connor's Heroes stands out because of its strong call to action.

Top Features of this Donation Page

  • Personal fundraising pages: Connor’s Heroes knows the impact that Ambassador Fundraising can have on a mission. That’s why they initiated their 2023 Hero Campaign, featuring 21 Heroes that fundraise on behalf of the organization. Through this campaign, Connor’s Heroes is able to expand their mission, reach new donors, and raise more for their worthy cause. Each fundraiser has their own donation page where friends and family can support their individual fundraising goals that roll up to the larger campaign’s goal of raising $10,000.
  • Leaderboard: To spark some friendly competition, the Hero Squad donation page features the 21 fundraisers on a leaderboard, highlighting and recognizing their top fundraisers.
  • Tied to an event: To maximize their impact, Connor’s Heroes tied their Hero Squad donation page to their Hero Squad Soiree event. This allowed them to bring their supporters together and recognize their fundraisers in a big way!

4. Hastings Public Schools FoundationHastings Public Schools Foundation is another strong donation page example because of its suggested donation amounts and flexible giving options.

The Hastings Public Schools Foundation (HPSF) has been increasing student learning opportunities, recognizing teacher excellence, and distributing scholarships since 1990. To improve the student experience at all 5 Hastings elementary schools, HPSF introduced Project Playground, a campaign focused on helping the organization raise $500,000 for new, safer, more accessible equipment.

Top Features of this Donation Page

  • Matching gift campaign: Donations to Project Playground can go twice as far with HPSF’s matching gift campaign! The organization does a nice job highlighting the matching gift opportunity with custom branding.
  • Donations made in someone’s honor: As a school foundation, it was important for HPSF to allow supporters to make a donation in honor of one of the students or faculty members.
  • Clear call-to-action: The placement, wording, and design of the call-to-actions are all on-point for this donation page example. With multiple CTA buttons throughout the page, donors are more likely to take action and show their support!

5. John Ritter Foundation for Aortic Health

Created in honor of actor John Ritter, the John Ritter Foundation for Aortic Health uses their donations to fund ongoing research, offer ongoing education on risk factors and prevention, and provide support to those impacted by thoracic aortic disease. Their donation page focuses on awareness and spreading the word about the importance of thoracic aortic health education.

John Ritter Foundation for Aortic Health is an inspiring donation page example because of its strong branding.

Top Features of this Donation Page

  • Awareness week: A donation page tied to an awareness week can be impactful for a multitude of reasons. First, the cause is likely the most top-of-mind for people during an associated awareness day, week, or month. Second, it can serve as an avenue for education, engagement, and donations – all of which are impactful to the organization’s overall mission!
  • Fundraising thermometer: To celebrate 20 years of impact in thoracic aortic health, the foundation had a goal of raising $20,000 – and they were more than successful! By the end of the campaign, the team had raised over $58,000!
  • Testimonial: If you’re looking to bring your mission to life, a testimonial is a great place to start! This donation page example features a testimonial from one of the foundation’s beneficiaries, a research participant who shared how the John Ritter Foundation has made an impact on their life.

6. Community Christian School

Community Christian School cultivates the talents of its students with a Christ-centered education. Grounded by their foundation of faith, the CCS team decided to further their mission by implementing a 24-hour Giving Day called “We Believe.” The goal was to raise $75,000 in annual and recurring donations to support their new gymnasium.

Community Christian School's donation page shows the tangible impact of different gift amounts.

Top Features of this Donation Page

  • Strong branding: The font, logos, colors, imagery, and storytelling are all indicative of the Community Christian School brand.
  • Designated gifts: Through the OneCause Fundraising Platform, when an individual makes a donation, they’re able to designate the gift toward a certain initiative, such as a gymnasium sign or a bleacher in honor of their family or business.
  • Wide range of support options: Whether a supporter can make a one-time $25 donation or receive a gymnasium plaque in their honor with a $20,000 donation, there’s a wide range of ways to support the CCS mission.

7. Jimmy Carrol Foundation

The Jimmy Carrol Foundation’s donation page focuses on raising funds and awareness for emergency shelters and food for those affected by homelessness. Through their campaign, the Jimmy Carroll Foundation is creating positive outreach in their community while spreading the word about their mission.

The Jimmy Carrol Foundation is a great donation page example because of its use of storytelling.

Top Features of this Donation Page

  • Recurring giving option: To drive more donations year-round, the Jimmy Carrol Foundation encourages supporters to set up automatic monthly donations.
  • Personal fundraising pages: The foundation allows supporters to create their own donation page that they can use to share with their networks and raise funds.
  • Clear call-to-action: With multiple calls-to-action spread throughout this donation page example, it’s easy to catch donors’ attention and compel them to give.

8. United Cerebral Palsy Heartland

United Cerebral Palsy (UCP) Heartland is celebrating 70 years of creating meaningful impact in the lives of children and adults living with differing abilities. Their mission is to provide them with the support they need to thrive in school, at home, at work, and in their community. To support their worthy mission, the UCP Heartland team is encouraging donors to show their support with a one-time or recurring donation.

UCP Heartland is a well-designed donation page that encourages people to give to support children and adults with differing abilities.

Top Features of this Donation Page

  • Powerful storytelling: UCP Heartland used its donation page to share the story of George. George made remarkable progress in his social skills and communication abilities – all thanks to the resources that were made possible by the support given to UCP Heartland. By being specific and personal, the organization was able to bring its mission to life and drive donations to support more people like George.
  • Impactful imagery: One of the most powerful elements of this donation page example is the impactful imagery that features the organization’s beneficiaries. A picture says a thousand words — and the right one can win over a donor.
  • Donor recognition: Two of the most important elements of recognizing donors is to show your gratitude promptly and publicly. The OneCause Fundraising Platform allows UCP Heartland to do both by automatically displaying donors’ names and donation amounts on the right-hand side of their donation page.

9. Countryside Montessori Charter School

Countryside Montessori Charter School (CMCS) touts the Cougar Commitment on its donation page, which entails igniting a community of lifelong learners by guiding and nurturing each whole child. The primary fundraiser for CMCS is their Annual Fund, which helps fill the $2,668 gap between what the State of Florida provides through public funding and what it takes to offer the kind of education CMCS gives each child.

Countryside Montessori Charter School is an inspiring donation page example because it makes giving a simple process with suggested gift amounts.

Top Features of this Donation Page

  • Strong branding: CMCS’ Annual Fund donation page features strong, consistent branding. Their mission is front and center and comes alive through storytelling and impactful imagery.
  • Impact statements: No matter how big or small the donation, CMCS does an incredible job at showcasing how each gift will be used to make an impact. By calling out specific donation amounts and associated beneficiaries, they make it clear to supporters where their proceeds will go.
  • Clear call-to-action: Their “Donate Now” call-to-action is clear and prominent, taking the guesswork out of what is being asked of a supporter who visits their site.

10. Felix Y. Manalo Foundation Inc.

The Unite for Maui campaign, initiated by the Felix Y. Manalo Foundation, aims to provide rapid relief and support to those impacted by the Maui brush fire. The funds raised will be used to provide essential assistance, including shelter, food, medical care, and emotional support as they work toward recovery.

As one of our favorite donation page examples, the Felix Y. Manalo Foundation Inc. builds trust by demonstrating how this organization helps those in need.

Top Features of this Donation Page

  • Timely fund-a-need: This donation page example is impactful because of the relevance and timeliness of the cause. While having a donation page that allows you to gather donations year-round is important, creating donation pages in response to a need can spark even more engagement and revenue when done correctly. The OneCause Fundraising Platform allows customers to spin up an unlimited number of campaigns – meaning your potential impact is limitless!
  • Powerful storytelling: The best stories appeal to emotions and move people to action. That is exactly what the Felix Y. Manalo Foundation set out to achieve with the story on their donation page.
  • Variety of payment options: Supporters expect a personalized experience when donating to a cause. The Felix Y. Manalo allows donors to give the way they want with multiple payment options, including credit, debit, Google Pay, and Apple Pay. After all, ease and convenience are key to converting and retaining donors!

Best Practices to Maximize Your Donation Page’s Impact

To maximize the impact of your organization’s donation page, keep in mind the following best practices.

  • Streamline your donation page: The easier it is for supporters to submit a donation, the more likely they are to do so. Find a solution that allows your organization to limit the number of prompts, set custom giving levels, and provide multiple ways to pay, including digital wallet.
  • Develop an eye-catching headline: Grab your supporters’ attention with a strong headline and a clear description of why your organization is calling for donations. The clearer and more impact-centric you are in your messaging, the better!
  • Tell your nonprofit’s story: Your main goal in a donation page should be to remind donors why their gift is so important. To accomplish this, leverage a compelling story of your nonprofit’s work. Use visuals and impactful copy just like the above donation page examples to inspire donors and encourage giving.
  • Show your gifts in action: The Giving Experience Study found that 48% of donors are likely to give again when they feel like their donation makes a difference. Be sure to highlight how specific donation amounts make a difference so supporters will understand the tangible connection between their gift and how it will make an impact in your community.
  • Prioritize accessibility: Supporters of all abilities should be able to readily engage with your donation page. Follow accessibility best practices, like using a high page contrast, providing alternative text for visuals, and avoiding any flashing or strobing elements. Your donation page should also be optimized for mobile, as mobile-friendly donation pages yield 34% more donations.

When looking to implement these ideas and best practices, we suggest working with a dedicated fundraising software solution that provides donation page creation tools. This will save your team time and energy and allow you to launch donation pages in minutes.

Work With OneCause to Optimize Your Donation Page

When looking for a fundraising solution, finding easy-to-use software that empowers your guests to take an active role in your fundraising is a must. With Online Fundraising by OneCause, your guests get a more personalized, frictionless giving experience – and your fundraising team gets more time to focus on your mission.

Here is how Online Fundraising in the OneCause Fundraising Platform helps you raise more and reach more:

  • Unlimited Online Giving Sites: Build out multiple campaigns to enable year-round fundraising. Provide supporters with flexible and continuous opportunities to support your organization.
  • Embeddable donation forms: Embed donation forms on your nonprofit’s website to convert and engage more donors outside of just times of need. These forms can be set up in minutes, so your organization can start receiving donations in no time!
  • Impact levels: Outlining the impact of a donation is a top motivator for today’s donors. Targeted donation amounts and impact statements are powerful tools within the OneCause Fundraising Platform.
  • Real-time giving thermometer: Give your donors transparency in the giving experience and track real-time progress towards goals. Watching the thermometer grow motivates supporters to make a donation to help you reach your goal.
  • Personal fundraising pages: With OneCause, you can turn your supporters into active fundraisers! Individuals can create their own fundraising page, connected to your campaign or event, to help raise money for your cause. This expands the reach of your cause by empowering supporters to promote your mission to their personal networks.

Ready to find out how the OneCause Fundraising Platform can drive deeper supporter engagement and make fundraising easier for your team? Request a demo with one of our product experts and check out the following online fundraising resources to supplement your learning: