How to Create an Attention-Grabbing Donation Page with OneCause

Donation pages are key to your fundraising efforts. They should be simple to navigate, easy to digest, and feature strong calls to action – and of course, feature your cause! But with so many worthy nonprofits vying for donor attention, it can be difficult to make your donation page stand out in the crowd.

Luckily, you’ve come to the right place! This blog will walk you through how to craft a donation page that is efficient, creative, and impactful. With the right strategies in place, you’ll see more donations converted, increased reoccurring donations, and overall donor retention.

Let’s dive in!

Leverage Storytelling

You eat, sleep, and breathe your nonprofit’s mission – but now you have to convey into a bite-sized webpage why your mission matters. Difficult, right? It doesn’t have to be! Your main goal in a donation page should be to remind donors why their gift is so important. To accomplish this, leverage a compelling story of your nonprofit’s work.

Create a strong headline and a clear description of why your organization is calling for donations. Give tangible, realistic goals that your nonprofit is striving to hit. The clearer you are in your messaging, the better!

When in doubt, put yourself in your donor’s shoes. Read over your donation page with a critical eye and ask yourself:

  • Would I still be motivated to donate if I just read the headline?
  • Is this story compelling enough for me to understand the mission?
  • Are there clear impact statements that help me understand how important my donation is?
  • Where will my donation go or make the most difference?

Think about asking your ambassadors or board members as well. By using this strategy, you’ll have a well-rounded and compelling story to engage your donors.

Choose Compelling Images

A picture says a thousand words — and the right one can win over a donor.

Visuals have the power to compel your visitors to take action, which is why plenty of images and videos are crucial to your donation page’s layout. Not only is a visual compelling for donations, but it can also showcase your mission in action.

The OneCause Fundraising Platform allows you to utilize images or videos of your previous events, volunteers at work, or beneficiaries who have been positively impacted by your organization. With the right visuals, your donors can feel immersed in your nonprofit’s work and compelled to donate.

Additionally, you can use your visuals to showcase trust to your donors. You can display third-party trust badges for payment options or corporate sponsor logos. To keep your display accessible, make sure to include Alternative (Alt) Text for readers who use screen reader software.

Remember to get creative with it – an attention-grabbing visual will make your donation page hard to ignore!

Show The Impact of Suggested Gift Amounts

Showing is always better than telling. To grab your donor’s attention, show the way their donation can make a difference with impact statements. By calling out the beneficiaries, your nonprofit will take the guessing out of what proceeds go where. This not only provides proof that your mission is making a difference but also helps your donors feel as though they are part of the solution.

Suggested donation amounts create a high level of transparency, building trust between your organization and donors. It can also drive more revenue for your mission!

You can even go one step further and celebrate those who have donated through donor recognition. This helps donors feel your appreciation and gratitude for helping your cause.

Use Engaging Call to Actions

A call to action (CTA) is the final push to get your donors to give. A CTA should be smart, engaging, and stand out from the rest of the page with an appropriate sense of urgency. It should leave no question about what you want your visitors to do next. The goal of your donation page is to have your visitors complete your online donation form, but don’t be afraid of incorporating additional buttons to ask donors to sign up for your newsletter or follow your organization on social media.

Consider experimenting with a variety of button phrases to see what draws more people in, such as:

  • Make a Difference
  • Donate Now or Give Now
  • Donate Today
  • Start Changing Lives
  • Support Our Cause

Cycle out these phrases over time to keep your donation page fresh and engaging.

Make Payment Easy

These days, donors are giving with more than their credit cards or cash. Consider allowing different payment options to help your donors give the way they want. With the OneCause Online Fundraising Platform, you can offer multiple options for giving, such as Google Pay, Apple Pay, credit, debit, and ACH deposit.

To make the most of the donor’s gift, your nonprofit needs to make use of the entire donation. Some donors may not know that part of their gift will cover merchant transaction fees, so make sure to inform them and give the option to cover fees for those who’d like to.

Other Technical Considerations

Now that we’ve discussed the visual elements of what your donation page should entail, let’s talk through the technical considerations to make sure your donation page runs as smoothly as possible.


Integrate With Your Fundraising Software

Your donation page must incorporate several characteristics to bring in necessary donations. Your page should offer giving flexibility and include the ability to configure giving levels and frequencies. It should streamline the giving experience to make it as easy to give as possible, especially on mobile devices.

And finally, the design should be 100% authentic to your brand. This is your organization’s donation page – it should be about you!

An all-in-one platform like OneCause offers a full suite of fundraising solutions that streamlines planning and provides a one-stop-shop for a smooth supporter experience. Whether it’s unique branding, donations or mobile giving, the OneCause Fundraising Platform is fit to serve your fundraising efforts.

Leverage A/B Testing 

Donation pages are key to catching donor attention and getting them involved in your cause. A/B testing helps you identify the best design that’s catching your donor interest by comparing two versions of your page. 

Through A/B testing, donors will see one of two versions of your donation page. After waiting some time and gathering data, you’ll then analyze their engagement and determine which version is more effective. Then, adjust the pages as needed and watch your proceeds soar! 

Promote Using a Multi-Channel Marketing Approach

Once you’ve put the effort into creating and optimizing your donation page, it’s time to get it out there! To get as many eyes get on it as possible, make sure to promote it using a multi-channel marketing approach:

  • Feature your donation page on your website’s homepage. Make it easily accessible through eye-catching CTAs that will motivate your donors to give.
  • Tell your supporters about your donation page in your email newsletter. Since they already follow your organization and are familiar with the mission, they will be excited to share!
  • Spread the word on social media. By promoting your donation page on your social networks, you’ll reach a wider audience and introduce them to your cause.
  • To make your social engagement reach even further, tap into your ambassador network or affinity groups to spread the message of your cause.

Wrapping Up

Your donation page is a critical part of your fundraising efforts. With the OneCause Fundraising Platform, you’re able to create a high-performing page that showcases your mission and drives conversions. By streamlining the donation page creation process through the OneCause software, you will save your team time in their fundraising efforts while making the donation process as seamless as possible. Happy fundraising!

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