3 Top Tips to Attract Social Fundraisers – That Rock!

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Tapping into Social Fundraisers through peer-to-peer campaigns can be your secret weapon in growing your fundraising. But how do you recruit today’s peer-to-peer participants and turn them into active fundraisers for your cause?

When looking to engage today’s socially connected participants, you first need to understand who they are, what motivates them, and how to reach them.

We recently surveyed 1,106 Social Fundraisers in the U.S. to better understand their motivators, challenges, and future intentions. The study results focused on individuals who had fundraised on behalf of at least one charitable organization in the past 12 months.

They told us tons of information on why they fundraise and how to keep them connected to your cause.

Getting them engaged starts with a great recruitment strategy! The research findings revealed four top insights to attract new peer-to-peer participants:

  1. Where they hear about peer-to-peer opportunities 
  2. What motivates them to fundraise
  3. What is and is not important to them 
  4. 3 top tips for optimizing your recruitment

Where they hear about Peer-to-Peer Opportunities

Where they hear about peer-to-peer opportunities

Social recruitment is critical to success, and the best way to engage new participants is through their social connections!

Today’s peer-to-peer participants are more than two times as likely to have been recruited by friend, family member, or colleague than directly by the nonprofit.

Two times as likely to be recruited by a friend, family member or colleague than nonprofit directly.

The top channels for recruitment include:

  1. Social media
  2. Email
  3. Organization’s website
  4. At an event
  5. Saw or heard an advertisement

Nonprofits, social fundraising calls for social recruitment! Remember the beauty of peer-to-peer campaigns is that participants do some of the recruiting work for you.

To ensure your participants are empowered to be great recruiters, arm them with the right resources and peer-to-peer fundraising software, including:

  1. Sample email templates
  2. Promotional materials
  3. Social media recruitment posts
  4. Social integration from your peer-to-peer technology
  5. Recommended social connections
  6. Automated notifications when a new participant joins the campaign or their team

Equip them to recruit and watch the magic happen!

What drives them to fundraise

What drives them to fundraise

While reaching potential participants is the first step in the process, driving their fundraising efforts is where the real work comes in. In order to capture the interest of participants, you must appeal to their core drivers.

The top three reasons that peer-to-peer participants fundraise are:

I care about the mission. The money would make a difference. I enjoy the activity.

Seventy-two percent of peer-to-peer participants are driven by a connection to the mission. When looking to recruit new participants, find those who are closest to your cause by identifying these individuals:

  • Your most active volunteers, board members, donors and staff
  • Those who donated the most money or most individual donations in the last 12 months
  • Fundraisers with the widest social reach and large social networks

This will be the sweet spot to get you started on your recruitment journey. Then, equip them and unleash them to fundraise for your campaign.

Their ability to spread your mission with their networks will widen your reach and increase donations from net new donors. This will power your campaign to new heights and help you reach your goals with less effort.

What is and is not important to them

What is and is not important to them

While it’s important to identify the top drivers of participants, it’s just as important to identify what is not important to them. We’re here to break it down for you and make it easy to keep them recruiting!

Important to Peer-to-Peer Participants

While the mission, impact, and activity were the top three drivers for Participants to fundraise, it’s also important to participants that your peer-to-peer campaign is:

  • Easy to do
  • Fun and enjoyable
  • Something they do every year

Notably, peer-to-peer participants were also driven to fundraise when the organization made it clear exactly how the money raised would be spent. This highlights the importance of communicating not just your mission, but the impact of what their efforts will do.

Don’t wait until after your campaign is over to tell participants and donors how their money will be used! Make it clear why their fundraising efforts are needed and where the donations will go.

Social Fundraiser Research Study: Why I Fundraised ChartTop drivers for Peer-to-Peer fundraising campaign type


Not Important to Peer-to-Peer Participants

Peer-to-Peer participants are least likely to be motivated by:

  • A low fundraising goal
  • A desirable fundraising incentive
  • Encouragement from their employer

Social Fundraiser Study: Less Important Drivers for Participants to Fundraise

Bottom tier drivers for Peer-to-Peer fundraising


So, what does this mean for your recruitment process?

  • Don’t focus your messaging on a low fundraising goal. Focus on appealing to other top drivers!
  • Instead of communicating incentives, focus on communicating their potential impact.
  • Have participants focus on recruiting their family and friends rather than their colleagues.

3 top tips for optimizing your recruitment

3 top tips for optimizing your recruitment

1. Find Potential Participants Connected to Your Cause

Seventy-two percent of peer-to-peer participants are driven by a connection to the mission. Start the recruitment process by looking at your most active past participants, donors, volunteers, board members, etc. These individuals are the most connected to your cause! Connect with them by:

  • Personalizing recruitment communications with calls or emails.
  • Segmenting messaging based on their past involvement to tailor the conversation to them!
  • Telling them how important they are to the campaign and using impact statements to connect them to the cause.

2. Set your Participants up for Success

The majority of peer-to-peer participants hear about a fundraising opportunity from their friends, family, and colleagues. Leverage your fundraising technology with multi-channel share capabilities:

  • Make it easy for Participants to invite their networks and track invitations.
  • Provide sample recruitment messages that Participants can personalize.
  • Build in activity-based incentives or leaderboards to reward recruitment.

3. Create Clear Impact Statements in Recruitment Messaging

A leading driver for peer-to-peer participants is that they believe the money they raise will make a difference. When designing your campaign be sure to:

  • Include clear, concise, and compelling messaging.
  • Feature imagery that explains the impact the funds raised will make.
  • Leverage your most memorable, visually appealing impact stories.
  • Create sharable social posts that drive campaign awareness.

This will appeal to today’s peer-to-peer participants and create a more personalized connection to the cause.

Now that you are armed with the top tips to recruit an army of Social Fundraisers, it’s time to get out there, spread the word, and unleash the power of peer-to-peer fundraising!

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