Introducing the Future of Fundraising

We’re excited to announce the release of the all-new OneCause Fundraising Platform!

With the OneCause Fundraising Platform, you can deliver a seamless giving experience for your supporters, while making fundraising flexible and less burdensome for your nonprofit. From in-person events to virtual and hybrid fundraisers, this all-in-one fundraising software makes it easy to connect your supporters to your cause anytime, anywhere, on any device.  

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Modern, Flexible Fundraising

Today’s donors expect more from the software they use. Just like in everyday buying experiences, they want convenience, flexibility, and ease in their giving. Designed with today’s donors’ needs in mind, the OneCause Fundraising Platform creates a giving experience that’s supporter driven, seamless, and gives them options.

The OneCause Fundraising Platform offers innovative and intuitive design to drive deeper campaign engagement, and robust back-end functionality to streamline planning.


Supporter-Driven Experiences

When looking for a fundraising solution, finding easy-to-use software that empowers your guests to take an active role in your event is a must-have. With the OneCause Fundraising Platform, your guests get a more personalized, frictionless event experience—and your fundraising team will have more time to focus on your mission.

  • Express Check-in: Put the power in the hands of your guests! Event attendees can now “skip the line” with their QR code ticket and check-in to their event prior to arrival. That means spending less time at check-in and more time connecting with your cause.
  • Efficient Checkout: A fast and efficient checkout experience creates happy guests, and hopefully, fundraising dollars for your mission. The OneCause Fundraising Platform offers pre-arranged check-out time slots, guest notifications when items are ready for pickup, and more. Ultimately, the OneCause Platform creates an easy end to your event that can be configured to meet your specific event’s needs.
  • Ticket Management: Empower supporters to manage their own tickets and reduce the uncertainty around who is attending your event. Attendees can easily assign or reassign tickets to their guests on their own—no handholding required. Think about how much time that will save you and your team!


“This platform puts the attendee experience in their hands. Guest information, check in, pre-event questions, bidding, donating, purchases and checkout are all controlled by the attendee. This makes our event experience so much easier!” – Della Carver, Director, Service Center Support for the Arthritis Foundation and OneCause customer.

Event Flexibility

Unplanned changes or event pivots can be detrimental to your fundraising strategy and cause serious headaches for you and your attendees. However, these can be avoided with the OneCause Fundraising Platform. Our software is adaptable to changing event needs, and with the toggle of a button you can change your event type and guest experience flow to meet your fundraising needs.

The OneCause Fundraising Platform allows you to easily change your event type from in-person, hybrid, or virtual with the click of a button. Major event changes just became more manageable and seamless for your guests.

Our all-in-one software also offers event flexibility beyond your event type. If you’re working with different ticket types (like in-person and virtual), you can customize the event experience based on how guests will be participating, customizing personalized giving, and event experience for different donor audiences

Smart ticketing makes managing multiple attendee types a breeze. You can set certain experiences (like auction items or fixed price) to only appear for certain ticket types, making it easy to manage who participates in different portions of your event.

With the OneCause Fundraising Platform, you’ll create an adaptable, engaging event for your donors that enables a seamless and one of a kind giving experience

Innovation for the Future of Fundraising

Fundraising demands are constantly evolving. Nonprofits need a reliable partner that is dedicated to meeting their unique event needs and can help optimize their nonprofit’s fundraising strategy.

With nearly 15 years of experience as a market leader in fundraising technology, OneCause is committed to continuing to raise the bar on industry expectations. Since 2008, we’ve supported over 40,000 fundraisers, helping over 10,000 nonprofits raise $4B to change the world!

We are excited to launch the OneCause Fundraising Platform to help your nonprofit raise more and reach more with:

Integrated Ticketing: Maximize your ticket sales with flexible ticketing that offers customization with:

  • Multiple ticket types
  • Discounts and promo codes
  • Custom ticketing questions
  • Easy ticket transfer

Sponsorship ROI: Make event management less complicated with centralized sponsor tracking and management. You have easy access to:

    • All sponsor information (logos, payments, and contact information)
    • Flexible sponsorship ticketing
    • Sponsorship visibility tools to group and size logos according to contribution

Table Management: Provide a seamless onsite experience for your guests with improved table management functionality. Quickly upload your floor plan, create tables, seat guests, and track donation amounts from each table. The real-time analytics create friendly competition onsite!

Engagement Opportunities

Donors are more likely to stay engaged with a nonprofit when giving is easy, mission-focused, and clearly impactful. The OneCause Fundraising Platform can help your nonprofit drive deeper donor engagement with:

Flexible Text Messaging

Keep donors in the know with scheduled or instantaneous text messages about:

  • Your mission
  • Upcoming events
  • Other giving campaigns

This means you can plan guest reminders ahead of your event and inform them of last-minute changes during your fundraiser. You can also include web links to drive guests both to your event site or external pages for more mission-focused messaging.


Real-time chat

Drive guest-to-guest connection and engagement with your nonprofit though live chat! The chat feature within the OneCause Fundraising Platform:

  • facilitates guest interaction and connection, both in person and virtually.
  • offers an easy way to make announcements.
  • creates a sense of community for your attendees.

Actionable Analytics & Insights

Chart a course for event success with a data-informed strategy! Within the OneCause Fundraising Platform, you have access to real-time data and insights to donor giving behavior, including table fundraising and auction lot performance.

Hear how OneCause customers, like Mia Kurudza, St. Leonard’s auction chair, found OneCause Fundraising Platform analytics:

“Our event went so smoothly because of the OneCause software. At the end of the night, we were able to leave the event knowing that the platform tracked all the data we needed. We did not have to spend extra time finding the who won any of the auction items or take extra steps to plan pick-up times for virtual winners. It was all within the software, which allowed us to easily communicate this information to our donors,” said Kurudza

Access to in-the-moment data offers a way to create a sense of competition in the ballroom and promote items that are under performing. Equipped with data, you’ll reach more and raise more during your event.

Take It for a Tour!

Interested in learning more? Reach out to schedule a tour with one of our product experts! In the meantime, take a test drive of the OneCause Fundraising Platform! If you’re a current customer, reach out to your Customer Success Manager to chat about using the new functionality at your next in-person or hybrid event.