How OneCause Fundraising Platform Inspires Giving Part 2

Spurring donor generosity is essential to the overall success of your mission. Donors are often the backbone of your fundraising dollars, and their giving impacts how many people, communities, or missions your nonprofit can support.

To inspire generosity, your nonprofit needs to understand donor giving behavior, and have the right tools to tap into donors’ needs and motivations.

In this two-part blog series, we explored the main donor motivations and how nonprofits use them to influence giving.

Based on the 2022 Giving Experience Study, we know feeling connected to the mission and trusts are the top motivators for today’s donors. So, it’s incredibly important that nonprofits make sure:

  • The giving process is easy and streamlined.
  • Donors understand the purpose, results, and reach of the mission.
  • Communications are linked to the impact created by each donor gift.

To address these key needs the right fundraising software are needed to help maximize donor engagement and grow generosity.

Enter the OneCause Fundraising Platform.

This modern giving platform helps nonprofits and donors reimagine fundraising by delivering a seamless giving experience and simplifying event planning for organizations of all sizes. This all-in-one software makes it easy to connect supporters to your cause anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

From Part 1 of How to Inspire Giving, we dove into specific areas within the platform that were designed to spark donor generosity. This functionality included:

  • Donation Forms: Give donors the choice to give at small increments.
  • Recurring Giving: Provide options for donors to continue to give all year long.
  • Covered Costs: Offer opportunities to further support your mission once the goodwill of giving is unlocked.
  • Impact Levels: Provide an understanding of how your organization would use their gift.
  • Targeted Achievements: Attract donors who are motivated by crowd fundraising.
  • Ambassador Fundraising: Incorporate competition to spur giving before, during, and after the event.

Want to learn more about what you might have missed in Part 1? Check out the blog here!

So, how does the OneCause Fundraising Platform inspire giving?


Tools to Drive Donor Generosity

To ensure your nonprofit drives fundraising success, focus on providing flexibility and ease in the donor experience. Today’s donors want a giving experience that feels tailored and personalized to them.

The OneCause Fundraising Platform helps you tap into the diverse giving styles of today’s donors through these key features:

Donation Commitments

Even before your event starts, you can work to maximize your live appeal’s impact with Donation Commitments. Donation Commitments are made when a donor agrees to give a gift to your cause prior to your event.

It’s a common fundraising strategy to have commitments secured before your event even starts. Unfortunately, there has been no easy way to for nonprofits to manage, track, and recognize commitments for a seamless experience during the appeal – until now.

By entering the commitments within the Donation Commitment section of the platform, you can:

  • Immediately track them against your event goal.
  • Confirm and charge the gifts on your timeline.
  • Text donors through the software and invite them to pay (without needing an invoice).

Through the platform, nonprofits can also recognize Donor Commitment gifts during their live event! Recognizing these commitments on your Appeal Scoreboard allows you to express your gratitude for your donors and show them they are a value to your mission.

Managing Donation Commitments within the OneCause Fundraising Platform makes it easy to keep track of committed donations and enables you to show appreciation and drive giving momentum in your appeal.

Donation Moments

During your fundraiser, the moment you are waiting for is your big event appeal: your Donation Moment. This moment has the impact to make or break your event’s success, so you want to ensure you’re set up to attract and engage as many donors as possible.

The OneCause Fundraising Platform provides your nonprofit with tools to inspire people to donate. With the platform, your nonprofit can:

  • Create a thermometer that tracks your progress to your goal.
  • Add a seed amount that can appear on your thermometer when you start your moment.
  • Include other giving options like impact levels to be attributed to your goal.

In the platform, you can set your Donation Moment tiered or open. Tiered donation moments ask attendees to give at specific amounts during certain times and conclude with a prompt to “give at any level.” Open donation moments allow guests to give at any time and at any amount.

Tailor your donation moment (or moments) to best engage the audience, drive giving momentum, and most impact your organization. You can select either or both to end your fundraising appeal with a splash.

Mobile Donations

During your live appeal, you want to provide your donors with a seamless giving experience. In the platform, donors can give right from their phones, making the mobile experience frictionless, intuitive, and fun!

Your in-person and virtual attendees can:

  • Donate anonymously.
  • Add emojis to their donations.
  • Watch their donation have an impact to your goal in real-time.

The OneCause Fundraising Platform mobile experience features each donation moment or live appeal to direct them to what is happening in the program. With this intuitive giving experience, your nonprofit can rest easy knowing donations are being encouraged and tracked.

Paddle Raise

If your event calls for a paddle raise, the platform is equipped with tools to work with and support your auctioneer. Your event team can use the platform to quickly and easily record paddle numbers and donation amounts. And, because the paddle numbers are associated with attendees’ profiles, every paddle number donation will automatically highlight the attendee’s name on the scoreboard.

We know that paddle raises (and auctioneers) can move quickly, so this tool was built for speed.

The Spotter Tool:

  • Allows you to track paddle numbers with reduced clicks.
  • Helps you stay in sync with your auctioneer.
  • Provides the flexibility needed in a fast-paced live appeal.
  • Makes reconciliation easy to ensure no donation is missed.

Donation Slides

When doing a live appeal, it’s helpful to have a visual tracker of your donors’ impact and your progress to goal. With a Donation Slide, your nonprofit can easily display your collective goal and motivate donors to give and be recognized in real-time.

The Donation Slide within the platform is easily customizable, and you can:

  • Match your event theme.
  • Highlight sponsor logos.
  • Update your goal in real-time if you hit it prematurely.
  • Allow donors to select emojis for fun & engagement.

A thermometer indicating $43.5k raised towards a $60k goal.

We love the Donation Slide because it sparks donor generosity while providing an easy way to show gratitude for every donation made.

Donation Analytics

With all the time and resources spent planning and executing a fundraising event, every nonprofit needs an accurate view of how their event preformed. OneCause provides real-time analytics and event reports during and after the event to help nonprofits improve their fundraising.

Every event on the platform is equipped with an analytics page that shows your revenue mix against your event goal.

With a click of a button, your nonprofit can find specific reports on event information, such as:

  • Proceeds data
  • Supporter information
  • Auction bid performance
  • Ticket and registration data
  • And more!

All this event data automatically syncs on an organization level and provides nonprofits with visibility into their fundraising success across multiple events. These analytics tools ensure your nonprofit can continue to apply your fundraising learnings to future events.

Wrapping Up!

The OneCause Fundraising Platform equips your nonprofit with new and innovative giving strategies through a modern, flexible giving experience that unlocks donor generosity.

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