Five Year-End Fundraising Campaign Tips That’ll Drive You into Success for the New Year

Over 30% of all annual donations are given during the last couple of months of the year. After all, it’s the season of giving — it’s a time to give back. With so much of a feeling as well as an imperative time for your donors, it’s important to take advantage of the opportunity to fundraise to your fullest potential this fall and winter.

More than that, with so many new and inventive ways to campaign in the industry, it’s hard not to take this time to try something that’s inventive and engaging as we roll into the last few months of the year!

We put together a list of five year-end fundraising campaigns that are sure to grab your donors’ attention as well as showcase your cause on center stage before the curtains close on this year:

  1. Push a Social Media Campaign
  2. Reach Out to Supporters about the Progress of Your Mission
  3. Explore using a Mobile Donation or Text2Give Campaign
  4. Combine your Year-End Campaign with #GivingTuesday
  5. Create a Small Peer-to-Peer Approach


1. Push a Social Media Campaign

While the end of the year often coaxes donors home, a good way to reach out to supporters is by launching a social media campaign. This is also a really great way to highlight your volunteers and board members, feature your “why”, and make an ask that’s compelling and direct right to your individuals phones.

Consider taking an hour to go Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter (Now X) Live and show off your team.

  • Make sure your content is easily shareable and re-postable.
  • Have a strong hashtag or tags in mind that will make it easy for supporters to find you.
  • Create a consistent posting schedule that encompasses the entire end of the year (Oct. – Dec.).
  • Provide sample posts for your board, top supporters and Ambassadors, to generate more social reach.
  • Have speakers and representatives of your cause take the spotlight and give your supporters and inside peak at where their money goes and how they’re impacting your organization!


2. Reach Out to Supporters About the Progress of Your Mission

It’s said that around 63% of donors do not research their organization before giving to them. This means that often, individuals are giving only because they want to help a “good cause.”

At the end of this year, compel your supporters to give-back to your cause, and relay how instrumental their gift will be to the success of your mission. Be sure that your year-end outreach includes:

  • Fundraising stats
  • Specific goals
  • Impact Statements
  • Pictures, and videos

Having well thought out asks motivates supporters and engages them not only to your campaign, but raises awareness well after the holiday giving season.


3. Explore using a Mobile Donation or Text2Give Campaign

Speaking of donors being hard to reach during the holiday season, you could make supporting your cause easy!

By setting up a campaign using OneCause’s Mobile Donation (included in your software) or Text2Give campaign, supporters can participate in your year-end fundraising push from anywhere in the country with a few clicks. To maximize engagement and drive donations, you can create a custom giving page with:

  • Your brand and logo
  • Custom giving amounts
  • Campaign goal and thermometer
  • Impact statements

Create a strong ask for a monetary goal, be specific for how your year-end donations will be used and allow donors to contribute from their phone, tablet, online or anywhere.


4. Combine your Year-End Campaign with #GivingTuesday

Giving Tuesday is an initiative that has been proven to springboard Nonprofit year-end revenue. In fact, most nonprofits that incorporate #GivingTuesday into their year-end fundraising efforts see an increase in donations from the campaign.

Launch your campaign on Giving Tuesday to skyrocket its visibility and engagement and follow through with it into the end of the year. Consider partnering up with an organization to make an even bigger splash!

Here’s a few quick tips to get the most of our your Giving Tuesday campaign:

  • Brand the campaign with a unique theme or hashtag.
  • Add gamification to your campaign for higher engagement.
  • Use a donation platform that will create a positive donor experience.
  • Create a multi-channel approach on social media.
  • Engage past donors with Ambassadors who are passionate about your cause.


5. Create a small Peer-to-Peer Approach

Turn your year-end campaign into a competition between your supporters or teams as raise more revenue in a shorter amount of time. The best way to get someone on board with your cause is to get them personally engaged in your mission.

Whether it’s a little fundraising challenge to supporters, or even an awareness campaign where donors and individuals can challenge their friends to participate in, using peer-to-peer fundraising to get people involved makes people care.

Create an activity that everyone can take part in, and get others to join in on as well, and then pass it on!

Get started with these steps:

  • Determine your campaign’s structure and goals.
  • Find the right peer-to-peer fundraising platform for your campaign.
  • Create your central campaign web page and begin promoting it.
  • Develop a campaign timeline and plan additional engagement opportunities.
  • Recruit your peer-to-peer fundraising team and train them for the campaign.
  • Kick off your campaign and begin tracking donor engagement.
  • Direct the momentum of the campaign and give your volunteers a boost when needed.
  • Focus the campaign’s energy for the grand finale.

With so many ways to fundraise, planning a smart peer-to-peer campaign and dropping it at the right time and compelling engagement is sure to drive in revenue and help you achieve your goals just in time for the new year.

Wrapping Up!

Dive into all the Year-End resources below to make this year’s campaign the best yet.