OneCause Connect for Salesforce®: It’s here and it’s free!

OneCause has developed a Salesforce AppExchange application to help integrate your OneCause activity with your CRM.

OneCause Connect allows you to seamlessly transfer donor data to and from Salesforce. That means you can directly import and export supporters/contacts between OneCause events/campaigns and your organization’s Salesforce database!

Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to use your data. OneCause’s new app allows you and your organization to…

Save even more time. OneCause Connect allows you to skip manually exporting your Salesforce contacts by uploading them as Supporters in OneCause. Now with a few clicks your data is seamlessly transferred, ready for your event or campaign.

Continue to keep your data secure. Every AppExchange application goes through a meticulous security review before being published.  You can rest assured that OneCause Connect supports the highest level of security best practices and has been thoroughly tested by both the OneCause and Salesforce teams.

Scale your event data without scaling your budget. As with all AppExchange apps, OneCause Connect is designed to work with large data sets. The best part is that it’s complimentary!

Keep your data up-to-date. CRM data cleaning can be incredibly time consuming and expensive. OneCause Connect eliminates much of that expense. When importing your OneCause Supporters into Salesforce, OneCause Connect offers two options:

  1. Add new Contacts (Supporters that were not previously recorded as Contacts in Salesforce) or
  2. Make changes to existing Salesforce Contacts by updating as much or as little data as necessary with the Supporter data from your most recent OneCause event.

This is incredibly beneficial since you’re already collecting current Supporter information through OneCause’s event registration and checkout processes. Use your event as the data cleaner it is! OneCause Supporters that were exported from Salesforce will be tagged with the Salesforce ID field, easily linking them to the corresponding Salesforce Contact. If a given field is blank for a OneCause Supporter with a matching Salesforce Contact, the field on the Salesforce contact will NOT be overwritten upon import.

Our engineers are currently working on even more functionality – stay tuned for future updates!

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Install OneCause Connect.

Already a OneCause & Salesforce client? Download OneCause Connect now!

Ensure you have installed Salesforce’s Nonprofit Starter Pack, version 3.0 or newer. For the most up-to-date installation instructions, please check the Nonprofit Success Pack section of the Salesforce Foundation’s website.

Click the Get It Now button and follow the Salesforce prompts to install the application directly onto your account.

Access OneCause Connect.

Find the App. Once installed, you can navigate to the OneCause Integration app by logging in to Salesforce. From the application drop-down menu in the top right corner select “OneCause Integration.”

Authorize your OneCause Connection. Authorize (or re-authorize) your connection to OneCause by going to the Settings tab. Click the Authorize/Re-Authorize button and sign in with your OneCause Planner credentials. You will be redirected back to Salesforce, where your OneCause authorization will be stored for 24 hours. Remember to refresh your OneCause Access Token if your authorization has expired!

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