Believe Ranch & Rescue: How the OneCause Fundraising Platform Ignited Giving Tuesday Generosity



Since its inception in 2016, Believe Ranch and Rescue’s mission has been to treat all living things as we ourselves wish to be treated. Co-founded by world champion athletes Rebekah Keat and Siri Lindley, Believe Ranch and Rescue has rescued over 300 horses from auction, slaughter, and neglect, and find them loving and safe permeant adoptive homes.

To further their mission and take advantage of the biggest giving day of the year, Believe Ranch and Rescue created a Giving Tuesday campaign coupled with an online silent auction.



In years past, Believe Ranch and Rescue’s fundraising consisted of many factors. They worked with multiple providers to piece together the level of software support they needed, with Facebook fundraising campaigns being their main avenue for raising funds.

Due to the steps Facebook requires to get an organization verified, any revenue raised took too long to get into their bank account, leaving the Believe Ranch and Rescue team scrambling to feed their horses.

The organization needed a single partner who not only supported their goals but organized all their fundraising efforts in one easy-to-use platform. This would save their team valuable time, allow them to access the funds from their generous donors faster, and ultimately help them impact more horses’ lives.



The Believe Ranch and Rescue team found that the OneCause Fundraising Platform offered everything they needed and more.

“Everything about OneCause resonated with us. It was exactly what our organization needed, and just so customer and user friendly,” shared Rebekah Keat, Co-Founder.

Leveraging the OneCause Fundraising Platform, Believe Ranch and Rescue created an effective Giving Tuesday campaign, coupled with an online auction to maximize their fundraising efforts. These elements helped them reach success:

  • Time-saving setup
  • Sleek and customized design
  • Robust user-friendly tools
  • Award-winning customer support

Time-Saving Setup

As they planned to run their silent auction alongside their Giving Tuesday campaign, the Believe Ranch and Rescue team expected the setup to be like years past: long and tedious. They were pleasantly surprised by how easy the platform was to navigate and how quickly it was to set up their online auction.

“It took less than an hour to get our auction items into the platform and set to go live. It was a very easy process,” shared Becky Knott, IT Director.

But the ease didn’t stop there. Setting up their Giving Tuesday campaign was just as quick and easy. Before they knew it, the Believe Ranch and Rescue team had two, effective ways to reach donors, tell their story, and raise funds for their mission.

Because their online auction and giving campaign were so easy to set up, the team was given time back, allowing them to focus on their day-to-day efforts, confident that everything was up and running smoothly.

Sleek and Customizable Design

Beyond ease of set-up, Believe Ranch and Rescue’s donors expressed how attention grabbing the donation page design was and how the engaging design compelled and motivated them to give.

“Our donors were blown away by the aesthetics of our page. It helped us showcase our mission and convert more donors, making it a true game changer for our organization,” noted Rebekah Keat.

When building campaign pages in previous software, the team was limited by preset designs. With the OneCause Fundraising Platform, they were able to customize their event and campaign site with their own branding, making the page truly their own.

Robust User-Friendly Tools

With previous software solutions, making small changes to fundraising pages meant the Believe Ranch and Rescue team spent hours digging through the backend of code. With the OneCause Fundraising Platform, backend navigation was straightforward and quick.

The team took the time to make use of some of its versatile online fundraising tools, such as:

  • A donation form – Embedded into their website, this donation form offered a direct way for supporters to quickly donate to their mission.
  • An online giving site – This personalized giving site expanded their reach and allowed for one-time, recurring, and matching gift donations.
  • Personal fundraising pages – Supporters were able to fundraise on behalf of the organization, maximizing Believe Ranch and Rescue’s reach, donations, and impact.

Previous software providers offered only a handful of features, leaving the Believe Ranch and Rescue team feeling limited in their fundraising options. With the OneCause Fundraising Platform, everything that the team wanted in their fundraising software was under one platform.

“As a nonprofit, you’re relying on donors for funds, and we can’t afford all the tech stuff that we want to. OneCause has made it possible to get everything we want, and we see the return on our investment,” shared Rebekah Keat.

Despite running multiple campaigns at the same time, the OneCause Fundraising Platform enabled Believe Ranch and Rescue to organize all their data in one place. This kept them organized and on top of their communication with donors.

This was especially important during their online auction, as the team was able to communicate key information to donors in ways they couldn’t before.

“Our silent auction ran so much smoother. We could manage all the information going back and forth to our donors, and they appreciated the notifications when they were outbid,” stated Becky Knott.

With the flexibility of several fundraising options, the Believe Ranch and Rescue team is already planning their next in-person event utilizing OneCause software!

“The OneCause Fundraising Platform is amazing compared to what we experienced before. The event is going to be a great one,” said Becky Knott.

Award-Winning Customer Support

Whenever there was a question about how to best utilize the OneCause software, the Believe Ranch and Rescue team knew that their support team was only a live chat or call away.

Not only did the team offer solutions and personalized consulting, they were also open to hearing the ideas the Believe Ranch and Rescue team had to offer.

“Everyone that I worked with has been very open and curious. They’ll ask, ‘How are you using that feature? Let’s look into that.’ Being open to new ideas is so important,” shared Becky Knott.

Knowing that OneCause was receptive to feedback was the icing on the cake for Believe Ranch and Rescue. They knew they had found a true partner in their fundraising efforts.

“Having the personal connection and the amazing support to raise funds for our why is something so important to us. We honestly couldn’t do it without OneCause,” said Rebekah Keat.



Thanks to the robust OneCause Fundraising Platform, Believe Ranch and Rescue raised more during their Giving Tuesday campaign (over $40,000) than they thought possible and over $12,000 in their online auction, far surpassing the success of previous online campaigns.

Connect with a Cause

To learn more about Believe Ranch and Rescue, please visit their website.



Siri Lindley is a two-time world champion and Hall of Fame triathlete, coach to multiple world championship titles and Olympic medals, an inspirational, energetic life coach, and one of Tony Robbins’ Top 10 rated motivational speakers in the world. She also speaks in front of thousands at his signature global events. With infectious and authentic passion, she empowers audiences to strive for peak performance and to work through and ultimately conquer the demons of fear and self-doubt.

Rebekah Keat’s athletic career is extraordinary, with two world titles, two world records, and 30+ podium finishes in long-distance events. Possessing a background in Exercise Science and Sports Nutrition, Rebekah is globally recognized as one of the foremost endurance coaches. Following her retirement in 2016, Bek and Siri joined forces to co-found the Siri and Bek Squad and Team Sirius Tri Club, which are centered on offering comprehensive guidance in endurance coaching, health, wellness, and fitness.

Wrapping Up!

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