How Path2Freedom Hit 168% of Their Event Goal with the OneCause Fundraising Platform


For the past 9 years, Path2Freedom has been creating hope and healing for child survivors of human trafficking. By providing safe environments and long-term programs for recovery, they have a focused commitment to guide child survivors through individual journeys of rescue and restoration.  

To support their mission throughout the year, Path2Freedom hosts their annual Red Gala. The event brings together their supporters for a night of mission, engagement, and generosity.  


For the last 4 years, Path2Freedom used OneCause classic mobile bidding for their events, a first-to-market solution that they felt comfortable with. But after seeing the value and innovation provided by the new OneCause Fundraising Platform, they knew making the switch would help them streamline their overall effort and raise more for their cause.  

“We never used any bidding software prior to OneCause. We used physical bid sheets, so people would have to go up to the table and write in their bids. We knew there had to be a better option that made it easier for our team and our guests,” stated Lauren Picascio, Finance Administrator and Event Coordinator.



Leveraging the OneCause Fundraising Platform, Path2Freedom had their biggest fundraising event ever. Their keys to success included:

  • All-in-one event planning
  • AI-driven auction item descriptions
  • Key sponsorship packages and data
  • Streamlined check-in
  • Award-winning on-site staff support

All-in-One Event Planning

From the start, Path2Freedom saw immediate value in the OneCause Fundraising Platform. The team wanted to go all out for the Red Gala, so they rolled out a silent auction, donation page, and a preview for their live action, all housed on their event website.

In years past, Path2Freedom had sold tickets to the Red Gala using a separate ticketing solution. This translated to monitoring tickets in a spreadsheet and manually loading attendee data. But with the new ticketing on the platform, it made it easier for the supporter to engage with the event and allowed a streamlined event experience. They could purchase tickets, donate, bid in the silent auction, preview live auction items, and purchase fixedprice items – all before the event.  

Having all these features living under one user-friendly platform made planning the Red Gala easier than ever.

“It was a lot less work on our end. It was nice to be able to plug auction items and donor information in directly to the platform and not have to feel like I was doing twice the amount of work with spreadsheets,” said Lauren Picascio.

Less time in spreadsheets meant more time focused on their mission of supporting trafficked children on their road to recovery.

AI-Driven Auction Item Descriptions

Writing engaging auction item descriptions is a time-consuming challenge for any nonprofit, but the AI-powered auction description generator on the OneCause Fundraising Platform, was a game changer for Path2Freedom.

“Not only did the AI item description generator save us time, but it was so creative. It helped make item descriptions much more appealing, and it was so much easier than us having to rack our brains and come up with something unique,” stated Lauren Picascio.

Similar generative AI capabilities are available across the new platform. Beyond auction item descriptions, nonprofits can save valuable time and effort using the software to generate copy for events, campaigns, raffles, fixed price items, and giving opportunities, such as impact levels and targeted achievements.

With updated item descriptions, the Path2Freedom team felt confident that their auction would wow attendees. The best part? Attendees could bid on silent auction items before the event and preview live auction items, meaning Path2Freeom was driving proceeds and igniting excitement before anyone even stepped into the ballroom.

“Whether attendees bid on silent auctions items or previewed the live auction, having all the information they need in one place helps provide an exceptional guest experience. OneCause was so easy to navigate, it was very helpful,” stated Amie Fanta, Executive Administrator/Development.

Key Sponsorship Packages and Data

Such an important night called for highlighting the sponsors that help Path2Freedom reach their goals. Before OneCause, the Path2Freedom team have to create a packet detailing each sponsorship level and post it on their website. From there, sponsors were limited to printing out a form and sending in a check.

With the OneCause Fundraising Platform, securing sponsorships was much easier, as each sponsor was able to learn about, commit to, and pay for their sponsorship on the event site.

“We like to set our top tier sponsor apart, and the new platform made that super easy and gave our sponsors the recognition they deserve,” shared Lauren Picascio.

Additionally, the platform tracked engagement during the event to demonstrate each sponsor’s ROI, helping them see how donors interacted with their respective organizations. This data made it easier for the Path2Freedom team to encourage sponsors to return next year.

Streamlined Check-In

With such an exciting event ahead, the Path2Freedom team wanted to get guests through the door as quickly as possible. With OneCause, Path2Freedom was able to preregister the majority of their guests, sending out texts as reminders to complete their information and skip the line.

The OneCause Fundraising Platform provides attendees with a QR code which allows nonprofits to quickly identify guests at check-in. With this capability, Path2Freedom was able to get their attendees through the door smoothly and efficiently.

“Thanks to the OneCause Fundraising Platform, registration went off without a hitch,” said Lauren Picascio.

Award-Winning On-Site Staff Support

To hit their annual fundraising goals, it is critical that the Red Gala run smoothly. Having worked with the OneCause on-site support staff for four years, the Path2Freedom team knew they could trust the OneCause team to help it run smoothly.

“We know that when our OneCause on-site staff shows up to the event, we can take a breather and they’ll handle things. We consider them part of our team,” stated Lauren Picascio.

Having that well-earned trust has helped the organization feel confident in navigating the switch to the new fundraising platform. Thanks to the customer support team and the step-by-step guides from the OneCause University, Path2Freedom knows they have a long-term partnership that will help them reach and exceed their fundraising goals.

“We love OneCause because the bar is set high. The platform is user-friendly. The service is excellent. Everyone is knowledgeable and helpful. The event couldn’t have gone easier,” said Amie Fanta.


Path2Freedom saw impressive results, including hitting over 168% of their fundraising goal! Their live auction brought in over $200k, blowing their initial goal out of the water.

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