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Episode #51

Featuring Jackie Jordan

August 4, 2022

Donor Engagement and Bringing Supporters into Your Mission

Radio personality turned Senior Communications Director, Jackie Jordan, chats about her experiences as an emcee and engaging donors from the stage and beyond.

Episode #50

Featuring Taylor Shanklin

July 28, 2022

Perspectives Overlooked and the 3 Secrets to Bona Fide Success

Celebrate people first. Avoid paralysis in the analysis. Craft bIts and pieces in swipe files. Brand and growth strategist, Taylor Shanklin, CEO at Barlele, speaks candidly about the essential priorities for every nonprofit leader.

Episode #49

Featuring Sarah Sebastian

July 21, 2022

Research Findings, Generosity Motivators, & Building Trust

The 2022 Giving Experience Research Study is released. Sarah Sebastian dives into the data to uncover what makes today’s donors tick, stick, and stay. The data is fascinating. Caution: Giving Patterns Revealed!

Episode #48

Featuring Robin Thompson

July 14, 2022

Against All Odds

Raging success or a colossal failure? The latter was not an option. The only choice was to exceed expectations and crush goals. Robin Thompson recounts The Victory School’s amazing creativity and incredible fundraising feat!

Episode #47

Featuring Chris Miano

July 7, 2022

Changing The World One Story At A Time

Tell a story, build a community, and connect people to a mission. Chris Miano shares his journey to Memory Fox and explains how the idea ignited as a young Army platoon leader, inspired by one man, who in the middle of war and chaos, refused to leave his stories behind.

Episode #46

Featuring Julie Rutherford

July 1, 2022

Rowing the Distance

Who doesn’t want their crew team’s name on the team trailer? Community, competition, and creativity set the backdrop for remarkable (and surprising) fundraising.

Episode #45

Featuring Michael Green

June 23, 2022

Day Of Revenue Strategy

How do Fearless Fundraisers get to the number they need at their auctions and events? EVERY player must be integrated and aligned with the task at hand, no apologies. Michael Green, from Michael Green Auctions, shares his unique perspective about how not to leave money on the table.

Episode #44

Featuring Mike Wilkinson

June 16, 2022

Pride, Readiness, and United Communities

You can have it all regardless of personal identification. Overseeing 30 signature events for the Human Rights Campaign is daunting, but a dream job. It’s the communities behind the events that make it all worthwhile.

Episode #43

Featuring OneCause

June 9, 2022

We All Live Under the Rainbow

Audrey, KJ, Nate, Nicole, and Sarah from OneCause inspire you to share your true and authentic self. Join their candid discussions as they explore telling people who they are and the courage to be supportive, even if you don’t understand. Pride, your true colors, and that’s why we love you.