Sign-Up Party Sales: 6 Food- & Drink-Friendly Social Fundraisers

Who doesn’t love a party? Sign-up parties are low cost social experiences that bring together a group of individuals for a fun and unique activity.

Often involving dinner and drinks, party sales are very popular and can be very lucrative silent auction or fixed price packages!

Raise your glass and raise some funds with these innovative ideas:

Stock the Wine Wall

A supporter donates a small get together with hors d’oeuvres and drinks at their home. Attendance requires a bottle of wine (or liquor) at a minimum value. The bottle(s) that each party goer provides are donated to your Annual Gala’s Wine (or Liquor) Pull.

What is a Wine Wall?

St. Margaret’s Episcopal School in CA, for example, stocked their wine pull selection far in advance of their main event. They sold 120 “tickets” – that’s 120 bottles of wine donated and a lot of fun had during the process!

Movie Night

Film viewings are always popular across all age groups. Select a family-friendly flick and grab the popcorn! Keep the cost down by asking a beloved teacher to host the movie viewing at school!

You can also host an advanced/private movie screening at your local theatre. Ann & Nate Levine Academy in TX took their movie night to the next level with dinner and drinks! Many theatres nationwide now offer dining.

Parent Parties

Specifically for school or religious communities, parent parties are for moms and dads only! Hit up the Mother’s Club or Father’s Club for donations and ideas. Golf outings and wine tastings are always popular.

The Curtis School in CA took moms out for manicures. Their “Moms, Nails and Cocktails” event sold out, with ticket prices at $125/each! Not only did they raise money but they helped build the community within their organization which is invaluable.

Cooking Classes

As you’ve already noticed with wine, events associated with food and beverages are very popular. Cooking parties can be formal, hosted at a restaurant or local kitchen. They can also be casual – take over the school cafeteria and ask a skilled chef in your community to donate their time and teach attendees how to cook one of their famous recipes.


Round up your community for some good food and friendly competition! Take the traditional route with a chili cook-off, or mix it up every year with a different category.

For example, Briarwood Lutheran Ministries hosted a Cook-Off that included contests in 3 categories – brisket, ribs and chicken.

Consider free admission for cooks to encourage participation and ensure there’s enough food to go around!

Themed Parties

Name a theme. There’s your party! Allow your donors and supporters to get creative. The theme may or may not reflect your mission but the possibilities are endless.

For example, Berkeley Hall School in Los Angeles hosted a Cinco de Mayo Fiesta party for 50 people including a tapas-style menu, tequila tasting and a mariachi band! Now that’s a party that will make you say “Olé”!

What are popular spring party themes you should consider?

Get social! Party sales help bring your community together and raise awareness for your mission.

Social fundraising is a FUN way to keep your supporters engaged and coming back for more. With OneCause, supporters can see the names of those already signed up, which may influence their decision to purchase tickets to a sign-up party.

The more the merrier! Remember to invite everyone; party sales should not be exclusive to your constituent base. In fact, encourage supporters to bring friends. Consider discounting tickets for a plus one.

Wrapping Up:

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