Introducing: OneCause Sponsor Game

We are so excited to announce the release of the OneCause Sponsor Game!

The Sponsor Game is a NEW memory-style tile game that comes standard with our OneCause Fundraising Platform . It uniquely drives audience engagement with your event, as well as interaction and friendly competition among your supporters.

Because the memory game tiles display sponsor logos and the impressions of those logos are tracked, nonprofits are equipped with the data needed to show the business value of sponsor packages and partnerships.

First of It’s Kind

We haven’t seen anything quite like it in other fundraising software, so let’s dive into the details.

Historically, nonprofits have offset their event funding through the underwriting of individual sponsors, local businesses, and corporate partners. Nonprofits have come to rely on sponsor dollars to bolster revenue streams and set up for fundraising success, especially with virtual fundraising.

It seems critical, now more than ever, that nonprofits have a number of creative options for building sponsor packages and partnerships.

Here at OneCause, we believe nonprofits needed a better way to demonstrate the value of a sponsor’s investment in their in-person, virtual, and/or hybrid event to be able to quantify their advertising options.

OneCause Sponsor Game-Gif

The OneCause Sponsor Game was created to add value for your sponsors and supporters within the OneCause Fundraising Platform. Keep reading to discover the key takeaways for each!

Value for Your Sponsors

Sure, it’s a game that your supporters play before or during your event. Sure, it’s entertaining and fun for them.

BUT there’s significant value for your event sponsors.

  • Exposure. The Sponsor Game offers numerous ways to display your sponsor’s logos and other sponsor-related imagery. Logo placement options include: the tops of each memory tile, the back of each memory tile, the image that is revealed once all tiles have been matched & removed, and even premium logo placement as the “premier sponsor.” Together, these offer various levels of advertising exposure, supporting your various levels of sponsor underwriting.
  • Analytics. Each view of a sponsor logo is tracked as an advertising “impression.” As soon as a single game is played, these impressions are served up in reporting that demonstrates the value of each sponsor’s investment, including:
    • Average Playing Time per supporter
    • Total Games Played
    • Total Unique Game Players

OneCause Sponsor Matching Game-Product Image

You can also download “Sponsor Impressions” from the Analytics tab, which breaks down the impressions each sponsor received and identifies the “location” of those impressions (e.g. top of tile, bottom of tile, etc.).

Value for Your Supporters

While the Sponsor Game offers tremendous value for sponsors, it also does wonders for engaging at-home audiences.

The ballroom naturally provided an atmosphere of energy and engagement for guests – one that nonprofits have admitted is difficult to reproduce virtually. Given this challenge, nonprofits are looking for new and creative ways to keep their virtual audiences present and actively engaged, while staying on the event site.

This is accomplished in part with Chat (also standard in the Virtual and Live Stream Event Software ), but the Sponsor Game takes this engagement so much further.

The Sponsor Game provides a fun and competitive opportunity for supporters to engage with event content and stay on the site longer. Your supporters can:

  • Actively engage with the site content before the event begins
  • Engage in friendly competition against other guests
  • Track their best times (and those of others) on Sponsor Game leaderboard
  • Enjoy unlimited opportunities to play

OneCause Sponsor Matching Game-Product Image

Easy for Nonprofits

And lastly, here’s the really great news: all this value for your sponsors and your supporters is super easy to set up on your end (it’ll be our little secret!).

We know you have a lot to do in getting ready for your virtual or hybrid event. So, we made everything simple to configure. From the game title and your own unique instructions, to every last image used across the game.

But don’t take our word for it! Check out what Katie Boon has to say about the OneCause Sponsor Game …

[The Virtual and Live Stream Event Software] gives us multiple ways to show our Sponsors appreciation – not just an announcement with their logo on the screen and saying “thank you”. Now, their logos are shown constantly, their videos display on the platform, and the new Sponsor Game is a cherry on top!

It gives our guests reason to get on the site early for some fun and get engaged in a way that benefits our sponsors – vs. just getting logged on to listen to music or watch a curtain. The analytics were awesome and something we discuss with our Sponsors to truly thank them for being a critical part of our event.”

– Katie Boon, Director, Alamance Regional Charitable Foundation

Building the Future of Fundraising

When the OneCause Fundraising Platform first launched in early 2020, it immediately began helping nonprofits to connect with their donors, even when their audience was no longer gathered together at a physical event.

The platform is all about creating community before, during, and after the event – whether that event is in-person, virtual, or hybrid in nature.

The OneCause Sponsor Game is just one of the recent enhancements to the platform. More is coming and even more is planned, to help you better engage with your donors, driving the fundraising you need to best fulfill your mission.

Interested in learning more? Take the OneCause Fundraising Test Drive today! If you are a customer, reach out to your Customer Success Manager to learn about the NEW Sponsor Game and how the Virtual and Live Stream Event Software can help drive your fundraising forward.

Wrapping Up!

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