8 Creative Auction Ideas that Drive Results & Deliver Wow Factor

Looking to add wow factor to your auction? Look closely at your item inventory and let’s explore how to unwrap the sparkle.

For any fundraising committee, gathering quality auction items is no easy feat. What should you look for? Who should you contact? How many auction items are too many? How should you market the silent auction?

Now more than ever, as we emerge from the pandemic, auction organizers are finding tremendous benefit and bottom-line results by adding no-risk items to their auctions. These one-of-a-kind packages can include travel experiences, sports and music memorabilia, and even jewelry from reputable companies.

Advantages to Risk-Free Packages

Here are the top advantages to adding 100% risk-free packages to your auction:

1. Risk-free packages are easy to acquire! Enhancing your existing auction lineup with no-risk auction items has never been easier. Choosing a partner who specializes in their field can allow you to focus on other aspects of your event, while your partner secures exciting, popular, bid-worthy items. Cross that one off your mile-long checklist!

2. Convenience and ease of fulfillment! Most auction companies with physical items offer free shipping directly to the auction winners (for virtual auctions) and advance free shipping to the auction organizers (for in-person events), making fulfillment a breeze.

3. No upfront cost – you don’t pay until the item is sold! Say it with us: “Risk Free!” With these special packages, you reserve the right to request as many items as you wish, since you’re only responsible for the for the items that sell. In short, every dollar above cost goes directly to your bottom line, yielding a bigger check at the end of your event and satisfied donors.

4. Flexibility to sell multiple times with no limit! One of the greatest benefits of implementing 100% risk free packages into your fundraising strategy is the ability to sell any item multiple times, giving your fundraising results a boost!

5. Bringing the “WOW” factor to your auction! With risk-free packages, the possibilities are truly endless. Think exciting travel experiences, rare memorabilia, and stunning jewelry! These packages will help you build credibility and provide the opportunity to promote these one-of-a-kind items in the weeks leading up to your event.

Auction Favorites

Let’s explore a fan favorite – jewelry.

There are so many options in just one single category.

Fact: Nearly two-thirds of donations to charitable organizations are made by women. Have you ever heard the saying: “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”? It’s more important now than ever to know and understand your donor pool. For example, jewelry caters particularly well to women, who make up 64% of all charitable donations.

But let’s not forget about the men in the room. Men are inspired to participate in auctions because jewelry often makes for the perfect gift. Also consider cuff links and watches for the gents. Who says a man can’t go glam?

If you’re looking to add that “WOW” factor to your auction, Jewels With A Purpose is an experienced and trusted partner in the fundraising industry. Since 2005, they have emerged as the industry’s leading jewelry provider and have raised millions of dollars for charity, serving over 600 non-profits and schools.

Their items are ideal for Silent Auctions, Live Auctions, Opportunity Drawings/ Raffles and for the novel Jewelry Pull (read on to learn more). Jewelry from Jewels With A Purpose is designed specifically for the fundraising community and is exclusive to fundraising auctions, meaning the line is not found in retail stores – that’s a big plus to your fundraising efforts!

When procuring packages for your event think about:

• Rare
• Unique
• One-of-a-kind
• Antique
• Vintage
• Not sold in stores
• Exclusive
• Hand-made

Unique Ideas

Let’s think out the box.

You’ve taken the leap and secured exclusive jewelry with pretty packaging for your benefit auction. But don’t let that pop of color go to waste. Stack’em, pile’em, stuff’em, and fill’em in many creative ways to decorate your silent auction tables, registration area, and room décor.

Jewelry can be used in so many ways.

Looking to save budget dollars? Decorate small trees with jewelry ornaments for dazzling centerpieces that keep your auction items top of mind.

The Jewelry Giving Tree

When it comes to fundraising strategy and showstopping ideas, Christmas isn’t reserved just for December! If you’re looking for a win-win-win idea to add to your event, look no further – we’d like to introduce The Jewelry Giving Tree, a concept designed by Eliza Friedman, Founder, Jewels With a Purpose. Envision this: A stoic, 10’ cherry blossom tree stands at the entrance of your venue.


Those envious packages, in a color palette that fits your brand or theme, dangle from its branches with silk strings. For a fixed price, your guests can participate in the jewelry pull. On the count of three, your patrons remove the jewelry box from the tree and, upon opening the box, the crowds gasp as shimmering jewels are revealed.

The Giving Tree adds an element of excitement and magic to your event. Also, it makes for a dazzling, Instagram worthy, photo opportunity and gives your guests a treat to look forward to all evening. But, shhhh! Don’t tell Santa!

“I attend some of the charitable galas and my most favorite part is watching the patrons come into the event and their faces lighting up when they look at the Jewelry Giving Tree from across the room!! They are WOW’d! It’s really like a magnet, inviting you into the auction area to participate in the fundraising process right away,” commented Eliza Friedman, Founder, Jewels With a Purpose.

Creative Strategies For Your Auction

Ready for more creative ideas? We’re serving up simple strategy that’s super impactful:

1. It’s all about the set. Instead of choosing one necklace, one earring, or one bracelet, add an element of cohesion into your silent auction by offering your donors with a jewelry set. But here’s the trick – take a four-piece collection and break it up like this: three (3) pieces offered together as a collection and the fourth must-have piece offered solo. We’ll bet dollars to donuts the same supporter is bidding on both packages!

2. Advertise, advertise, advertise! Be sure to use multiple photos of those stunning jewelry pieces, especially on your online auction site. Make sure your jewelry provider offers professional photos of all packages, including a close-up to show off the detail.

3. Raffle/Opportunity Drawing. Silent auctions are a tried-and-true way of fundraising, but it doesn’t end there! Try using a jewelry collection for a raffle, rather than a silent auction. This hack is a lucrative way to keep the donations rolling in, while giving everyone an equal opportunity to participate by purchasing a ticket for a small cost; think $10-$25.

4. Live Auction. Do you have one special jewelry set that is sure to make all the heads in your ballroom turn? Reserve that keystone set for the live auction. If you’re looking for that perfect piece, Jewels With A Purpose offers the “Luxury” collection and it is live-auction ready!

5. Multiples. Be sure that your jewelry provider empowers you with opportunity to offer multiples on-the-fly. When you achieve a bidding war – that’s the sign! Offer another.

6. Say thank you in a special way. Jewelry can double as gifts for volunteers or special honorees. Ask your jewelry provider to help by extending special price arrangements in these instances. Gift bags, swag bags – the thing about jewelry is that it is always the perfect fit.

7. Call for models. Treat your volunteers, chairperson, or students to model the jewelry all evening. It makes your display life-sized, literally. And be sure your host, emcee, and auctioneer are wearing the sparkly pieces too.

What about virtual events?

8. And Action! Have some fun with your committee and film a commercial featuring the jewelry to play during your broadcast.

The benefits of implementing jewelry into your fundraising strategy are limitless. Using jewelry as an incentive gift for peer-to-peer challenges is a wonderful way to mobilize peer-to-peer teams and amplify the competition factor. We love the saying, “Teamwork makes the dream work!”

When designing your fundraising strategy for the upcoming seasons, pay close attention to the calendar and time of year. Use jewelry pieces to create a sentimental Mother’s Day recognition, complete with a heartfelt shoutout to the moms in your community. Tissues, anyone? Online shopping events to further highlight your jewelry packages can also take place during the holiday season and Valentine’s Day. Swoon!

By allowing the sparkle to shine in your fundraising strategy and utilizing no risk jewelry packages can move the needle on your organization’s results – it’s up to you to tap into the creative tools that generate more donations for your cause and more meaningful connections.

Final thoughts… ~ Work with reputable and creative auction companies who are willing to meet all your needs. Take time to understand the company’s background, time spent in the industry, their reputation, and testimonials from clients. Look for leading industry professionals and direct providers. Auction companies offer the advantage of helping you on a moment’s notice! The possibilities are endless and the sparkle is forever.


Guest Author

Eliza Friedman

Founder & Designer

Jewels With a Purpose

e-mail: eliza@jewelswithapurpose.com

Partner Plug: Delivering a complete and special experience is just as important as the item itself. Let’s take a closer look at Jewels With a Purpose. Their standout hot pink and tangerine packaging, coupled with high gloss product info cards and charming, reusable, magnetic closure boxes make unveiling the winning items a very special treat. The jewelry rests handsomely on white velvet cards. Positive affirmations say, “Hello, this is special,” at every turn of the packaging. It’s a jewelry explosion that delivers a memorable experience for your donors. It makes supporters feel good about their donation and that’s a very good thing.

Wrapping Up

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