Hybrid Fundraising in Action – Dental Health Arlington Case Study


We get the best ideas and advice when we learn from each other. Join us for a real-life hybrid fundraising success story. As told through the experience and eyes of the event co-chairs and development team of Dental Health Arlington.

This open discussion panel will cover the best practices, tips, and insight from this small but mighty fundraising team. Learn their secrets and lessons learned, as they share what you need to know for your next virtual or hybrid event.

We will take live questions from the attendees and share practical strategies learned from the fundraising trenches! Walk away with:

– Top strategies for executing a hybrid event
– Tips to promote and drive revenue
– Pitfalls to avoid in your planning process
– Best practices to engage your in-person & remote guests


Hosted by:

Kelly Velasquez-Hague
Kelly Velasquez-Hague
VP of Content Marketing

Dental Health Arlington




Event Co-Chairs &
Development Team at
Dental Health Arlington