TEXT2GIVE® – New, Improved and Ready to Give!

Text2Give is a tremendous fundraising tool that continues to grow in popularity among nonprofits. Also known as text-to-donate, this software solution provides donors the opportunity to give directly from their mobile device – anywhere and at any time.

Get started is easy – the beauty of Text2Give is its easy setup time and ability to use year-round for unlimited campaigns. As you consider how Text2Give fits into your fundraising strategy, here’s a couple things to keep in mind.

Text2Give® Overview

So, here’s a quick review on how a Text2Give campaign works. Donors are prompted to text a keyword to your organization’s code using their smartphone. This results in a message being texted to them, with a link to a mobile donation page. They choose their gift amount, complete their payment information, and contribute to your cause. That simple!

It is fast, easy, secure, and core to some of the most powerful and creative fundraising strategies that nonprofits are using today.

Creative Text2Give® Fundraising Ideas

More and more nonprofits host multiple fundraising events throughout the year. Every kind of fundraiser can be the perfect event to add mobile giving. From a gala, a golf outing, a luncheon, or a charity run, walk, or ride, annual campaign or personal fundraiser, Text2Give amplifies fundraising by making it easy to give and give on the go.

Creative Idea:

  • Golf: Prominently place signage with your keyword by each hole at your next charity golf outing.
  • Luncheon: Place a card with your Text-to-Give keyword and code, as a creative element of your centerpieces.
  • Gala: Flash the keyword on the screen throughout the event, using pre-designed Text2Give scoreboards.
  • Live Appeal: create a live giving moment at any event, Fund A Need, or Make A Donation.
  • Run or Walk: Place signage along your course promoting your keyword and Text2Give campaign.
  • Awareness Days: perfect complement to raise not only awareness but funds for your next giving day.

We’ve not seen anyone use skywriting yet, but hey – there’s a first for everything!

Tips to Leveraging Text2Give®

Anymore, text messaging is commonplace for most people. Still, your donors may need a little coaching in order for you to make the most of your Text2Give campaign. Here’s a couple tips:

  • Create a simple, step-by-step cheat sheet or how-to. This may go a long way to keeping donors engaged all the way through the donation.
  • It’s also a great time to remind them that the process is secure. A little education will also help maximize the quality of the donor experience, preparing them for the next time they are ready to make mobile donation!

As with many other types of campaigns, have a few key donors ready to give when you first launch your Text2Give campaign. Putting those first few donations on the board helps get things off and running. And when we say “on the board,” we mean that literally. So, whether it’s a stylish progress thermometer on your Text-to-Give donation webpage or on a Scoreboard, projected prominently at your event, show off those numbers and acknowledge your donors in real-time. The momentum will grow and so will your total raise!

Show Donor Appreciation

So, your supporter just gave their donation, now what? It’s not like you can reach out, shake their hand, look them in the eye, and express your appreciation in person. Be sure to invest time and thought into what your donor sees after their donation is completed.

  • Create a “thank you” page to truly communicate how you value them and their gift, how appreciative you are to have them join you in the journey.
  • Use images that communicate the themes of hope and opportunity.
  • Remind them how their donation will be used to impact the world. Use whatever language you need to make them feel like the hero they are.

OneCause Text2Give®

We’re always up for talking Text-to-Give at OneCause (who isn’t?), but we’re especially pumped since the release of our NEW Text-to-Give solution. We redesigned the entire tool from the ground up.

Nonprofits now have full access to an intuitive admin tool, and donors enjoy a slick, new interface. Branding your organization is easy. Giving can be configured. And, as you would expect, it is fully PCI compliant and 100% mobile optimized, which will delight your supporters.

We’ve made getting started with Text-to-Give about as easy as it gets. Request a demo today, and let us know how we can help!

Wrapping Up