Product Blog: Taking Advantage of the Sharing Economy

Social media creates the perfect stage for us to share life with one another. Currently, according to Statista 800MM active users enjoy one another’s moments with Instagram. 260MM proliferate business knowledge through LinkedIn. Another 187MM capture snippets of their day via Snapchat. And the list goes on.*

According to a recent analysis, the following scored top positions among the most viral posts for Facebook’s 2.2 billion active users in 2017BUZ

  • Practical hacks (in fact, half of the top 10 posts were practical tips)
  • Inspiring content (seems like we
  • Food and recipes (1 out of 5 posts were about food)
  • Animals (especially the cute ones)
  • Music videos

We live in a sharing economy. Arguably, a good question for each of us in the nonprofit space is: “Is my nonprofit organization taking advantage of this economy? Are we equipping and encouraging our gala guests, even our broader donor base, to share our content online?”

At OneCause, we want you to be able to quickly answer each of these questions with a resounding “YES!” In fact, one of our passions is enabling nonprofits to better spread the word about their respective missions. To do so, we’ve made sure our suite of solutions is full of social sharing links.

Here are a few examples.

Giving Center Sharing

The header bar of your Giving Center contains social share icons, which are unique to the page where you happen to be. While Facebook and Twitter are common methods for sharing your Giving Center, you and your donors can copy the page’s URL link to share anywhere.

The Giving Center footer contains organization-specific icons for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn. Unlike the sharing links in the header (above) which work with the guest or donor’s social media account(s), these links are specific to your organization.

Package-Level Sharing

Each package contains social media icons to share that page on your own Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest accounts. There is also a link to open your email client to send an email. If you happen to be on a mobile device, you’ll see an additional text icon (far right) that opens your messaging client for sharing via text message.

Here is a sample of how package-level posts look.  They contain package information and photo as well as the ability to add additional message.

Social Fundraising

Perhaps you’ve also heard about the work OneCause has been doing in the area of social fundraising (often called “peer-to-peer fundraising”). Social sharing is the lifeblood of social fundraising, so future customers can expect nothing less multiple opportunities to share team and individual fundraising pages via social media.

Whether it’s from the main header (above), the footer of each fundraising page, or on the thank you page following a donation, your donors will have every chance to take advantage of the sharing economy.

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