Introducing Online Fundraising and Text2Give® in the OneCause Fundraising Platform

We’re excited to announce the release of the all-new Online Fundraising and Text2Give® as part of the OneCause Fundraising Platform.

Today’s donors expect more from the software they use to give. Just like in everyday life, they want convenience, flexibility, and ease when donating to their favorite cause.

Designed with today’s donors’ needs in mind, and your cause at the center, these new additions to the OneCause Fundraising Platform create a seamless giving experience to help you maximize fundraising.

With Online Fundraising and Text2Give®, you can fundraise for any type of campaign and extend your reach year-round.

Giving just got easier!

Online Fundraising

The new Online Fundraising provides nonprofits with a seamless way to grow their event reach online.

Traditionally, Online Fundraising campaigns are leveraged during giving days and year-end campaigns – or live on a nonprofit’s website.

But with the new Online Fundraising solution, you don’t have to silo your online efforts from your galas, luncheons, golf events, etc. This solution allows nonprofits to tie an online giving campaign directly to an event, empowering them to work towards their event goal months in advance.

With the OneCause Fundraising Platform, you can reimagine giving and bring innovation into your fundraising strategy.

Drive Deeper Donor Engagement

When looking for a fundraising solution, finding easy-to-use software that empowers your guests to take an active role in your fundraising is a must. With Online Fundraising by OneCause, your guests get a more personalized, frictionless giving experience – and your fundraising team gets more time to focus on your mission.

Here is how Online Fundraising in the OneCause Fundraising Platform helps you raise more and reach more:

  • Unlimited Online Giving Sites: Build out multiple campaigns to enable year-round fundraising. Provide supporters with flexible and continuous opportunities to support your organization.
  • Embeddable Donation Forms: Embed these forms on your nonprofit’s website to convert and engage more donors outside of just times of need. These forms can be set up in minutes. Your organization can start receiving donations in no time!
  • Impact Levels: Outlining the impact of a donation is a top motivator for today’s donors. Targeted donation amounts and impact statements are powerful tools to encourage donors to give.
  • Real-time Giving Thermometer: Give your donors transparency in the giving experience and track real-time progress towards goals. Watching the thermometer grow motivates supporters to make a donation to help you reach your goal.
  • Personal Fundraising Pages: Turn your supporters into active fundraisers! Individuals can now create their own fundraising page, connected to your campaign or event, to help raise money for your cause. This expands the reach of your cause by empowering supporters to promote your mission to their personal networks.

With Online Fundraising, your nonprofit can create adaptable fundraising campaigns that engage existing donors and help you tap into new supporter networks – all while making giving easy and fun!

Cultivate an Impactful Giving Experience

Today’s donors want to feel connected to your mission and see that their donation created impact. Online Fundraising in the OneCause Fundraising Platform provides supporters the flexibility to engage with your mission in whatever way is personal to them.

With Online Giving Sites, your organization can:

  • Tell your campaign story and connect donations back to your mission.
  • Create custom giving levels based on what you know your supporters are likely to give.
  • Provide donors the option to become a recurring donor and support your mission all year long.
  • Designate donations to specific organizational funds or events.

Through these campaigns, your supporters will grow their connection with your cause and see their donation truly make a difference.


As nonprofit fundraising has become more digital and mobile, nonprofits are able to gather donations from supporters anywhere, at any time— making mobile fundraising a huge nonprofit advantage for your cause.

OneCause has supported thousands of nonprofit customers over the years with our Text2Give® solution. Now we are bringing this fundraising functionality into the same platform as your event fundraising.

Nonprofits can effortlessly capture donations in times of need and throughout the year. They can also leverage Text2Give® in tandem with a fundraising event to provide an additional avenue for giving. This offers a seamless giving experience to your supporters while having all your fundraising campaigns and data in the same place!

Donation Flexibility

Not every supporter chooses to give to your cause in the same way. So, your fundraising software must provide your donors with the flexibility to choose how and when they can show their support.

The donation experience within Text2Give® is seamless and flexible. Donors have the option to:

  • Choose their own donation amount.
  • Allocate their donation to a specific fund or event.
  • Donate anonymously, as an individual, or as a company.
  • Opt in to cover the costs of credit card processing.
  • Become a recurring donor or make a one-time donation.
  • Monitor the Scoreboard to see the progress made towards your goals.

Each Text2Give® campaign comes with a customizable keyword that can be used year-round to collect donations. The keyword can then be tied to your fundraising event to provide an additional way to capture gifts. This allows your organization to leverage the power of text-based fundraising outside of a singular campaign or event!

Seamless Giving Experience

Donating to your organization should be an intuitive process. From start to finish, the experience needs to be seamless and easy. Text2Give® provides an easy-to-navigate platform with robust functionality through:

  • A Branded Giving Experience: Add your organization logo, color scheme, and campaign imagery so your donors can associate your donation page with your nonprofit’s brand. This simple step builds donor trust and reduces any friction in the giving experience.
  • An Intuitive Interface: Supporters can quickly donate to your organization through the seamless flow of the Text2Give® experience. Because Text2Give® is fast and simple, supporters can make a donation with a few simple clicks – and you can hit your fundraising goals faster.
  • Payment Processing & Data: With full PCI compliance, Text2Give® provides a secure giving experience for both your donors and your organization’s information. When you’re done, seamlessly export your data and easily upload it to your donor database.

Engage your supporters with a new mobile-friendly experience today.

Wrapping Up!

Online Fundraising and Text2Give® in the OneCause Fundraising Platform provide a modern, flexible giving experience that unlocks donor generosity.

Ready to learn more about how the OneCause Fundraising Platform can drive deeper supporter engagement and make fundraising easier for your team? Schedule a tour with one of our product experts!


If you’re a current customer, reach out to your Customer Success Manager to chat about using the new Platform at your next event.