Infographic: Ultimate Fundraising Software Checklist

When it comes to researching nonprofit fundraising software, a quick Google search returns a lengthy list of options. An increase in technological advancements has made it possible for nonprofit organizations to do more with online and mobile than ever before.

The world of nonprofit fundraising moves incredibly fast, so it can be tempting to make vendor decisions based on a quick skim of a website or a ‘well this is how we’ve always done it’ mentality. But there are plenty of other critical factors to take into consideration!

With this in mind, we’ve developed the ultimate checklist to help nonprofit teams find the best solutions to acquire, engage, and retain donors.

Wrapping Up!

Today’s donors expect more from the software they use. Just like in everyday buying experiences, they want convenience, flexibility, and ease in their giving. Designed with today’s donors’ needs in mind, the OneCause Fundraising Platform creates a giving experience that’s supporter driven, seamless, and gives them options.

With the OneCause Fundraising Platform, you can deliver a seamless giving experience for your supporters, while making fundraising flexible and less burdensome for your nonprofit. From in-person events to virtual and hybrid fundraisers, this all-in-one fundraising software makes it easy to connect your supporters to your cause anytime, anywhere, on any device.