7 Reasons to Offer a Hole-In-One Contest at Your Golf Fundraiser

Charity golf outings are the perfect way to raise funds for a cause. With good weather and a bit of friendly competition, there’s no better way to amp up excitement on the green. Or is there? Teeing up a hole-in-one contest for your next golf fundraiser can bring numerous additional perks, including driving participant engagement and boosting revenue for your cause. 

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits a hole-in-one contest can provide to see if adding one to your golf fundraiser is right for you. 

Add Friendly Competition

Golf fundraisers are the perfect occasion for some friendly competition. Go the extra mile by capitalizing on this anticipation with a hole-in-one contest! Golfers are naturally drawn to the challenge of scoring a hole-in-one. Adding this extra element of competition not only boosts the engagement of your supporters on the green but enhances the participant experience with the chance to win a unique prize.

Create Excitement on the Course

Imagine this: you’re out on the green, enjoying your time putting for a cause. You know the next hole offers a special prize if you manage to score a hole-in-one. The air is buzzing with anticipation, and the possibility of achieving this elusive prize is adding a special atmosphere to the game.

Such electric excitement is what your supporters can experience leading up to the designated hole. But a hole-in-one contest isn’t just engaging for the players—spectators and volunteers will be captivated too, itching to see which participant will be the lucky winner.

Boost Revenue

Adding a hole-in-one contest to your fundraiser is a fast way to generate additional funds for your event. Charge a fee for golfers to participate – even something as low as $5 can prove to be beneficial. You can charge a discounted price in advance with the purchase of tickets or allow golfers to buy the chance to participate at the hole.

To really make this event stand out, hire a photographer or have a volunteer take pictures, and give participants the option to purchase them. Even if they don’t win, having an exciting shot of a swing in action is one they can treasure forever.

Elevate Your Experience

Consider making your hole-in-one competition a unique package experience. Social donors are consistently looking for more VIP experiences to make the events they attend that much more memorable.

According to the 2023 Giving Experience Study, 62% of social event donors said they are interested in different ticket options and packages, with those who rated VIP experiences concentrated among Gen Z/Millennial donors. If your fundraising strategy includes reaching social donors in that age group, adding ticketing options could be right for you!

A hole-in-one contest can easily be added to an existing VIP package. Consider tying it into a package that lets participants test out their swings one-on-one with a golf professional. By adding exclusivity, you can boost the excitement and anticipation to your contest.

Attract Sponsorships

Speaking of adding revenue – we can’t make a case for incorporating a hole-in-one contest without mentioning corporate sponsors and community partnerships. A hole-in-one contest is an incredible potential marketing opportunity for businesses in the community looking to engage more with your supporters.

Ask a local business to sponsor the contest, provide financial support, or donate special prizes for the contest winners to take home. Display the sponsor’s logo by the hole for them to gain exposure and recognition. Be sure to thank them in any contest promotional material.

Offer Unique Prizes

Unique prizes for your hole-in-one competition go hand in hand with your sponsorships. The collaboration between your organization and your sponsors can lead to some wow-worthy prizes that engage and excite your participants. Enticing prizes for a hole-in-one contest include:

  • A dinner for two
  • Golf-themed gift baskets
  • Custom golf apparel
  • A specialized trophy
  • Electronics

You can even take the competition up one step further by offering larger, more luxurious packages, such as an all-inclusive vacation package, cars, boats, or a large cash prize depending on the size and scope of your golf fundraiser. Connect with your sponsors to see what is feasible for your event and help one of your supporters win big!

Create a Memorable Experience

According to the 2023 Giving Experience Study, 78% of social donors say that they prefer to attend in-person events over virtual. Great news for your outdoor fundraiser! But according to the study, supporters are looking to not only attend events, but experience them – meaning basic fundraising events aren’t cutting it for donors anymore!

By hosting a hole-in-one competition, your golf fundraiser can stand out in a participant’s memory. If they have an enjoyable time, they’ll share their experience with their friends, which boosts your organization’s reputation and spreads the word about your mission.

Wrapping Up!

Teeing up a hole-in-one contest offers the chance for your supporters to win spectacular prizes while raising more for your cause. Incorporating this into your fundraiser will enhance the participant experience and improve the overall impact your fundraiser has for your supporters and your organization.

As you consider adding a hole-in-one contest to your charity golf outing, think about how your fundraising technology can support your event. With the right software, you can engage your supporters both on and off the green. The OneCause Fundraising Platform to collect donations, support silent auctions, and more. With the OneCause software powering your fundraiser, your hole-in-one contest will be an unforgeable experience!

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