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Welcome to

Day in and day out, we put your cause at the center of everything we do.


Was BidPal acquired?

We remain the same company, under the same leadership that you’ve trusted over the years.

What’s the Same?

We continue to offer:

Easy to use Products
Helpful Service
Passionate People
Innovative Technology

What’s changed?

Our name, that’s it.
Supporting your organization and cause remains our priority.

Frequently Asked Questions

+ Why did you change your name from BidPal to OneCause?

The rebranding from BidPal to OneCause is a natural transition for us that is more reflective of our expanded approach to the products and service we now offer. BidPal will remain our mobile bidding product name, but as we continue to roll out new powerful fundraising solutions we felt the rebranding to OneCause would provide a more comprehensive brand umbrella under which to expand these solutions.

+ How did you decide on the name OneCause?

Over the past year we underwent a holistic review with our team members, partners and industry leaders to rediscover and affirm who we are, what we stand for and why. That process included a search for a name that better fit our vision for the company. The input from these conversations, surveys and feedback led us to the name OneCause.

+ Is the product changing?

Our software is constantly being improved to add new features and functionality. Our name change won’t impact those changes. With that being said, there won’t be any drastic or immediate changes that would directly impact our partners’ fundraising efforts nor their donors.

+ What do you see for the future of OneCause?

The future is bright, like really, really bright. Our team is incredibly excited about our new name as it allows us to better represent the products we offer above and beyond our core mobile bidding, event and auction software by offering our partners even more fundraising to empower their amazing missions.

+ How do I login?

You can visit and click on login in the upper right hand corner or you can visit — both options will allow you to login into your Planner Software.

+ Who do I call if I have questions?

Your Client Success Manager or Consultant are still available for any questions. Additionally, you can reach us at:


+ Will my Giving Center URL / Web Address Change?

Not immediately, your[FRIENDLY URL] will remain the same for the near future. As we continue to roll out the OneCause company name your web address may change, but we’ll provide you a ton of notice before that happens. For the time being business is normal as usual.

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