Exploring trust challenges in nonprofit communities and the power of gratitude to rebuild connections.


January 18, 2024 – Episode # 119

Rebuilding Donor Trust: A Journey of Gratitude and Warm Connections

Despite public charities’ established credibility, nonprofits grapple with a trust deficit affecting donor relations and long-term sustainability. Amid a myriad of challenges, the question arises: how can nonprofits regain trust while juggling multiple priorities? Surprisingly, the answer lies in simplicity—cultivating gratitude.

Nicholas Kristock, a true servant leader, is the epitome of gratitude. He has woven a legacy centered on giving thanks. As the founder of Fleece & Thank You, a pioneering 501(c)3 organization, Nicholas dedicates himself to providing psychosocial support and programs to children in hospitals. Fleece & Thank You extends comfort to 22 children’s hospitals and units across Michigan. Nicholas has also expanded his impact through Grateful Human, an apparel brand tailored for those passionate about sharing their gratitude.

Beyond his philanthropic ventures, Nicholas serves as the Founder and CEO of KindKatch, a personalized video engagement platform designed to captivate audiences and foster connections.

Tune in as Nicholas takes the mic on Raise Nation Radio, diving into distinctive opportunities within the nonprofit sector, living with purpose, and navigating the dynamic digital landscape. As automation and tech take the forefront, it can feel daunting. Nicholas offers a comforting reminder, channeling Dr. Seuss: Anything is possible because there’s no one youer than you.

In this episode:

  • Methods for forging enduring connections with donors
  • The power of gratitude in rebuilding community trust
  • Embracing servant leadership
  • Prioritization of donor relationships
  • Investment of time and energy in humanizing your brand

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