Ensuring nonprofit customers maximize the value of their software investment.

March 21, 2024 – Episode # 128
Realizing Potential: OneCause Customer Success Team Helps Nonprofits Optimize Their Fundraising Software featuring Ashely and Ryan

Technology permeates our lives, connecting us to the world and one another. For nonprofits, technology serves as a vital conduit for fostering connections between their mission and their donors. While technological advancements have significantly accelerated in the nonprofit sector over the past decade, the pace of innovation shows no signs of slowing.

Nonprofits are focused on navigating this landscape, conducting thorough research, assessing solutions, and updating their tech infrastructure to remain competitive. Yet, the journey doesn’t end once the technology is adopted. Software companies have an important role beyond implementation; they must support their customers in optimizing the value of their software investment. This is the true meaning of customer success.

Meet Customer Success Managers Ashley Sanregret and Ryan Love. They know a thing or two about nonprofit success having come from organizations like Big Brothers Big Sisters and Make-A-Wish. Their passion, empathy, and leadership drive the service and support they deliver to their customers. Fueled by creativity and determination, they are committed to helping customers achieve fundraising success, serving as their greatest cheerleaders.

Tune in to discover their journey to OneCause, their strong collaborative spirit, as well as their pride and humility. Learn about their innovative ideas for maximizing the potential of the OneCause Fundraising Platform. Plus, find out how Ryan met the show’s host! With Ashley and Ryan committed to fundraising success, OneCause customers are in excellent hands.

In this episode:

  • Explore Ashley and Ryan’s favorite features of the OneCause Fundraising Platform
  • Dive into inspiring customer success stories shared by Ashley and Ryan
  • Discover unique and innovative ways OneCause software is being deployed
  • Learn about actions that OneCause customers should be taking but might be overlooking

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