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March 7, 2024 – Episode # 126
Poetry and Philanthropy: Elevating Benefit Auctioneering Beyond the Ordinary featuring Lucas Hunt

Poetry and philanthropy share several commonalities, including expression, impact, connection, creativity, and legacy. Whether through words or actions, they convey feelings, stories, and messages, stirring sentiments and inspiring change. Both also foster connections through shared experiences. It’s a poignant parallel thought.

But what does this have to do with benefit auctioneering?

Introducing Lucas Hunt, a celebrated American poet whose work has graced the pages of The New York Times and earned him The John Steinbeck Award for poetry. But Lucas’s talents extend beyond the realm of literature. With a background in benefit auctioneering, including a BAS designation from the National Auctioneer’s Association, he has helped raise hundreds of millions for numerous organizations since 2011.

Join us on this episode of Raise Nation Radio as we discover how Lucas evaluates benefit auctioneering beyond the ordinary, exploring the intersection of poetry, passion, and philanthropy that sets Lucas Hunt Auctioneers apart from the rest.

In this episode:

  • Elevate fundraising through professional auctioneering
  • Engage donors with strategic consultation
  • Generate higher proceeds through polished programs

Connect with our guest on LinkedIn: Lucas Hunt or visit Hunt Auctioneers and Lucas Hunt Auctioneer

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