Navigating the complex world of social, influencer, and paid media to drive impactful results.

May 9, 2024 – Episode # 138
Mission Forward: Powering Social Change Through Digital Marketing Strategies featuring Tiffany Rivers and Nate Mize-Pressler

Welcome to the complex digital and influencer marketing world, where the space is crowded, technology is ever-evolving, budgets are unpredictable, and a competitive strategy is challenging yet essential for nonprofits.

In today’s digital age, mastering the latest digital marketing opportunities is crucial for nonprofits to stay modern, reach supporters, and accelerate their impact. Developing powerful, creative, and scalable growth strategies, and targeted communications that connect with individuals, can feel like navigating an obstacle course. Layer in the explosion of the digital space and the urgency to get it right, and the effort can be overwhelming.

Keeping up is a challenge, let alone standing out.

Don’t navigate the digital marketing maze alone—meet Tiffany Rivers, Senior Director of Social + Influencer Marketing, and Nate Mize-Pressler, Associate Media Director, at Media Cause. Tiffany and Nate explain organic, influencer, and paid media, sharing winning examples and outcomes. They discuss effective storytelling techniques and offer tips to empower influencers. Tune in to learn the basics and how to kickstart an effective digital marketing plan!

In this episode:

  • Explore successful nonprofit influencer marketing campaigns
  • Identify key metrics for evaluating influencer partnerships
  • Navigate ethical considerations: authenticity, transparency, and credibility
  • Discover strategies for building a cohesive brand narrative

Connect with our guests on LinkedIn: Tiffany Rivers and Nate MIze-Pressler or visit Media Cause

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