Exploring the changing landscape of event fundraising through a consulting lens.

May 16, 2024 – Episode # 139
Innovating Events: Where Technology Meets Creativity in the New Era featuring Stefanie, Eryn, and Cynthia

Events are back, thriving, and remain a crucial revenue source for many organizations. But does today’s event look like yesterday’s? Most event fundraisers agree that event fundraising is evolving and presenting new opportunities to grow impact. In this episode of Raise Nation Radio, we explore how event fundraisers are reimagining every aspect of event giving.

Why the change?

The event landscape has transformed, with innovation booming in the event space. Supporters have new expectations, valuing their time, and being more discerning about their experiences, giving, and cause alignment. Put simply, the era of the rubber chicken dinner is dead. Nonprofits also recognize that they are leaving money on the table by not analyzing every event component to maximize its revenue potential.

Technology plays a significant role in the event fundraising space, affecting everything from the save-the-date to early bidding, ticketing, check-in/check-out, giving experiences, post-event evaluation, and much more. With options available, navigating the tech landscape can be daunting for nonprofits. That’s where the team at OneCause comes in. Meet Stefanie Zachery, Senior Enablement, Training & Development Lead, Eryn Murphy, Senior Consultant, and Cynthia Blair, Consultant & Event Manager, dedicated to supporting event fundraisers and ensuring every event reaches its potential, from seamless operations to revenue and creating memorable experiences.

Join us as they share insights on garnering more donations, event revenue enhancers, creative experiences, and why they are so passionate about their customers’ event success.

In this episode:

  • Creative strategies to garner more donations during or before events
  • Preparing and empowering volunteers for event success
  • Implementing gamification, from heads or tails to wine, bourbon, and tequila pulls
  • Innovative golf fundraiser ideas to boost revenue
  • Enhancing check-in and checkout experiences for attendees

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