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February 1, 2024 – Episode # 121
Cultivating Community through Creative Impact Habits featuring Ashlee Green

In the tapestry of human aspirations, a common thread binds us: a genuine desire to give and contribute to building better tomorrows. Corporations, acknowledging a deeper responsibility, embrace social impact as more than a mere checkbox. Within this landscape of shared values, nonprofits yearn for their communities to grow and flourish.

On the surface, it might seem effortless to connect these dots, given the common desires and needs. However, the reality, as most nonprofits would attest, is far from easy. Building a community is a challenging endeavor.

Meet Ashlee Green, the visionary behind Serve and Jam. Her ethos revolves around finding avenues to impact communities—be it through time, money, effort, talent, or creativity. Ever curious about the absence of kindness in everyday interactions, she pondered why random gestures and volunteering were so scarce. Asking the simple question, “Why don’t people volunteer more?” uncovered insightful responses—lack of time, competing priorities, and uncertainty about opportunities. Thus, Serve and Jam was born, transforming helping others into a delightful and convenient experience.

Serve and Jam goes beyond bridging social and service gaps; it’s a nexus of interactive events and digital technology, generating tangible resources for nonprofits and communities in need. So, what’s your jam?

In this episode:

  • Insights from the Starbucks line
  • Essence of True Altruism
  • Creative Social and Digital Connectivity
  • CSR and ESG connections
  • Curated service parties for support
  • Care kit production and distribution

Connect with Ashlee on LinkedIn: Ashlee Green or at Serve and Jam

Serve & Jam: LinkedIn Facebook
Instagram: @serveandjam

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