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Capture Moments. Share Stories: KindKatch’s content collection and sharing software empowers your organization to collect content at scale and engage your audience through personal storytelling.

Marketing and fundraising professionals live in a world where content marketing and storytelling is preached but the actual practice of collecting and sharing content at scale is a struggle.

KindKatch is a mobile content capture and distribution tool built for organizations that want to bring their supporter engagement to a higher level. We empower an organization to capture and share personal video and picture messages at scale via text and email.

KindKatch is content-centric, helping organizations collect and categorize content in one place, build communication to targeted groups of your audience around that content, and see the engagement metrics from your audience viewing the content.

We centralize content in one, shared media locker with the ability to upload from our desktop portal, mobile application, or via our request media flow as you gather content from your audience. From the desktop or mobile app, you can share content to targeted groups in your audience quickly and easily.

KindKatch was started by nonprofit founders to empower nonprofit organizations, boards, and volunteers to more easily capture and share their story through the many moments that happen every day. Explore KindKatch with a live demo by visiting kindkatch.com.

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KindKatch has been an amazing resource for our nonprofit, Fund a Life. The ability to communicate on a more personal level directly with our audience has change the way we interact with our network. From storytelling, sharing level of impact, or even a simple thank you, delivering a video directly to our intended audience has not only increased our fundraising success exponentially, but connected us in ways we could have not otherwise imagined.

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Mark Howell
Executive Director, Fund a Life

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  • KindKatch is built to grow, priced right, and allows you to capture and share content in one tool.
  • KindKatch's mobile app allows for on-the-go content collection and sharing with ease.
  • KindKatch's desktop platform gives you the ability to categorize content more specifically as well as do a deeper dive into the engagement history of your supporters.
  • All KindKatch subscribers start with a personalized content strategy and onboarding session to give you the playbook for your first 90 days of content strategy. Every KindKatch account also has a risk-free, 30-day money back guarantee.