Corporate Grants Program
Terms & Conditions

Thank you for your interest in the OneCause Cares Corporate Grants Program. The information below will help guide your application experience. Please take the time to review the instructions, terms, and conditions.

Here’s what it will cover:

What You Need Before You Begin

Save key documents in separate files in .PDF format where they will be easily accessible for uploading or reference.
Required documents include:

  • Charitable Registration Number
  • Board of Director’s List
  • IRS Determination Letter or Form 990
  • Annual Report

Program Purpose

The OneCause Corporate Grants Program is designed to invest in communities. Applicants must be based in, serve, or demonstrate impact nationally within the Continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii, Washington, D.C., Canada, and Puerto Rico. The mission of applicant organizations should also align with the Company’s cause focus priorities: Mental Health & Wellness: Nourish to Flourish, Sustainability: 21% Oxygen, 78% Nitrogen, and Community: Building Better Tomorrows.

Organizations that discriminate based on race, color, national or ethnic origin, sex, age, disability, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, veteran status or other factors protected by law are ineligible for consideration.

In addition, OneCause does not award technology-based grants for the following:

  • Individuals
  • Research
  • Organizations not exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code
  • Political causes, candidates, organizations or campaigns or organizations designed primarily to lobby
  • Travel-related requests including student trips and tours
  • Organizations who do not raise funds in USD
  • Organizations who are required to use their own 3rd party payments platforms
  • Organizations with programs that are primarily religious in nature or activities for sectarian purposes, such as faith-based indoctrination, church building campaigns, and general offerings. However, OneCause consider supporting such organizations provided the programs offered meet a need of the broader community, i.e., soup kitchens, homeless shelters, educational programs, and other social service needs

The OneCause Corporate Grants Program offers technology-based grants and does not provide a cash-in-lieu award.

OneCause receives many more requests than it can support; successful requests often feature the following strengths: forethought about program planning, realistic goals for program impact, and a compelling case for the necessity of the program.

Applications must be submitted through OneCause online application portal with all required supporting documents unless otherwise specified. Applications that are submitted by other means will not be considered. Requests that do not meet grant eligibility requirements will be rejected.

Terms & Conditions

As part of its corporate social responsibility program, OneCause offers two (2) technology-based grants, up to $10,000 each, towards OneCause fundraising software(s).

The technology-based grant may be applied toward the following:

  • Fundraising Platform
  • Text2Give
  • Online Giving
  • Ambassador Fundraising
  • Peer-to-Peer Solutions
  • Professional Services
  • Add-On Consulting Services
  • Add-On Virtual Services

Grant also includes:

  • Grant Liaison Representative
  • Customer Success Manager
  • Phone, Chat & Email Support
  • Consulting
  • OneCause University Fundraising Courses
  • Access to OneCause Webinars and Fundraising Resources

Grant Details

Subscription terms are twenty-four (24) concurrent months. The grant award does not apply toward the following:

  • Credit card processing and transaction fees
  • Equipment
  • In-person/onsite support

Grant award is up to $10,000. Unused portions are forfeited. Organization has up to fourteen (14) days to accept grant award and select software subscriptions.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Vision

At OneCause, diversity, equity, and inclusion are the basic principles guiding how we build our teams, cultivate leaders, and create a company that’s the right fit for every person. OneCause is committed to cultivating and preserving a culture of inclusion and connectedness. We welcome and value the unique contributions of all individuals.

We seek to promote equity in our community, where everyone is valued for their unique contributions, regardless of education, opinions, culture, ethnicity, race, sex, gender identity and expression, nation of origin, age, languages spoken, veteran’s status, color, religion, disability, sexual orientation, and beliefs. We recognize that having varied perspectives helps generate better ideas to solve the complex problems of an ever-changing, and increasingly diverse, world.

Release & Permission to Publish

Grantee gives permission to OneCause to publish, distribute and promote Grantee’s event fundraising through the OneCause software. Any photographs of the Event which are shot by OneCause employees, or its agents are the property of OneCause and may be used at its discretion in its promotional material. OneCause may use Grantee logo and testimonial/success story in OneCause’s marketing materials, subject to written approval, which may be given by email exchange.

General Information

OneCause concentrates its technology-based grant offering around three priority areas:

  • Mental Health & Wellness: Nourish to Flourish
  • Sustainability: 21% Oxygen, 78% Nitrogen, and
  • Community: Building Better Tomorrows

In addition, technology-based grants are made to support emerging community needs and special initiatives consistent with the priorities of the Company.

Organizations interested in applying for a technology-based grant should carefully read the information available on the website about the Company’s corporate grant program and priority areas. OneCause, in general, does not offer technology-based grants outside these specific strategic areas.

Grantee Responsibility

Applicant organization should be prepared and agree to the following conditions.

  • Submit complete application through the online portal by deadline date.
  • Interview, if requested, via video conference.
  • Fourteen (14) days to accept or decline award from time of notice.
  • Sign order agreement within fourteen (14) days.
  • Process payments via OneCause integrated 3rd party credit card processing platform.
  • Participate in onboarding/training.
  • Twenty-four-month (24) subscription term beginning on or about February 2024.
  • Launch first campaign/fundraiser 60 days after onboarding/training.

In addition, OneCause may request grantee to participate in the following activities:

  • Submit an Online Review via G2 or Trust Radius.
  • Participate in success story.
  • Attend RAISE, The Event Fundraising Conference (September).
  • Participate in Sales Kickoff sharing your fundraising story.
  • Agree to press announcement.
  • Offer Referrals.
  • Volunteer to assess following year grant applications.
  • Complete OneCause surveys.


Helpful resources to get you started:

Contact corporate grant liaison, Dawn Lego at for any questions.


OneCause is proud to invest in its communities through a corporate grant offering.

  • Incomplete application will not be accepted
  • Committee’s determinations are final
  • Applications submitted after deadline date will not be included in grants review
  • Only one submission per year per organization
  • Organizations may receive a grant from OneCause once in its lifetime
  • Applicants must be 18 years of age or older