Ambassador Fundraising™ Made Easy

Get started with a new, fun way to elevate your events.

Every fundraiser wants new strategies to raise more money.  What if the key to success was in your donor base?

Engage highly influential supporters, such as your Board Members (or other top supporters), to fundraise leading up to your signature event. 

Let’s make it easy! 

What is Ambassador Fundraising? 

Ambassador Fundraising is a great way to engage influential, loyal supporters to fundraise leading up to a gala or signature event and then recognizing these Ambassadors at the event. Ambassadors enjoy friendly competition and earn fundraising credit for:

  • Event ticketsales 
  • Securing corporate sponsors 
  • Collecting donations from their social networks 
  • And so many more ideas! 

With the OneCause built-in social and communication tools, we were able to use our board members to get the word out to a wider network. We got our mission out there and raised a lot of funds. It made everything so easy!”  

Emily Edwards, Manager of Special Events at Shedd Aquarium 

Who Are Ambassadors? 

If you’re new to Ambassador Fundraising, no problem! You can use your built-in network – Board Members.  

Start with them: They know your mission, they are committed to the cause, and it gives them an easy and fun way to engage their networks.  

Other types of supporters who make great Ambassadors include volunteers, committee members, gala honorees, alumni, and loyal donors and supporters.

Your Ambassadors will elevate your event success by: 

  • Raising more money 
  • Building excitement and awareness leading up to your event
  • Adding a fun, new element with friendly competition and recognition

The key to success for us was really easy, user-friendly software that made it simple for us and for board members to setup, and for people’s families, friends, and co-workers to quickly make a donation.”  

Abby Siwak, Manager of Individual Giving at Shedd Aquarium  

We Make it Easy for You 

OneCause makes it easy to add a successful Ambassador Fundraising campaign to any event. 

Our onboarding process makes launching a successful Ambassador Fundraising campaign as fast and efficient as possible.

Your OneCause consultant guides you on the path to success. Your consultant: 

  • Drafts a site based on best practices 
  • Helps to finalize your site 
  • Reviews your site prelaunch
  • Provides you with Ambassador Fundraising checklists and success strategies
  • Holds a post-launch check-in and continued campaign monitoring 

We created our own ambassador campaign from the flexibility  that the OneCause software offered. We brought our five Ambassadors on stage and announced that this tiny group had raised and incredible $105,095. They shared their personal stories… an audible gasp took place in the room. At the end of the appeal we raised over $400,000. That is the true power of social fundraising.”

Kristin Phillips, Director of Annual Giving, Des Moines Christian School

Ambassadors Love It Too

Your Ambassadors will love the easy-to-use tools, friendly competition, and recognition. 

Ambassadors will love: 

  • The guided online tour for how to personalize their ambassador page. 
  • Easy-to-use, built-in tools and tips to fundraise.  
  • Motivational badges, milestone messages, and leaderboards.
  • How easy it is to upload and share photos and videos to spread the word. 
  • Text alerts when donations are made. 
  • Ability to send donor thank-you’s right from their mobile phones.  

Over the last 5 years, we’ve increased the number of donors by 146% and have grown our donations by 147%. I absolutely attribute that growth to peer-to-peer and Ambassador Fundraising.

Katie Boon, Director, Alamance Regional Charitable Foundation

Wrapping Up!

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