Introducing OneCause


OneCause® Acquires Great Feats® Peer-to-Peer Social Fundraising Platform

Who is Great Feats?

Only the most innovative player in peer-to-peer fundraising today. Wait till you see what your organization can do with this new social engagement platform!

What has changed?

We’ve added a new fundraising tool for you! OneCause offers Mobile Bidding, Online Fundraising, Text2Give, and now Peer-to-Peer.

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Is it ready

It sure is! (Can you tell we’re a little excited?) Our customers have been asking for peer-to-peer fundraising and, well, now you have it – and then some!

Frequently Asked Questions

We are always looking for ways to help nonprofits expand fundraising with innovative technology. Our customers have been asking for a social fundraising tool to complement their OneCause mobile and online fundraising solutions. We are happy to say, “Peer-to-Peer is here!”

Your cause is our mission! Incorporating Great Feats into the OneCause Family gives nonprofits a phenomenal opportunity for additional fundraising. The Great Feats team brings deep expertise in peer-to-peer and a best-in-class social platform that will help your cause raise more funds and reach more donors.

A majority of customers have indicated interest in building a stronger connection between their gala event and peer-to-peer networks. The addition of a social engagement platform means you can turn 500 in the ballroom into 5,000 (or more!) through social fundraising – before, during, and after your signature events giving nonprofits maximum reach.

We’re working “fast and furious” to bring everything into one platform. Yes, we heard you! Our future vision is giving customers the ability to log into a single OneCause platform and access your full suite of tools: Peer-to-Peer, Mobile Bidding, Text2Give®, Online Giving, etc. Now that’s supportive fundraising!

Welcome to the OneCause Family! When you chose Great Feats, you selected the best social engagement and fundraising platform for nonprofits. As a OneCause customer, you can expect the same great service and the same great software, supported by our passionate teams, who have served the fundraising community for over a decade and empowered great missions to raise over $1.2B.

At OneCause our motto is: “We put your cause at the center of everything we do.” And we mean it.

We’re on a journey to revolutionize fundraising technology – for all nonprofits! From BidPal, to OneCause, to the acquisition of Great Feats, our mission remains the same: helping your cause reach more donors and raise more funds. Feel free to reach out to your dedicated Client Success Manager for more details on how Peer-to-Peer can fuel your fundraising.

Great Feats was founded by an incredible team with over 35 years of combined experience in nonprofit technology. They developed and supported some of the most widely-used software in the industry (well, we can’t say the company names, but you know them). Today, their passion is to re-imagine how peer-to-peer can transform fundraising – through a platform for true social engagement. We’re thrilled to welcome them to our OneCause Family!

We understand the questions associated with changing Peer-to-Peer platforms. Bottom line: we’ll make it easy for you and your participants. We provide expert guidance to transition your existing P2P campaigns as quickly as possible and prepare you for success. Whether it’s addressing the data on your current platform, setting up integrations, or getting you comfortable with the software – we’re here for you.

We are experts at building fundraising solutions, but we’re also pretty good at reading minds! You’ve likely read this and are thinking, “What in the world is peer-to-peer? Or social fundraising?” You’re not alone. Take a test drive of the new platform and see for yourself. Then, when you’re ready, give us a call and we will introduce you to a whole new world of fundraising power.

We offer several packages to fit your needs and fundraising level. Check out our pricing and packages here.