Virtual Fundraising in Action: Keeping Donor Momentum & Engagement


2020 will forever be the year that changed fundraising! As fundraisers, let’s look back on what we learned, examine and share insights.

This webinar is designed to help any and all nonprofits assess what worked in virtual events, and what strategies to avoid, as you plan your 2021 fundraising calendar.

Join us, and Michelle Casserly, Executive Director of Strategic Events, for a 2020 virtual event tour, that highlights practical tips for building online donor engagement and secrets to sustaining momentum.

It’s time. Let’s get armed with new approaches for 2021!

Perfect for fundraisers wanting new ideas to spur growth and deepen donor connections. We will share practical tips on:

– Assessing 2021 fundraising options
– Best practices for ROI
– Top strategies for virtual engagement
– Elements for creating virtual momentum


Hosted by:

Michelle Casserly
Michelle Casserly
Executive Director of Strategic Events
Hackensack Meridian – Meridian Health Foundation

Kelly Velasquez-Hague
Kelly Velasquez-Hague
VP of Content Marketing

CFRE Credit

This webinar has been accepted by
CFRE International for 1 pt.