The Mystical Secret for Turning Free Content into Valuable Donors

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This webinar is approved for 1 CFRE credit.

Most fundraisers still look to direct mail and other “traditional” channels for acquiring new donors.

But the combination of rising direct mail costs and the decline of traditional events as a result of the pandemic means we need to find a new path forward.

But how on earth do you acquire valuable donors online?

More importantly, how do you make sure you’re not spinning your wheels and wasting your budget while figuring out what actually works to acquire online donors?

The good news is that there is a repeatable online donor acquisition model that we’ve been testing, proving, and optimizing for the past 5 years – and in this session, you’ll learn exactly how to apply this methodology to your fundraising program.

In this fast-paced and down-to-earth session, you’ll discover the 4-step model to acquire online donors and learn practical ideas and tactics to make it work for your organization.

What we’ll cover:

  1. How to acquire new donors online by reviewing a proven, 4-step acquisition methodology.
  2. What makes an effective free content offer.
  3. How to create a high-converting page for free content offers by reviewing a/b tests and case-studies.
  4. How to convert new subscribers into new donors by implementing an “instant donation page”.

Hosted by

Dawn Lynn Lego
Dawn Lynn Lego

Director, Brand Engagement & Channel Marketing, OneCause

Nathan Hill
Nathan Hill

Vice President of Marketing, NextAfter

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