The Donor Journey Explained:

A Roadmap To Grow Generosity At Scale


This webinar qualifies for 1 CFRE credit.

What drives a donor to give to your organization? And then to give again?

Every donor has a unique experience that starts with a journey that led them to give for the first time. That relationship continues to evolve and deepen with every personalized touchpoint in their individual donor journey to draw them closer to your mission.

Join us live to learn how to create responsive donor journeys and experiences to grow giving.

You’ll learn:

  • The different components of building and scaling donor journeys
  • How automation and multi-channel can help you create personalized touch points to connect with donors at scale
  • The power of building dynamic, responsive donor experiences

Hosted by

Dawn Lynn Lego
Dawn Lynn Lego

Director, Brand Engagement & Channel Marketing, OneCause

Megan Donahue
Megan Donahue

Content Marketing Manager, Virtuous

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