How Storytelling in Summer Will Move Your Fall Fundraising Needle


Summer months have traditionally been “slower” times for fundraisers. But successful nonprofits are finding ways to connect with their donors during the “off-season”, using storytelling to engage donors and cultivate giving well before year-end asks.

What if there are simple tasks to do now to inspire your community to give more later? AND you don’t have to beg them for money.

This session is not about spreadsheets, moves management, or a new-fangled technique to get people to give. It’s about the power of making authentic, clear, word choices and it MAY forever change the way you communicate the needs of your organization. Taking an insider’s look at examples from other nonprofit organizations you’ll learn ways to use storytelling this summer to meet or exceed your fall fundraising goals.

Industry experts will discuss:

  • How to leverage storytelling and impact messaging
  • Effective strategies for deepening engagement
  • Non-traditional ideas for donor cultivation

Additional communication templates from Ignited Fundraising are also available for download here.

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Hosted by:

Lori Jacobiwith, Ignited Fundraising

Lori L. Jacobiwith
Master Storyteller
& Fundraising Culture
Change Expert
Ignited Fundraising

Jenna Jameson

Jenna Jameson
PR & Corporate
Communications Manager