Social Media – 20 Minutes a Day:

Engage Your Donors & Grow Your Mission


4.48 billion people actively use social media.

How are you getting their attention?

We can all agree that social media is a necessary and required cornerstone of a modern nonprofit marketing and fundraising strategy. However, for busy nonprofit professionals, it can feel like it’s overwhelming your day and taking you away from other responsibilities.

Can social media really be done in 20 minutes per day?

Yes, it can. And Julia Campbell will show you exactly how in this free training.

In this session, nonprofit social media expert, Julia Campbell, will give you:

  • Top social media marketing trends that nonprofits need to understand going into 2023.
  • Four pillars of social media management.
  • How to schedule your 20 minutes per day.
  • Free and low-cost social media marketing tools to save time and inspire creativity.

Hosted by

Julia Campbell
Julia Campbell

Speaker, Author, Nonprofit Consultant

Dawn Lego
Dawn Lego

Director Brand Engagement & Channel Marketing, OneCause

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