Responsive Fundraising: Build Lasting Donor Relationships & Increase Donor Loyalty In Today’s Distraction-filled World


Individual donors contribute nearly 70% of the $400+ billion given to charities each year. This makes individual donor giving a priority and major area of opportunity for most nonprofits.

The truth is, today’s donors are tough to engage. Their attention is fractured. They are daily berated by thousands of messages, and retreat to personal feeds and friend recommendations when choosing causes to connect with.

Even if you earn their attention, there’s a 75% chance they’ll never give to your nonprofit again. This landscape has upped the ante for growing donor loyalty and requires nonprofits to be intentionally focused on each lever to drive lasting engagement.

In this webinar, Noah Barnett, Virtuous’ Director of Partnerships & Community, will address this challenge head-on. We’ll explore the framework he used to grow giving and increase donor loyalty during his 7+ years working in nonprofit fundraising.

During the webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Growth levers of individual donor giving and how to measure.
  • Shifting donor preferences and what this means for your nonprofit.
  • Responsive Fundraising framework to build lasting relationships.
  • Six (6) strategies to raise retention rates and grow giving.

About Noah
Noah Barnett is the Director of Partnerships and Community at Virtuous, the responsive nonprofit CRM and fundraising platform designed to help you grow giving and create a personalized donor experience at scale, and the co-host of The Responsive Fundraising Podcast.

Previously, Noah spent ten years in fundraising and marketing leadership roles at CauseVox, World Help, HubSpot, and The Adventure Project. He knows firsthand the challenges nonprofits face and is passionate about equipping them with the resources and insights they need to rally people around their cause.

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Hosted by:

Noah Barnett, Virtuous
Noah Barnett
Director of Partnerships and Community

Kelly Velasquez-Hague
VP Content Marketing