Virtual or Hybrid?: How to Evaluate Event Fundraising Strategies



Fundraisers are rethinking how they deliver compelling giving experiences.

There are many questions out there on how to decide whether virtual or hybrid events are right for you.

Should you go for the maximum reach and cater to a virtual audience? Or pivot to smaller in-person gatherings that also include remote supporters?

Join us for a unique customer webinar covering the ins and out of virtual and hybrid fundraising. Backed by data from our recent pandemic fundraising survey and customer success from the front lines of the fundraising pivot, we will uncover the nonprofit mindset right now and share ideas on how to evaluate what’s right for you.

We’ll explore new best practices and practical strategies to help you think through your next fundraiser.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Evaluate if Virtual or Hybrid is right for you
  • Create a compelling in-person or virtual event experience
  • Consider the dual experience needs of a hybrid event
  • Avoid common pitfalls in Virtual & Hybrid planning