Webinar Recording: Twenty-Nine Creative Ideas for Virtual Fundraising 2021


Additional Q&A


Donors have grown accustomed to engaging with and giving to their causes online.

Now is the time for nonprofits to harness creative fundraising to connect supporters and attract new donors to your cause.

Join us as we explore 29 creative ideas for year-round giving and cultivation. This webinar is perfect for any fundraiser, looking to grow their reach and results in 2021.

Fundraising expert Robin Thompson will share the lessons and strategies she’s used to help real-life nonprofits thrive in a virtual world. You’ll walk away with practical tips to help:

  • Leverage creative ideas to freshen up your virtual events
  • Learn ways to deepen engagement online
  • Do’s & Don’ts for effective storytelling
  • Easy strategies to grow your year-round footprint

The new landscape of fundraising looks different.

Are you ready?