Pen it Perfectly – 5 Steps to Drive Donations in a Crowded Inbox



Email is the most utilized form of communication.

However, email typically is not optimized and produces less than desired results.

Nurturing the nurtures is a smart move toward fundraising success. Danielle Snelson, event creator and nonprofit educator, will walk you through the steps of creating a relationship-based connection with your donors via email and how to convert your donors into long-term, sustainable recurring revenue donors.

Join us to learn how to automate tedious email tasks so your time is not constantly used on writing new content. Discover how to turn those relationships into monthly donors that impact your bottom line.

There’s strategy behind the digital marketing game that drives recurring revenue. Danielle will explore how you can use your website, social media, and email together to build relationships with your donors and attract news ones – nationally and internationally!

You’ll learn:

  • Simple strategy behind email marketing.
  • How to create automated sequences that build relationships.
  • How to convert your email database in to recurring donors.
  • Impact of sustainable recurring giving.


Have an event?  See how all of these efforts help you build momentum and excitement for fundraising events… It all works together!

Attend this webinar and receive an exclusive eBook by Danielle Snelson: ‘The Secret Behind a Profitable Fundraising Event: 4 Steps to Success.’

Hosted by

Dawn Lynn Lego
Dawn Lynn Lego

Director of Channel and Partner Marketing, OneCause

Danielle Snelson
Danielle Snelson

Event Creator + Nonprofit Educator, SonaEvents + ProfitableNonProfit.Co

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